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By • November 16, 2008

Why hello there! Not a whole lot to this update, I’m afraid. There will be the obligatory “not dead” info for Tales of Innocence and some bad news on the Tales of Phantasia v.1.1 front.

First, Tales of Innocence is moving along as always. Kingcom has been taking a little time off from ToI, but he has totally earned it. I’ve been poking at the script and as always, editing the menu text. I will be having someone begin the preliminary edits on ToI’s menu and current script text within the next week, I hope. With any luck, doing these edits early on will save time when we have to do the final editing on the text.

Next, Tales of Phantasia’s version 1.1 has been mentioned here and there since the patch’s initial release almost a year ago. Honestly, I was hoping to have it out by now, but the editor that I had placed my hopes in has vanished. Despite my efforts, I’ve had no word from him in several months now. This is the sad reality of fan projects, people disappear sometimes. I’d still like to make the v1.1, but I don’t know when that will happen now. If I’m going to do the editing myself, I don’t know when I’ll be able to set aside the time to do it. Frankly, ToI is much higher priority for me right now. For the time being, I have little motivation to work on ToP. Ideally I would like to go back and fix all of my mistakes (including rechecking the original Japanese text), but who knows if/when this will happen. I could reopen the search for editors, but I’m uncertain if I want to do that at this time.

Well, that’s about it. I hope this post doesn’t sound as depressing as it does in my head. Things are still moving along with Tales of Innocence, that should be good news for everyone I hope.

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

31 Responses to “*Dusts Off Blog*”

  1. Thx for the update and of course is good new for me and all the people to hear that ur first priority is ToI jaja!


  2. Just keep your pace, man. What you CAN do is ALL you can do. ^_^

  3. Thx for the update awesome dude

  4. “Things are still moving along with Tales of Innocence, that should be good news for everyone I hope”

    This is a good news 🙂

    Please cheer up and keep the good work !!

  5. Agreed. Thanks for updating, because even if things are progressing slowly, it’s good to assure us visitors that it isn’t dead ^^ Keep your pace, and keep it up 🙂

  6. Thanks for the update. Just keep on doin’ what your doin’.

  7. Thanks for the update
    I Appreciate your work
    Take your time because you guys earn it ^^

  8. Even if it’s not a big update, we’re always comforted knowing you weren’t raped and murdered.

  9. We all appreciate what you’re doing here, and no one can really demand anything from you. I mean you’re not exactly getting payed to do this stuff, you’re taking time out of life doing this so that others can enjoy these games if the language is barrier, and we all thank you for your hard work.

    I think I speak for everyone here when I say that you’re work and dedication is greatly appreciated by everyone who has enjoyed playing Tales of Phantasia with your patch.

    Take your time, sometimes you just need to kick back for a while and recharge 🙂

  10. regularly I checked back your blog to see your update.

    you have so many people waiting for your masterpiece.

  11. Rock on!!!
    Thanks for all the work and do things your pace

  12. thanks for the update, looks very nice

  13. keep up the pace guys !!! yu are doing great , I doubt there is someone in the world of internet that can do a ToI project and go as far as yu are right now so I think this is good news

  14. Even ‘tough sounds depressing, it’s not. Keep up the good work!

  15. keep up the good work otherwise i´ll kill u lol just kidding i wait all the time it´s needed u know it´ll be worthy

  16. O_o

  17. “we’re always comforted knowing you weren’t raped and murdered.”

    uhauahuahua, nice

    Note: uahauhahua is the “brazilian LOL”

  18. Oh thank god. I’d just found you guys (and your excellent ToP translation), and found that you were doing Tales of Innocence!

    Then I realize that there hadn’t been a site update in almost a month!

    Thankfully, the translation continues, and I can look forward to this excelent game in a language I’m fluent in!

    …And has anyone else noticed what an amazing year it’s been for game translations? Three high-profile translations finish (Mother 3, Persona 2, and Jump! Ultimate.), and a few more like this are announced.

    Damn it’s a good time to be a gamer.

  19. woaa this is great news!!
    Hope the translation goes all the way…
    God bless fans who understand fans

  20. I’m waiting for the TOI ^^ and Thanks still updating the project

    Good Luck Dude

  21. Please man, if the project is going to die, at least give us a link with the WIP!
    dont let the project disappear and have all the work with, you i want to see how far this AWESOME PROJECT went ……

  22. The project isn’t going to die, not as long as I’m still able to work on it anyway.

  23. thankyou throughim413 you are like the Tales Father i never had

  24. Keep up the excellent work, I’m really, REALLY looking forward to this.

  25. Please, tell me the project is still goin’ on…..

  26. I’m getting so sick of comments like that… I’m strongly considering closing all current and future comment sections of my posts.

  27. Hey, I know it was a dumb question, but you don`t need to get all angry just because of that XD.
    Just don`t answear… It`s not that hard…

    And JonStark, stop being like a little kid and learn to wait, like the rest of us.

  28. I wasn’t angry. I just said I was sick of comments “like that”. Every other comment I see here or on other forums asks me when this project is coming out (even though I said next year) or why I quit (even though I haven’t). I’m not angry, I just wish people would listen to what I’m saying. I want people to be excited about this, that’s why I do updates, I just don’t like having to say the same stuff over and over, nobody likes doing that.

  29. Happy new year~~
    Keep up the good work!
    Indeed it’s way wasy for some people to just disappear in the internet. I wonder where they go? Or if they ever finish anything?

  30. Hello! I recently know about your TOP patch and it’s a great new. Finally it’s goes to be a new version of that? I don’t want to be a nuisance, I only want to know if I have to wait to play the game whit a better patch or if I can play now.

    Thank you!!

  31. I would recommend that you play now. The v1.1 is currently on hold and there’s no way I can tell you when it will be done. We do still intend to release a v1.1 at some point, but it could be a while.

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