Tales of Symphonia PC

By • February 2, 2016 • 5 Comments

Current Focus: Ranting about ToS PC

Tales of Symphonia, in spite of its flaws, is easily one of the most popular Tales titles in the west. If there’s a game where the success of a PC port is virtually guaranteed unless you screw it up, it’s Symphonia. And yet they screwed it up. Badly.

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February 2016

By • February 1, 2016 • 6 Comments

Current Focus: Menu Revision (ToPX), mentally preparing for ToS PC

I had hoped to have the ToPX menu revision done before the end of January, but I didn’t quite get there. I underestimated how much work it would be to marry up three translations. The results thus far have assured me that it’s worth the effort, but there’s still a lot of work left before it’s done. Read more »

Mystic Artes *Spoilers*

By • January 17, 2016 • 39 Comments

This post is going to contain major spoilers Phantasia and Destiny and minor spoilers for Eternia, Destiny 2, Xillia 2, and Gurren Lagann (?). I wanted to talk a little bit about some of the Mystic Arte names that we’ve been working on for Phantasia and Destiny and I can’t do it without discussing the plots to some extent. If you want to avoid any possible spoilers, skip this post!

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Summary Data Now Saved

By • January 8, 2016 • 10 Comments

Current Focus: Menu Revision (ToPX)

Kingcom has been working on ToPX’s synopsis. It now properly saves and loads your synopsis progress along with the other save data. As described previously, this will allow for a personalized synopsis of the journey you’ve taken through the game. Of course, because of that it will be limited to the events that you’ve seen using our patch, so we certainly recommend anyone wanting the full experience start from the beginning (either a new game or new game+) rather than from an in-progress Japanese save!

ToPX Menu Translation Complete

By • January 3, 2016 • 15 Comments

Current Focus: Menu Revision (ToPX)

The initial draft of the ToPX menu is done. My plan is to have the full menu revision done by the end of the month. It shouldn’t take that long, but you never know.

January 2016

By • January 1, 2016 • 10 Comments

Current Focus: Janos Events (ToDR), Initial Menu Translation (ToPX)

After a very productive first half of 2015, the rest of the year was a bit more erratic. The last few weeks of December were quite productive, however, so we ended the year on a high note.

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Looking Ahead

By • December 31, 2015 • 2 Comments

Happy New Year from Absolute Zero! Recently I’ve been annoyed by the git feed on twitter not posting automatic updates and it occurs to me now that project news has really gotten too spread out anyway. So I have a novel new idea for 2016 – I’m actually going to post news updates to this blog.

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NDX Update

By • October 4, 2015 • 26 Comments

Kingcom insists that we need to show off some NDX stuff since we really haven’t shown anything. He’s probably right. He also told me to make this post about a month ago, but obviously he was wrong about that. Read more »

Keep Forgetting to Update

By • August 17, 2015 • 27 Comments

Here we are again! Another update that I’ve been putting off for way too long! Sorry! Read more »

New Destiny Video

By • May 5, 2015 • 32 Comments

It’s been too long since the last update. Apologies for the delay! We’ve got a new ToDDC video for you to make up for it. Read more »