Some PSX Shots on the PSP

By • October 27, 2007

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, both Gemini and I have been rather busy. I took a few shots of how the game is looking on my PSP. Please note that this IS NOT the PSP version, this is the PSX version being played on the PSP. The version of the patch I’m using is a bit old, so some of these things might have been changed, but that’s okay.  Also, I have the PSP set to stretch the image to the width of the screen, so that’s the reason for the difference there.

At last estimation, I believe my script progress was at about 45% complete. Hopefully I can keep up this pace, though it’s still hard to set an end date. Overall, I’d say it’s taking me a little longer than I initially expected. Even working with my old translation, there are so many things that need to be fixed that it still takes me a while. Also, I think I underestimated how much time would be consumed by the general study abroad experience. Oh well. Hope you enjoy these images at least. ^_^

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I’m the translator for Absolute Zero.
I also take care of the project updates.

7 Responses to “Some PSX Shots on the PSP”

  1. I’m waiting it soooo patiently. You’re cool ^^

    Will you release a PSX patch when you finish it?

  2. This is truly great work. Thank you for time and patience.
    Is there a place to donate?

  3. Very Nice ^^
    I still have to buy my PSP… T_T

  4. @Quik: Instade of donating, why don’t you buy me a Psp? XD I’d really like to have one for all the real hardware testing, so that I won’t need anymore to burn a CD every time I want to test it on my Psx. 😛

  5. Why you don’t use a PSX Emulator?

  6. Because every emulator out there doesn’t completely emulate the PSX hardware. And I’m already using a PC emulator for the shots…

  7. Not sure I can afford to donate a PSP specifically,(ie Broke), but howabout we set up a donation page and all of those interested can invest.

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