Picture Swarm!

By • October 14, 2007

Here are our newest shots showing off the most recent additions to the hack.


  1. A nice little show for the battle abilities. Everything centered and properly sized of course.  Oh yeah, but those PSP sprites?  They’re not for you.  Well, that’s not totally true, but we’re still looking for a solution we’re comfortable with.
  2. This is the ability screen that you see if you access the menu in battle.  It’s different from the normal ability menu, so it required some work of its own.  Looks nice though, huh?
  3. Showing off some enemy techs in battle.  Oh yeah, by the way, I’ve opted to go back to Dhaos Laser, so we’ve dropped the ‘.  Just in case anyone was curious.
  4. Everyone’s favorite spell!  No, but really, Summon Demon is serious business.

I’m almost done editing all of my work so far.  MUCH happier with it now.  Then I’ll be moving onward and upward with the translation.  Look forward to it!

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I’m the translator for Absolute Zero.
I also take care of the project updates.

24 Responses to “Picture Swarm!”

  1. To be honest i like this PSP sprites better, the characters don’t look like they have been squished together, though the Snes one was much worse ^_^

  2. Very nice ^^
    PSP or PSX sprites are supreme… u.u

  3. Very nice but the “ô” (“ôgi”) looks ugly imo 🙁

  4. It’ not an Ô, but an Ō. It’s a macron character.

  5. Ō in romanji is the same “oo” or “ou”(read “oo” too)
    Ōgi or ougi are correct ^^

    Nihongo rocks \o/ 😛

  6. the psp version is fucking fucking great dont u think? its the better in graphics

  7. by the way guys , why did u put the psp sprites ? weren´t the psx version what u were translating?

    for your comments I had like too say that the psp version is the best compared with the other versions. I have made up all the game and the final is wonderful, in addition it seems that has a lot of new context and techs but by the way its perfect for me

  8. Not that this question has too much to do with this post, but seeing one of the shots reminded me to ask how you’re planning on handling (at the beginning of the game, for example) spoken Japanese dialog when the text is printed on-screen simultaneously? Will you leave the spoken Japanese intact with English text translation?
    And as for the sprites, are you seriously considering dumping the original PSX sprites in favor of the PSP ones? Keep up the great work–you guys are on a roll. Can’t wait for the next update!

  9. That’s correct, the Japanese spoken dialogue will still be intact with our English translation replacing the formerly Japanese text. We also intend to add subtitles to the intro battle and to the Skits, which previously had no text and were only spoken word. So that’s the plan.

    The sprite issue is still up in the air, but I think it’s more likely we’ll just be leaving the PSX sprites intact. Replacing them with the PSP sprites could be a legal issue, so we don’t want to mess with it.

  10. ToP PSP is not out is the usa yet, is it ? And I dont think Namco will ever release it is the usa… ;o

  11. It will likely never be released in the US, though that’s hard to say for sure. But as time passes, it gets less and less likely.

  12. I think it’s unlikely that it will be released in the US since Nintendo kind of got the rights in America with TOP GBA. I may be wrong… Does anyone know for sure?

  13. Nintendo licensed the script from Namco. So if ToP were to be released in the US, Hometek could in no way use the script that Nintendo wrote for the game. However, I do believe that they could probably release the PSP version of the game without too much trouble. It’s a different product and the script is rather different as well. Just my thoughts though, I don’t state that as 100% fact.

  14. Even in the instance ToP for PSP were to be released in the US, I would still much rather the translators/hackers of this project to respect the original authors’ work by keeping the intended sprites. It would seem counter-intuitive to go to such careful and extended lengths to be sure the translation is as accurate as possible and then to turn around and hi-jack the sprites from another version simply because their look is prefered to the originals. I think one of the best things this translation has going for it is the care and attention paid to all details to assure they follow, as closely as possible, the original setup, and I think that level of detail is what will make this project stand out from all other current and subsequent translations and patches.

  15. Actually, the reasoning behind the sprite redesign was done by Namco in order to try and be *closer* to the original character designs. Not that I’m saying the PSP sprites have more or less merit than the deformed sprites of the PSX version, just that there was a clear purpose behind the sprite redesign. So I don’t think that sprite replacement would make our patch or any other better or worse, it’s just a decision.

  16. The developers were originally withheld their ideas and art due to the limitations of the previous systems. Thus I believe that the PSP sprites should be in full use in the translation to assure that the user will be able to get the complete experience.

  17. Quik, where did you read that bullshit? Seriously, sprite style isn’t related at all with console limits, that’s why you can import the PSP sprites on PSX without a problem. And once again: this translation WON’T contain any copyrighted material, so the PSP sprites will stay where they belong. I’ll probably release a program to take all the new data from the PSP iso so that it can be imported into the PSX version, but there won’t be any patch with those sprites included.

  18. Sorry, I figured that the psx 1.5, or psp, had some more graphical power behind it. That’s why the sprites look better and aslo look a little better resolution wise. Or so it seems, and I don’t know the differences hardware wise between the two, but when you throw history in there it changes things. You don’t see the same sprites on a saturn as you would a genesis. Better hardware. If the two are that comparable hardware wise, then the psp was not the investment I thought it was.

  19. Quik, seriously, you are saying nothing.

  20. Uh no, PSP sprite redesigns were not done to be closer to original designs. They were done to move away from SD styles and into more “grown-up” styles like ToE. C’mon, that’s common Tales knowledge.

  21. When the patch is done, can i play the translated ToP game on PSP, or works it just with an emulator for the PC
    and why translated nobody the psp version, i mean the the psp version is the ultimate ToP game ^^

  22. Yes, it will be playable on PSP with Popstation and real hardware (Psx&Ps2), too.

  23. thats great ^^ i just hope that someday it is possible to translate the psp version too

  24. So is it out yet…

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