Happy Birthday, Tales of Innocence

By • December 8, 2008

A bit of a belated birthday wish.This update has a screenshot, some updates on the translation, and some complaints.

It’s been quite a while since our last update. As some of you may know, Tales of Innocence had its big first birthday this last week, so that’s cool. I was out of town, so we weren’t able to make an update that day, but better late than never. With that out of the way, we have a new screenshot to show off.


First of all, we show off a little bit of the summary text. Translating the summary is really boring, but I guess maybe someone will read it someday (though I never do). Perhaps more importantly, we at last have the conclusion to the Great Bottom Screen Debates. I’m sure people remember our last discussions about how to format the bottom screen – well, this is what we decided on. We felt that we should have the Name line in order to keep the screen balanced, but we really liked the idea of having the text left justified. Thanks especially to thedicemaster, Kaji, and Carnivol for helping us to make this decision, we hope that you’re happy with the final result.

Overall, this past week was one of our most productive in a very long time. I got a fair amount of translating done and Kingcom made some great progress on hacking. As he it wrapping up some of the remaining loose ends, I’m just getting started. I’ll be moving slowly for the next few weeks as I complete my finals, but I hope to make a lot of progress during winter break.

And now some things that have been bothering me:

I want people to stop posting comments asking when this project will be done. I said that it will be done early next year.

I want people to stop assuming that we have stopped working on this project. We aren’t going to quit. And if we did, don’t you think we’d say something?

I want people to read more recent posts instead of commenting on the announcement one. I realize this is the problem with a blog and it’s my fault for not updating enough, but encourage people to check the more recent posts.

I’m doing my best to keep people informed, but I really get nothing out of making these updates. My time would be better spent working on the translation or studying up. I’m doing these updates for you guys, because I know that people want to know what’s going on. I don’t mean to sound like a bitchy project leader (because I don’t like that kind of attitude either). I’m just asking you guys to bear with me and hang in there. I want to make the final result something that will be worth the wait, so just believe in me a bit. That’s all for today.

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I’m the translator for Absolute Zero.
I also take care of the project updates.

86 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Tales of Innocence”

  1. keep up the good work….

  2. the bottom screen looks better than the original. keep up the good work

  3. You sir, are a saint! I’ve never really heard of this game but it looks quite interesting. The fact you and the rest of your team are taking time out of your busy lives to work on this is purely wonderful. I eagerly await it’s completion. Also, as for the question about using it on the DS, just follow their instructions on patching the .nds file when it’s made available. Then with a flashcart stick the rom on your cart and that’s it. You can check out something like GBAtemp.net for more info about flashcarts, that’s all I can say.

  4. yes, Innocentone, it can (and should, for that matter) be played on the DS. I have never tried the game on an emulator, but it probably won’t be the same thing. And for more information about flashcards, you could just visit gbatemp.net (it’s ok for me to advertise this website, right? you guys even posted your translation there.)
    If you do have any other doubts, feel free to e-mail me (e-mail is where website was supposed to be)

  5. Wow. Looks good so far.

    I just came across this, and am glad I did. I’ve wanted to play this game since I first heard about it months ago. But was a sad panda when they came out and said that a North American port was unlikely.

    Appreciate all the hard work you guys have put in, and wait in anticipation for the finale result.

  6. Absolutely brilliant work!

    Can’t wait for the release!

  7. This looks great! I’ll be eagerly and patiently waiting for the release.

    Also, what kind of patching will it be? Is it a drag-and-drop patching or manually done (e.g. FE6?)? Or was it a surprise?

  8. Ok thanks for all the help. I’ll be waiting. But throughhim, on average, how long would you say it takes to complete one part? A week or two? Or do you do the summary more often?

  9. Are you going to release a v0.5 patch or something and what program would we use to patch our version of the game or would we start from the beginning?

  10. I’m so excited ! The hype is growing bigger , day after day as I’m fed up with alljrpgs I’ve tried these last deays. I’m sure this game, being a Tales, won’t let me down.

  11. What you guys are doing is terrific, I can’t wait to see this game 100% fully translated. Take your time, beggars can’t be choosers!

  12. i just cant believe u guys are releasing it early next year. i was expecting it to be done like late next year at the least!
    great job guys!

  13. Thanks man, I really hope that you can do this to the very end. Happy Christmas and New Year! Dont work too hard so you dont tire yourself. Anyways, youre doing a very nice thing here, so i wanna to thank you about it ^^ .

  14. This is one of the best NDS-translation work I’ve seen so far. Keep up the great work. I’m looking forward to being able to play the finished game.

  15. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!! God, I love you guys. I just found out about this minutes ago, and I am ecstatic!! Not being able to speak or read japanese, I could only look at this game in depair. I always love tales series and I was hoping that this game would be translated. Namco never did. Thank you and keep up the good works ^_^

  16. Good luck guys.

  17. believe or not I always read every info (tutorials, summary, notes, etc…) from a game, I also read the complete instruction booklet before trying the game, so be sure I will spend time reading the summary.

    I want to thank you again for your hard work.

  18. Even if i can’t understand how translating a game, wich might be really hard work, can make fun, I’m glad that you make a full translation, also with the summary texts, of ToI.

    I hope that you will proceed witch the TOI translation.

  19. Hi!, I just found out about this translation and i’m happy to see that I discovered you were doing it this late, because now I can say that I’m not going to be waiting for this as long as the first people who learn of this.

    Thank you for your hard work.

    p.s:does someone knows what the point of doing only a japanese version of the game, while a translation would generate a huge amount of money for them.

  20. It costs money to produce a translation and to manufacture the games to sell in stores. Depending on how much money it takes them to get the game over here, they can easily lose money on the deal. Games are localized when a company believes that a game will make them money, clearly that wasn’t the case with Innocence.

  21. Thank you for your answer throughhim413

    I can understands that it cost money to do the translation but this should not cost as much as making a full new games, anyway I better stop thinking about it since I don’t know enough about everything related to make a games.

    I don’t want to, but I will wait for your translation patiently, a lot of people will be happy when your finished. The first translation of a japanese games that i got was of tales of phantasia on snes which was made by a team that probably gone now since the last time I got on the website they had the last news they had made was in 2003.

    thank you for reading

    p.s:Because of the high amount of japanese rpg that been coming out lately, I started learning japanese with the DS game “Japanese coach”, i’m still not very far in it, but it look good.

  22. Re: the commenting-on-the-announcement-post issue.

    Are you aware that WordPress allows you to close commenting on posts? Simply edit the post, click the “Discussion” drop-down below the text field, and uncheck “Allow commenting on posts”.

    You can automate it by going to Settings -> Discussion -> Other Comment Settings -> “Automatically close comments on articles older than __ days”…but then you’d have to remember to make at least one post every __ days. (Or risk a flood of “OMG!!! DID U GUYZ QUIT?!?!? NOOOO ;____;” emails/IMs. Your call.)

    If I was you, I would leave a comment on the announcements post (or any other that you are tired of getting out-of-the-loop commenters on) explaining that you’re closing comments because “This is an older post and the project’s status has been updated. Please read the latest announcement before asking questions!”

    (Be sure to include a link to the front page or an updated post in your comment — this way they’ll be motivated to read it and then comment, as opposed to getting confused and freaking out/turning away.)

  23. I know that you can close comments, but I’m hoping that it doesn’t have to come to that. For now, it’s not a big enough problem that I want to go to the trouble of closing comments. I’m glad that people are enthusiastic, I just hope it stays under control. Closing comments is kind of my last resort.

  24. Any other project on coming after finishing this one???

  25. Thank you so much, you’re doing a great job!

  26. Great work!
    I’m really happy you guys are translating this game, i really am!
    It’s sad i haven’t played many Tales of games but those i did play i all loved.
    There really one of my favorite series of RPG’s!
    I found it really sad they didn’t make this game come out in english but when i found out about you
    guys it really made my day! (L)
    Keep up the great work and mutch luck on your finals!

    Greetz and Hugs from AlexandraXalaneRaiden

  27. Thtoughhim this is so out of the question but do you by any chance know that tales of destiny 2 for PS2 has been fully translated

  28. It hasn’t been.

  29. when released the link from download

  30. Okay Thanks Throughhim anyway happy new years may 2009 be a very good year for you!

  31. Haha… shouldn’t you keep the summary for last? Anyway, don’t rush the project. Keep it at your pace 🙂

  32. THANK YOU!!! I’m from Brazil, but I swear: If I ever get to meet you I will fucking give you flowers!!! Or something… Er… Uhm… Any way. I’m a HUGE fan of Tales of Series and I can’t ever thank you enough for what you are doing for me and everyone who came to love it.

  33. Seems like a tough job… well anyways keep it up you guys ^_^b

  34. thank you so much! Im so glad to know that this project is still going. I’m confident that you can and will get it finished. I cant wait to finally be able to play this game! You’ve got everyone’s full support!

  35. While we’re young.

  36. Dude U Rule

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