Streaming Tales of Destiny This Weekend

By • December 14, 2017 • 3 Comments

I will be streaming a bit of our translation of Tales of Destiny DC this weekend on Saturday night. My intention is to start at 6 PM EST. My twitch is here: If you look in the videos, you’ll see most of what I stream is not Tales of Destiny. Feel free to follow me if you’re still interested. This initial stream will help me to make sure my settings are okay and otherwise just test the waters. Feel free to stop by and let me know if things aren’t working right. If you can’t be there while it’s live, the video will be up on twitch after the fact for a little while. I may or may not record it to upload on youtube later.

December 2017

By • December 1, 2017 • 13 Comments

Wow, it’s December. November was a short month and 2017 was a very short year. I’m not anticipating a very productive December on the translation front. Read more »

Fixing URLs

By • November 16, 2017 • 1 Comment

I’m working on trying to repair some of the older links and images that have been broken during past site moves. Hopefully that won’t result in even worse breakages, but if you happen to notice anything wrong over the next few days, please let me know.

November 2017

By • November 1, 2017 • 16 Comments

Current Focus: Tales of Destiny R dungeon text

As you may have noticed, the Kingcom post that I teased last month never came to fruition. He was working on it, but we decided that we should probably actually get our database into production before we started talking about how great it is. And thanks to Kingcom’s hard work, now it is! This will allow me to get back to translating. I’m going to start by attacking the dungeon text, much of which is shared across every room of a particular dungeon. The database is going to be a big help both in letting me get that done more quickly and ensuring that there aren’t any errors introduced by copying it over manually. Not much else to say for now, I guess.

October 2017

By • October 3, 2017 • 17 Comments

I kind of stole my own thunder for this month’s post when I announced that I had finished the first draft of the Stahn’s Side story translation. But that’s okay since there were some other good things happening behind the scenes as well. Mainly, Kingcom built the initial prototype of the database system that we’re going to move to in order to handle all of the duplicate text in Destiny! I’ve been testing it and it seems to work quite well! Hopefully we can start using it for translation soon. I also asked Kingcom to write up a post (or two) on how our file management has evolved since I know everyone gets tired of hearing from me all the time. It was an interesting read even having been involved in the projects myself, so hopefully that’s something everyone can look forward to at some point this month.

Stahn’s Side Story Translation Complete

By • September 8, 2017 • 38 Comments

At long, long, long last the story translation for Stahn’s Side is complete. This doesn’t mean the project is complete, mind you – even the translation is far from finished. In addition to the necessary edits on the story script, there are still the additional events for Leon’s Side, not to mention the countless lines of untranslated NPC and side quest text. But nonetheless, this is a big step forward.

The draft translation now includes a fully translated menu, fully translated skits, and a complete translation of the Stahn’s Side story events. This should make future playthroughs much more tolerable and will let me refine the story text as I work on the rest of it. Of course adding new content to the game also presents opportunities for bugs, but fortunately Kingcom and Kaji have been diligent about knocking those out as we go.

Kingcom is hoping to have a working implementation of the duplicate database in the near future. Once he does, my intent is to attack the dungeons first. Because of the way that Destiny structured some of its dungeons, the exact same text is repeated in every room of some dungeons. Being able to just translate it once will be a major boon.

Here’s a scene that made me laugh:

September 2017

By • September 4, 2017 • 17 Comments

Current Focus: Tales of Destiny R main story

Another month, another sort of late post! While the past month was not as productive as it woulda/shoulda/coulda been, there was at least some solid forward progress. I worked my way through the conclusion to act 2 and the initial events of act 3. Act 3 is different than 2 in that there are fewer dungeons and more extended story segments. This final act is one of my favorite arcs in the series. It does a good job building out the past, but it also gives the characters a chance to look to the future. Like any Tales game, it has the night before the final battle events, which I particularly enjoyed. I’ve actually already translated the final scene in the game (which if anyone went to Aseliacon in 2015, I showed it off there). It will be exciting to finish off what’s left between here and there.

Kingcom and I have been having ongoing conversations about how to deal with all of the duplicates in the text for a while. We were initially planning a pretty robust solution, but we decided this month to be a little more practical about it. We bit off a bit more than we could chew with the initial plan, so Kingcom is going to work on a solution that covers all of our basic needs and make sure things can keep moving.

August 2017

By • August 3, 2017 • 20 Comments

Current Focus: Tales of Destiny R main story

Sorry that this post is a few days later than usual – I haven’t been online as much as usual since the end of July. Speaking of July, as expected it wasn’t a terribly productive month. I did a little bit of housekeeping, but there wasn’t really much forward motion. Looking forward to the rest of August, however, I’m expecting to have an abundance of free time, which at least has the potential to turn into some good progress on ToDR. We’ll see how that works out.

July 2017

By • July 3, 2017 • 29 Comments

Current Focus: Tales of Destiny R main story

Whoops, I’m a little late on this post. My goal was to complete act 2’s story translation in early June, but I ended up falling just short of finishing it off. That being said, it was still an incredibly productive month and I’m very happy with the progress that was made. For my part, I translated Deimos, Rodeon, and Helraios and I started poking at Mikheil. I got a little stalled on my progression because I’m still underleveled (and not that good at the game). Need to grind up a bit one of these days. In addition to the translation progress, Kajitani-Eizan was busy this month helping to squash bugs. He finally tracked down and eliminated a long-standing display bug that had a chance to trigger on treasure chests containing gald, food, or lens. We also identified a crash in a boss fight caused by an enemy having too many resistances. Our fix was to change the targeting menu in battle from listing the resistances in text (like Slash, Shot, Fire) to using the same icons that are used in both the Enemy Book in the menu and are displayed in the Arte descriptions. In my opinion, this change is a big improvement not just for internal consistency, but also for presentation.

So that you can manage expectations, I am not expecting July to be very productive for translation. June was a pretty busy month for me and I need some down time.

June 2017

By • June 1, 2017 • 20 Comments

Current Focus: Tales of Destiny R main story

May went really well. I got a whole lot of translating done, particularly in the early part of the month. As of the beginning of May, I had only just started on the second act. I hadn’t yet finished the initial events with Stahn’s family in Lienea. Since then, I cruised through gathering up the team and uncovering the further machinations of the game’s villains. At this point, I’m at the midpoint of the initial Aethersphere assault. I would be a little further, but that I was a little under-leveled for, so I’m having to grind a bit before I continue.

In other news, Kingcom made some more progress on that crucial back-end system, Kaji worked on tweaking some of text and visuals on the menus, and ruta got the rest of the tools working on her end. All in all it was one of the more productive months we’ve had in a while. My hope is to finish up translating the second act story events in the next few weeks. Still a little ways to go, but if I can keep up my average pace as of late, I should manage.