Happy New Year

By • December 31, 2008

Happy New Year! We’re bringing it in with the long-awaited announcement of our newest translation – Tales of Destiny (PS2) Director’s Cut! It’s a joint project with Phantasian Productions!


People have been speculating for months, but we are indeed working on ToDr. Despite what some believed, Cless and I have been on good terms in spite of Tales of Phantasia (mostly because he’s very forgiving). Lately I’ve really been regretting Tales of Phantasia and all the drama that came of it. I didn’t have the skills that I needed and I really wish I hadn’t stepped on many of the toes that I did. I worked on Phantasia because I loved it, but still, it was too soon for me to attempt a project of that magnitude on my own. I made a lot of mistakes and a lot of claims that I couldn’t live up to. I disappointed some people and I realize that some still worry about my translations. My point is that I’m thrilled to be working with Cless as well as with gogs, Kajitani-Eizan and Carnivol. The three of them have always been the first to tell me when they think I’ve slipped up and there are few people I trust more when it comes to editing. With their help and Cless’ experience working with the PS2, I’m confident that this patch will be one that everyone will love.

As most of you know, this project has been going on behind the scenes for months now. However, Phantasian Productions has been putting most of their time into Tales of Phantasia just as Kingcom and I have been focused on Innocence. From the beginning, Cless and I agreed that Destiny wouldn’t take priority over other projects. Now that’s it has been announced, I expect it to speed up a little bit. The translation is all that is really holding us back from a menu patch, so it really shouldn’t be far off.

Of course, neither Cless nor I like to do things halfway, so our intention from the beginning has been a full translation. The plan is to release the menu patch first and then begin work on the story. The translation will retain many of the original (PSX) Destiny localized terms. Expect to see many of the same ones in the translation (with the exception of some names like Johnny, Mighty Kongman, and Woodrow). We hope that fans of both the original translation and the Japanese text will be able to enjoy this translation.

So happy new year from Absolute Zero and Phantasian Productions! We hope that this coming year will be one of the best for Tales fans and ask for your continued support.

Be sure to check Phantasian Productions for more images and Cless’ announcement message! And to celebrate the occasion, I made myself a new banner. ^_^


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  1. @Kyle
    TOI patch is not yet available in this site.. they haven’t released it yet…

  2. At this pace, in less than a couple years we’ll have plenty of Tales games to enjoy. ^^

    Keep up the good work, always doing exactly what you do: that’s the best you ever can. 🙂

  3. ok thx for the info xD GOGO Absolute Zero I <3 u :3

  4. Looking at Cless’ screenshots on his site I have to ask…Will your stance on Japanese transliteration trump his or not? Is he going to go with that lame Hepburn romanization thing again? (Azure Edge -> “Sohajin” should be “Souhajin”) Reading Hepburn’s romanization always makes for some butchered-sounding Japanese in my head. >_>

    I like that artes have the Japanese name in brackets at least though. They probably won’t show up in battle though, right? Too cluttering, I’d assume. At any rate it makes for an easier transition in learning the English names.

  5. For now, the romanizations only appear in the menu. I’ll bring up the matter of romanization, but I’m not making any promises. I mean, when it comes down to it, you don’t really like my policy of using macrons either, right? There aren’t many people who prefer the expanded romanization, most either use macrons or Hepburn. Still, I’ll try to get an answer at least.

  6. I know I’ve said I wasn’t fond of macrons, but they’re better than having nothing showing the double vowels. I know they help save space for you too. At the end of the day, I’m fine with them. I just don’t want to see non-standard romanizations like “shyakoken” instead of “Shakkōken”.

  7. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! No seriously, I just started playing this game using a script translation available online, but a bunch of the skits are untranslated and there are holes in the script, not to mention the NPC’s dialogue is untranslated, which really hurts.

    I honestly think this game has one of THE best Tales battles systems ever though, and the characters seem charming and funny. Also, Leon = awesome, and same with Rutee.

    Out of curiosity, will you be translating the version of ToD Remake that includes Leon’s Side?

  8. The Director’s Cut is the only version we’re translating.

  9. man can you tell me the prograns you use to modify the japanese for inglish?

    i already have traslated some things from tales of hearts
    but i don’t know hoy to put in the game

    can you help?


  10. Hey I want to help you guys a littlr since the translations are holding you back so here
    Its a fan translation of the main storyline so I just wanted to help ^_^

  11. Just wondering…
    Does the story change anything from the PSX version?

  12. We’re aware of that wiki, but we have no intention of using it. We want to do the translation on our own and without stealing someone else’s work.

    There are tons of changes from the PSX version. They’re hardly the same game, in many ways.

  13. Oh im sorry >.<

  14. Ah, since you’re working with Phantasian Productions, do you intend to subtitle lines in battle, like they’ve done for ToP?

  15. You said that the PS2 Version is much differnt. I believe that you mean the graphic. but the story should be the same, shouldn’t it?

  16. @Hiro: Given how young PS2 hacking is, it might not be possible to add features in the same way. We’ll see what happens, but keep in mind that it isn’t easy programming for the PS2.

    @Mivey: No, there were many changes to the story as well – the order that things happen in, the reasons that they happen, and even what actually happens. Like I said before, they’re hardly the same game.

  17. Indeed, playing through just a few minutes in both games will show you how different the scripts are. Pretty much only the core story and characters remained the same.

    And I don’t care for battle subtitles myself. 😛

  18. I’m not a fan of them, but I just wanted to know :’D. But, yes, I had forgotten that PS2 hacking really is new, I’ll have to keep that in mind.

    Well, good luck with this and your Innocence translation! I’ll be rooting for you guys.

  19. “No, there were many changes to the story as well – the order that things happen in, the reasons that they happen, and even what actually happens. Like I said before, they’re hardly the same game.”

    Well… were these changes for the better? =D
    I never played Tales of Destiny, anyway…

  20. I much prefer the PS2 version as far as story goes. Some might disagree though.

  21. Cool, I’ll look foward to it then… xP
    I love the Tales of games xP

  22. I was wondering that since Tales of Destiny 2 is also available for the psp, can a psp game be hacked/translated?


  23. @Yuri: Read Comment #20.

  24. Since this Tales game doesn’t apply for me, at least for now, having an IBM Thinkpad 10+ years old (!), I’ll just wait another 2-3 months for Innocence… Thank God you guys didn’t release ToI before February, cause I would never pass my exams! 😀

  25. […] for a few months. That means there must be some good progress. Check out the two sites for details: Zettai Zero | Phantasia […]

  26. Ok, this game will be fully translated or just the menu??

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