Refined Menus

By • September 20, 2008

This last week has mostly been dedicated to further refining the menus.

The left shot shows off the redesigned Guild window. The window has been redesigned and frankly, I think it looks tons better than the Japanese version did. Perhaps I’m biased, but look at it, it’s just so clean! In addition, Kingcom added a really nice feature to the Guild window – when there is no current quest, the former mess of a window has been replaced with text that simply reads “No current quest”. Pretty cool, huh?

In our right screen, we have the Strategy window. Here you can assign a variety of strategies to customize how your characters act during battle. As you may have noticed, this menu contains “Gummi”. Making sure not to overlook such things, the convention selector in the menu will change this text as well. So if you set it to Localized, fear not, you’ll be seeing “Gel”! Not too much else to say here I guess, but certainly it represents another important step in the translation.

Other than that, I’ll just say that things are progressing well as always. We have not quit in the last week, so fear not. Also, we will not quit in the coming week, so please refrain from commenting on how you thought we quit. Please keep in mind that all screenshots are subject to change before the final version. What we’re showing here is a sample of our work. Some of the translations are done blind (with no context), so there are mistakes. I apologize for those and I hope it doesn’t reflect badly upon my work. In any case, I assure you that by the time we get to the final version, the vast majority of the errors will be edited out. Thank you all for your ongoing support! ^_^

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

22 Responses to “Refined Menus”

  1. You never cease to amaze.
    Do you still have your donation page up, or should I just go to the last one you sent?

  2. The donation button should be visible at the top-right of every page or at the bottom of the main page (

  3. Nice work, I’ll faithfully follow until you release ^^

  4. This is awesome! Cant wait!!

  5. yay!
    keep up the great work you guys!
    but … i must know ….when is the other announcement going to be announced?!
    it’s more than halfway through September and no news?
    i apologize for my impatience but i want to know soooo bad ….

  6. I must say you guys are freaking awesome, it really does look alot better than the japanese version.

  7. nice! but i don’t understand, i thought you guys quit? did you start up again? but then are you quitting now? it’s been almost 11 hours since an update!

  8. Keep it up guys your work is just, if not better, than the NamcoBandai localization team.

  9. we will wait forever :p

  10. Really nice! You guys are doing an awesome work with ToI translation! I’d say it’s simply pro! Keep it up!

  11. awesome guys =D im really looking foward into this =] , hope everything worksout keep up the good work =D

  12. I believe this Tales of Innocence patch will be done maybe by the end of October. this really good seeing as we americans and europeans wont get the game till late 2009!

  13. The end of October might be a little… overly optimistic. We’re not sure when our release will be, but just because the menus are finished doesn’t mean that the translation is done. We’re still quite a ways off from a finished product.

    Also, Tales of Innocence hasn’t been announced for official release in the US or EU at all. If it were, we would immediately halt our work, regardless of how much we put into it. We aren’t looking to steal any profits or compete with official products, we just want to bring an otherwise unavailable game to as many people as we can.

  14. so it like the middle of september …*crys* im so damn curious about what your other project is.

  15. Hey throughhim did you translate the game tales of destiny 1 for ps2 and tales of rebirth for ps2?? by the way great job!

  16. Great work ! Keep it up dudes. I wish you would be recognized as you deserve.
    Namco should pay you cause it seems you’re work is even more professional than many official translations.

    Greetings from france 😉

  17. wow holy yeah, this screen it looks very clean!!!, iv play the japannese version of ths game (of curse with a faq >.>) but some text…. the symbols.. looks like overlapped yeah if you fix that this will looks like a brand new game
    XDDDDDDd, hope you finish the project even if a USA release because its clear that this version will be awesome, like the translation of the tales of destiny 2 from the cless site XDDDD japanesse awesome voices with english text what else can we ask!!!!!!!!! Best wishes guys!!

  18. hey throughhim did you guys translate the game tales of rebirth ps2 and tales of destiny 1 ps2 and great job

  19. Great Job mate just keep it up , the Tales of Phantasia translation was great!:)

  20. Where can i find this patch? Seriously i just got the game and then i see this and my pants just blew up.

  21. Man… you’re the real Santa Claus!!