Cooking (with Bonus Tales Fandom!)

By • August 19, 2008

So, apparently Tales of Vesperia has caused Japanese consumers to buy up EVERY AVAILABLE X-BOX 360 in Japan. Who saw that day coming? Clearly not Microsoft Japan… Gotta love the Tales series love. I’ve already preordered my copy of Tales of Vesperia (the Limited Edition!) for its impending US release. Now I just need to figure out when a good time to buy a 360 is… Anybody else picking that up?

In Tales of Innocence news, menu translation presses ever onward. The cooking menu is now complete, although is no doubt in need of some serious editing and revision. Kingcom has been hard at work transforming this mess of a menu into a work of beauty, so here are the screenshots showing it off:

Thanks to Kingcom, the cooking screen now recognizes if you cook only a single item and makes it singular as seen in screen #3. I hope that’s as impressive to other people as it is to me. That’s all for now, next up for me will be translating some of the Awakening List and continuing to plug away on those neverending Item descriptions. Until next time! ^_^

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21 Responses to “Cooking (with Bonus Tales Fandom!)”

  1. Man i pray its done soon, i cant wait to play this in english, i finally beat tales of destiny and tales of phantasia

  2. My friend is getting Vesperia and I’ll go play it at his house cause i dont got a 360 or cash :S

  3. Oooh pretty menu, and yeah, can’t wait for vesperia! unfortunately i live in the UK, so im hoping the asian english language edition runs on the PAL 360 otherwise i don’t know what im gonna do (probs get my 360 mod chipped or something …)

    But woooh, can’t wait for more news on this trans (or the new announcement at that *mumbles chant*)

  4. OK im a fool, it’s coming out in Brit on the 29/8, but still hoping for the english asian edition (so much cheaper O.O)

  5. even with the edit neeeded that was quite quick O.o I can see that ToI can be released before the end of the year how great! but you caught me with that Tales fandom, almostsee that as the annoucement of the other project xD

  6. Yeah, I was worried that people might think that. Just to reassure people, I’ll give you another hint for my new project – I am not working on either of the Tales of Fandom games.

  7. Nice work.

  8. Nice Work!
    It’s great to see how much effort you put into this!

  9. Nice work!!! The more updates I see the more sleepless I become in anticipation. You will continue to work just as hard on this after your next project is announced right? We DS owners NEED an english Tales game ^_^

  10. “I am not working on either of the Tales of Fandom games.” – THANK GOD
    which means … ToD:DC … ToD2 … or ToR … or PSP EDITIONS! … *mumbles*

  11. Argh! You’re killing me here. If your next project is Tales of Destiny Directors Cut please send a discreet telepathic message. Oh yes, wonderful work on ToP.

  12. Menus look really good!

    I can’t wait for Vesperia either… I recently just bought a 360 just for Vesperia… Of course, I got Eternal Sonata too, and I beat that rather quickly! But Tales of Vesperia and Infinite Undiscovery… Both almost sure to be good (especially Vesperia). 😀

    I’m anticipating more news as the project goes on~

  13. Could you confirm it’s neither of the cell-phone ones so we can stop worrying? xD

  14. I wouldn’t even know where to start translating the cell phone titles. O_o

  15. I’d be less disappointed by a Fandom translation announcement than if it was one of the PSP ports. hell, at least I can play ToF without having to spend 1000 bucks on a new console just for them. ._.

    But that’s just me, and there’s lots of PSP-owning Tales fans out there, so whatever. It’s not like me ranting about it will change anything. XD

    Cooking menu looks sweet, btw.

  16. The best time to get a 360 if you don’t require Vesperia day 1 would be September 7th when the consoles drop in price. It’ll be $299.99 for the 60GB Pro most likely and that’s the console you should get!


    dang, you’re really working hard! 🙂 I wish you and the staff the best! 🙂 I can’t wait for the game 😉

    I’m getting a xbox too just for Vesperia 🙂 hehe

  18. Thank you. You have made alot of very sad people very happy. But I’m not so sure about the definition of fried bread. Is that a mistake or is there really a type of bread like that in Japan (seems unlikely). But anyway, keep up the fantastic work (I’m ever so slightly enthusiastic about this).

  19. Don’t worry about what’s actually written there for the time being. Almost all of the names and description text will end up being revised before the final version, so these can almost be thought of as placeholders.

  20. um Freudian fried bread is like a cook the ring shape dough in grease thus frying it, and get a donut

  21. hi!
    I have to say this is sooo great again!!
    I love what ur doing^^
    can I ask something? when it’s ready? where can I get it? I’m dying to play the game in english 😉
    ooh I’m so happy 🙂

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