Quick Translation Update

By • September 18, 2007

Given the time zone differences, Gemini are in contact at strange hours. So I don’t have any updates from him at the moment, but as always, I’m sure that magic is being worked on his side.

On the translation side, I just wanted to update with where I’m at.  I currently have 3 files left to translate in the Present part of the timeline.  They’re decent sized files, but by this weekend, I should have the Present (as well as significant parts of the Past/Future) all wrapped up.  I’m moving at a great pace.  I can’t pin down any kind of final date of course, but I don’t know, the Present is probably like 15-20% of the script.  Use your imaginations, speculate wildly!  Yeah, I really don’t know.  But things are going quite well. Hopefully I can keep up this pace, that would please me greatly.  *Snods*

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

6 Responses to “Quick Translation Update”

  1. Very exciting. Any progress is better than no progress. How much hacking work needs to be done once the translation part is finished? Which is more of a potential bottleneck?

  2. The hack part is pratically done. The only things left are bufixes and some layout work. I’ll complete them all as soon as my new program for quick edits is ready to go. 😉

  3. Definitely the translation is going to be the part that keeps us from releasing sooner. Seriously, Gemini has been doing mostly bugfix stuff for a while, he knocked much of the important stuff out in an incredibly short amount of time. But we’re both working hard, neither of us wants to sacrifice quality for speed, so with that in mind, we’re definitely doing our best.

  4. Do you plan to release any beta after all the bugfixes are done and only translation stuff will be left in progress?

  5. No, there will be no beta. Our 1.0 release will contain the complete hack and translation. We have no plans to release anything preemptively. We’re doing our own internal testing type stuff, but that’s unrelated. Our first release will be complete and with any luck, it will be our only release. So we won’t be putting out any menu-only patches or anything like that.

  6. hey, thanks a lot for this one I hope u to finish the translation , like it´s said the sooner the better , I want to say that what u are doing is fantastic because no one in the red had tried to do this project so personally it´s the work of a hero , I am looking forward to see what it will be so be on…..!!!!!!!!

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