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By • January 16, 2009

I’ve decided to go with Lucas for the main character’s name in Tales of Innocence. I’m sure many will object, but I feel that this is the right decision from a localization standpoint.

As I’ve been working on Tales of Destiny over the last few weeks, I’ve been doing some thinking about how I translate now compared to how I want to translate. I realized that the only reason that I was keeping Luca as Luca was because I wanted to try and make people happy. I knew that some were already upset about choosing Luca over Ruca, so I didn’t want to make it worse by making another change. That wasn’t the right way of thinking. I realized that translating properly is far more important to me than pleasing people. Luca was a half-assed translation because I wasn’t bold enough to make what I knew was the right decision in the face of pressure.


The name Lucas has origins in many languages, thus why both Mother 3’s Lucas (リュカ) and Tales of Innocence’s Lucas (ルカ) can share a name with differing pronunciations but a single English localization. The strong romance language influences on Tales of Innocence’s names further illustrate this point. The French language, for example, has a habit of dropping final letter when spoken. The name is pronounced Luca, but written Lucas. What I am changing is not the pronounciation of the name, only the spelling.

I do not ask for you to understand my decision, I require you to accept it. I am rarely into totalitarian statements like that, but I no long have the patience to tolerate comments that I am making arbitrary translation decisions without a basis. I have done my research and spent plenty of time considering this change. I originally intended to wait for a localization of Radiant Mythology 2 before making this decision, but instead, I am making the choice that I think is right. This is my decision as a translator. If you disagree with my translations, find another project, another translator. I am not here to cater to whims, I am here to translate accurately (to the best of my ability). Both Kingcom and I want to provide a quality product that will read and play like real localized game. I know that there are many people who support us in that goal. If you do not support that objective and choose not to play our patch, I will consider that your loss, not mine.

Feel free to comment, but know that I am hesitant to leave the comments open on this post. You do not have to agree with me. You also do not have to use this patch. As I stated above, if you don’t like what I’m doing, you have the right to leave. No one will force you to play this translation. So that’s it. Sorry for this post being a bit of a downer. For the Ruca crowd, nothing has changed – the name is still not Ruca. However, I do apologize to those who had become used to Luca, it was my mistake. As always, the translation marches onward.

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  1. Thanks for the comment, Elly. Believe me, I’ve spent the last day second and third guessing myself because of the Italian influence. I’m going to talk things over with Gemini (he’s also Italian) tomorrow and get more insight into some of the other names. I translated the NPC file for Luca’s hometown today (Spada is from the same city). If the Italian influence on names in this city is as strong as I think it is, changing to Lucas could be a huge mistake… So, yeah… We might be saying goodbye to Lucas as soon as we said hello. We’ll see. Stay tuned.

    I’m closing comments on this post for now since things have suddenly gone up in the air again. Feel free to comment on other posts!