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By • August 27, 2007

It would seem that some on have spotted the ongoing project here. Of course, welcome to you, enjoy what there is to see. I try to update every time there’s something worth noting. Without saying anything further, here are a few new shots to show.


  1. This one is old. Everyone’s favorite, the main menu shot.
  2. The Monster Encyclopedia is underway. Or is it done? I forget.
  3. Yes/No Buttons. Custom-made.
  4. Dialogue! VWF! So much space! It’s good to be a translator! And I didn’t write that line I’ll have you know.

I think we’re looking pretty good.  Translation is progressing, hacking is progressing, that’s about it.

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

One Response to “More Progress”

  1. 1. This one is old. Everyone’s favorite, the main menu shot.

    Just how “old” can a screenshot be at this point?! Just how fast is the progress on this project? Didn’t you only start a short while ago? O_o

    Your hacker can’t be human. He’s some kind of rom-hacking cyborg.

    The progress you’re making is incredible. I can see that some parts need a few tweaks, but fundamentally, it’s looking really nice. Once your hacker irons out the last few little details, these screens will look as good as anyone could hope for.

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