April Fools: Tales of Rebirth Project!

By • April 1, 2008

This was an April Fools joke. Please see the following not-a-Rickroll post for details.

throughhim413 killed in Rickroll Riots

Tales of Rebirth, a title that has long excited import Tales fans has recently made its debut on the PSP in Japan (along with practically every other Tales more than a few years old).

The PSP game itself has been around for only a few weeks, but as you can see, we’re already progressing. Gemini and I have both been busy and we hope the results will speak for themselves.



These two shots were chosen because we feel they really sum up all of Tales of Rebirth in two simple words. In fact, it could be said that after seeing these, you don’t even NEED to play the majority of the game. We’ll keep you up to date as much as we can, but for now, I’m afraid this is all we have to show.

EDIT: I almost forgot the most important part! (Well, I did forget it…) We have a short clip showing off some of the progress we’ve made with the menus and such on YouTube. Link

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

17 Responses to “April Fools: Tales of Rebirth Project!”

  1. 10/10

  2. Don’t forget to tell your friends! Oh yeah, and any spoilers posted here will be deleted. We don’t want to ruin it for anyone.

  3. Good news, or completely retarded April Fool’s joke? Time will tell.

  4. April’s joke?

    Ouh boy… a Rebirth translation would be cool…

  5. I’m pretty sure it’s a april fools joke but… Go for it, although I’d rather have ask for a PS2 translation, more people have access to it, bigger resolution, etc.

    And it’s the original version, just the same.

  6. Can’t wait, the YouTube clip really impressed me with the progress. I’m surprised you’re moving so quick.

  7. What the…??

  8. Yeah, we know this is a joke but please do it if you really can.

    And I of course I prefer a psp translation since I own a psp…


  10. throughhim please confirm whether a joke or not.

  11. […] I’m sure most of you quickly realized, the Tales of Rebirth post was an April Fools joke. At current, Gemini and I are not working on Tales of Rebirth PSP. Gemini […]

  12. That answers that question, right?

  13. I suppose yes.

  14. jokes can only go so far… and supposed to be funny.

  15. Complaints also have a time limit. I believe that complaints about April Fools jokes have to be filed within 30 days or they aren’t valid.

  16. It was a joke?! Wow, I was really excited for this and I even checked back on the forum you had for it frequently. What a disappointment. I guess I’ll just have to hope the destiny and phantasia translations don’t end up being jokes too.

  17. @Ionicstorm: You seem confused. This is an ancient post. At the time there was no active translation project for Rebirth. Now there is. The real project is the one that you’re referring to on the forum. A different team (meaning not Absolute Zero) is working on it, but it’s a real project.