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By • October 13, 2007

Yeah, I just wanted to post something.  First thing’s first.  I want to say that I’m really glad I get to do this patch for Tales of Phantasia.  Looking over my old script has made me realize how many flaws and mistakes there were.  Frankly, it’s a little embarrassing that I posted a document with so many mistakes.  I’m torn between pulling it down and leaving it up for laughs.  Well, regardless, this patch is the perfect excuse to look back over my work.  Hopefully, this time, I can get closer to what I wanted from the start.  I’m human, so I won’t claim it will be perfect, but I will be doing everything in my power to make it the very best it can be.

Gemini is doing his best as well.  To prove it (like you need more proof!), here are the most recent screens.  These screens should be final barring any requests for changes by either Gemini or myself.


Gemini and I have both been putting in a lot of work on the battle system lately.  Most of the stray strings are translated, though there are still things hiding here and there.  Well, the battle stuff isn’t perfect yet, but it’s progressing quite well.  The other thing was nailing down the Sound Test stuff.  He and I made a decision that might be somewhat controversial (at least it was in my mind).  That is, we decided to edit some of the track names in the sound test.  There’s a point at which a line has to be drawn.  This line is known as ‘nostalgia’.  My first reaction when considering changing the track names was “No! These are classics!”  But as Gemini and I talked, we both agreed that very Engrishy track names weren’t something we wanted to leave in a patch that was otherwise being translated accurately.  The difficulty is, those Engrish track names are the ‘official’ ones.  Meaning that they are written in English on the OST (got it sitting next to me).  So there’s no way to accurately retranslate them.  All I could do was to reinterpret them based on what the meaning seemed to be.  Most are small changes, but I don’t know, if people have opinions on the matter, I would love to hear them in comments.

I’m also working on re-editing all of my translations up to this point.  Playing through the Present using a temp-patch made me realize that I needed to give the script another looking over.  Other people might not even have noticed, but to me, they were glaring flaws that I couldn’t forgive myself for.  So yeah.  Things are moving, how about that!

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  1. Nice Work 🙂

  2. First of all, Good Work!!

    I’d probably like you to keep the ‘official’ track names. I believe must of the people following this project knows the tracks by their english OST names. Anyway, in the end it’s up to you.

  3. Are you thinking of “Good wine makes a good blood” ? 😮

  4. I would second the non-Engrish names over the “official” ones. While the official soundtrack may have names like “Good Wine makes a good blood” or “Go over adversity”, they are not official English because they obviously do not represent good or correct English, only that the creators translated the tracks in such a way. If I was to produce a translation based on my best effort of accurate translation, I would extend that to everything in the game, so I support the translators’ decision in this case.

  5. Same here. Too often have I seen inadequite translations that were “Official”. Take, “All your bases are belong to us.”, as an example. Konami could’ve done better in my opinion.

    Then there’s some groups like J2E that Americanize things a bit too much like they did in FF4. I’d love to see a perfect re-translation of that. I will admit, however, that Anus_P’s work was pretty hot when it came to his ASM and installing descriptions for EVERY item.

    Keep it up, Gemini! Looking good!

    PS: What’s up with Castlevania: Symphony of the Night? How’s that project coming? Care to update on the English work for that, if any?

  6. Haha!! I actually forgot about that name.
    Well it’s not like having the english names means that much to me. Either way I will enjoy the game so…

  7. Thanks for the opinions on the track names everyone. I hope more people will offer their thoughts on the topic as well.

    Squall, in regard to the Castlevania project, the script will hopefully be edited and stamped complete soon. Gemini and I both feel it’s been lingering too long, so believe me when I say that we both want to see it done just as badly as you do. ^_^ But hopefully it shouldn’t be too much longer…

  8. Does that mean we can finally play as Maria because she was kick-ass! Also, will this include the two levels that were in the Saturn version?

  9. I was thinking about having a playable Maria, but that would have been quite difficult feature to implement, so I gave up.

    PS: The 2 extra maps from the Saturn version were pure bullshit. 😐 I’ve never seen anything so poorly designed and completely alien to the Castlevania series. No wonder why Iga abhors that porting.

  10. Hey don’t give up man. I’m sure it could be done. What’s the whole point of an English re-translation without her unless there’s things we missed that are available, story or otherwise.

    Don’t give up. I’d wait for the patch even if it were just to play as her.

  11. Don’t wait for it, I told you I gave up. I’m not anymore interested in having a playable Maria.

  12. ok

  13. Do you know where i can get a patched version of Tales Of Phantasia the PSX version available through download on that can work on a psp like the pictures you put i really wanna play the patchrd version on my psp so if you could help a fellow fan out i would apppreciate it

  14. Did you bother to read the readme? It clearly says we do not support pre-patched Iso or Warez, so please go somewhere else to ask for a link.

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