The Return of the Selector

By • July 25, 2008

Thanks to Kingcom’s hard work, I’m proud to announce the return of a beloved feature of the Tales of Phantasia translation – the selector. However, this selector will go far beyond what Tales of Phantasia’s did. As many of you know, ToP’s selector would appear every time the game was booted and ask the player to choose between two options – Translated or Romanized. However, we have added a third option for Tales of Innocence – Namco!

Namco Features

  • Gel instead of Gummi
  • Cape instead of Mantle
  • Magic Lens instead of Spectacles
  • All Artes will conform to (or be translated in the style of) the US standards

Additionally, unlike Tales of Phantasia where the option had to be selected every time the game started, Tales of Innocence will store the data in the options menu, where it can be changed like any other option at any point during the game. And perhaps most impressively, the data will be stored in your save data, so once you have set it up, you may never have to think about it again.

This is what I meant when I said that we were doing our best to please everyone! Now fans of Namco Hometek localization, translation, and of romanization can all find things made just for them in the same translation! We hope that this kind of selector will become a standard among Tales translations and game translations in general. It gives the player just what a game should give them – options. We’re proud to bring you this option and hope that you will enjoy the game no matter how you choose to play it!

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  1. Well deltora dude the japanese mst have bought the book and made an animation aboutit have u watched it before go check at youtube

  2. Yeah i watched the Detora Quest anime on youtube… its ok, but i think it would be better in english…

    Btw who’s played tales of eternia/destiny II?

    my opinion is that its the best tales of game ever, seriously… its just awesome, especially the craymels and stuff 😀 Go maxwell, sekundes and rem!!!

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