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By • January 22, 2009

I’m going to backtrack a little on the Luca/Lucas thing. If you read nothing else in the post, read this – I apologize for how that last post came off.I wanted to send a message to some of the naming “purists” that my decisions wouldn’t be influenced by them. Instead I ended up taking it out on all of you who have been nothing but supportive.

First, let’s talk about my jackassery. If the most recent post seemed out of place, it’s because I directed it at the wrong people. Or at least that’s how it looks on the blog… On other forums, specifically Namco’s Tales of Series Forums, there have been several individuals who opposed even “Luca” because it wasn’t Ruca. It was impossible for them to believe that the “official name” created by the Japanese might not have actually been the intended name.  I had just grown tired of such comments and that came out very strongly in the blog post. That, of course, left me looking like an idiot because the people who post on my blog (and most people in general) have been nothing but supportive. So while I did have a reason for posting with the tone I did, I realize now that it was totally unnecessary. I’ve always encouraged input from those who follow my projects. Other people can see things that I often don’t and catch my mistakes. My projects wouldn’t be where they are now if people weren’t there supporting me and telling me when I slip up. So please don’t think that I don’t want input, because I really do. Sometimes negative comments pile up in my mind and we end up with posts like we had the other day. Feel free to tell me when I’m being a jackass, I’m usually aware of it myself, so it doesn’t take much to set me back on track.

Next, I want to revisit the Luca/Lucas issue. Both are viable options at this point and I’m going to take back what I said about changing the name. I realize that this seems silly after making such a big deal out of the name change. The fact is, changes like this happen every day behind the scenes. The mistake I made here was presenting it as fact before I was completely sure of myself. Since then, I’ve talked to several translators and several knowledgeable parties. The general conclusion was that it could very well be an Italian name. Many of Regnum’s inhabitants have Italian names (and Luca’s last name certainly seems Italian). So for right now, his name is Luca. It might end up being Lucas in the end, it might not. It really depends on the results of the research I do on the names. In the end, all that I care about is that the game is translated accurately and properly. No matter what else happens, as long as I can do that, I will personally be happy with the project. So just know that is the method to all of my madness.

Finally, let me apologize just once more. Some days, I’m a jackass and I’m sorry for that. I’ll do my best to avoid posting on the blog those days. I realize that it’s not possible to please everyone, but with input from all sorts of people, I still hope that this project will be able to extend its appeal. So please, keep contributing. I’ll do my best to remember that what I’m supposed to do isn’t to start random drama over details, it’s to translate. Thanks for sticking with me even through my idiocy. >_<

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

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  1. It’s ok we all have those days.Just keep up the good work and worry on releasing it soon!Lol I’m so impatient. >_<

  2. Oh don’t worry bout it ;D, your translating the game after all.
    Personally I think Ruca and luca are rather awkward names in english =S.

  3. No worries, frankly, it could be Ruca, Luca, Lucas or Even Lloyd for all I care. And don’t listen to Purists, after all, You are putting the effort on it, they put nothing, maybe a li’l money, but nothing else. Cheer Up Man!

    BtW: How much of the game has been translated? 50%? 30%?

  4. Those damn name purists, can’t realize that if you call him Lion in the english version, that it’s calling him a large feline and that what they intended was infact Leon.

    But yeah, I was following the comments after mine after the comments were disabled, and considering how Luca is infact an italian name much like Spada, I agree with that more than Lucas ala french. Either way, they’re pronounced the same.
    And like I think I also said before, Ruca just doesn’t roll off the tongue at all.

  5. Dude, your sweating it way to much. If you named his dogfaceretard it wouldn’t matter to me because I’m not the translator and only a humble idiot who would like to play this game.

    And to any purist who tell you that your wrong or whatever, have them romhack the game they are playing and change it themselves, or kindly shut the hell up.

    Honestly, how can people complain when your doing this for nothing but fans and are getting nothing out of it? If the name bother’s them THAT much, and they are such experts at translating, let them do it themselves.

  6. I agree that you’re being too hard on yourself. You sounded harsh because you have the right to. I’m no game translator or hacker, but recently I had a chance to help contribute in a certain project and since then I’ve understood way better how much work a translator goes through. Though even before that, I already tried to never sound like a demanding bastard.

    Also, if there’s one thing everybody knows, it’s that every popular fan translation project is bound to attract idiots. People who know nothing but to ask for release dates, and when they DO have their release dates, like in ToI’s case, they keep repeating it as if they needed to REMIND you of it. As if they wanted to make sure. These kinds of people really deserve to be scolded every once in a while, IMO. And you, as the one who’s the target of that stupidity, have every right to be pissed off by it.

    Sorry if I sounded too aggressive, but my point is: don’t worry if you think you’ve gone too far with the complaints. Those of us who haven’t done anything to deserve it know who we are, and as such we won’t get offended by it in any way. And those who DO deserve it… well, they deserve it. 😛

    Anyway… keep up the good work, and if nothing else, this apology post made you earn my respect even more.

  7. …now that I read my post again, I notice I didn’t mention the name purists at any time. It sounds like your post was directed at people who ask for release dates.

    well, I guess you get what I mean. ._.

  8. That cool, it’s one less letter overwhelming my tiny brain.

  9. Hey man please don’t worry, after reading all your posts I, as well as most reader of this blog can see that no matter what you chose you see it as the best decision. And in the end that’s what it is your decision. I didn’t see you as being a jackass in your last post more like a stressed translator that was having people bitch about your every decision. so just be cool do your best get this out in your own time and then we’ll all have a sexy party on the blog.

  10. hmmm… well man we need you after all
    keep up the good work man…

    we are behind you B-)
    could you speed up hehe
    well to tell the truth.. we all are so impatient here..

  11. dude it didn’t look like you were acting like a jackass, you were just fed up with morons, telling you what to do, so you just had to express how you felt about it, looking forward to the translation

  12. you aren’t a jackass. Your translating a game for people to enjoy. Those “purists”, need to shut the **** up, and get a life.

  13. thats fine. We do get those days. Keep up the good Work.

  14. If it was me I would stay with Lucas to piss off those ungrateful jerks that complain about it. You made a decision and they give you crap about it? What the hell have they done to help? Whatever you do is fine by me but do it because you want to not to make those people happy.

  15. Hello dear throughhim413,

    First i wanne say, don’t worry about sounding like a jackass.
    Sometimes some people really get to you and than the people supporting seem to be a easyer target to blow odd steam to.
    It’s not good, but i think everybody made that mistake in his life.

    Regarding the name Ruca/Luca/Lucas.
    It’s great your doing such good research too all this.
    Now for my opinion on the names.
    If the names are intended to be Italian, i don’t think Ruca would be great but your already that far.
    Now for Luca and Lucas, i must be honest in my own opinion, Luca seems a bit girly and a bit like a unfinished name, like they forgot a C or something, so i would prefere Lucas over Luca.
    BUT! There is a but to this, if the name is intended to sound like Luca and not with the S at the end, i think alot of people would still read it LucaS with the S at the end, since the voices of the game are Japaneas nobody would realize (who did not follow this blog) it’s pronounced without the S.
    And i even think some people (like myself) will call it Lucas even if they know it’s wrongly pronounced becaus.. well.. i used my mother as a test..
    She ain’t a games lover but she’s good at giving her opinon on things, she immidiatly spoke the name lucas with the S at the end.
    When i told her she shouldn’t speak the S she told me “that will work a little while but after a while you still start reading it with the S becaus that’s what you read and you don’t keep track in your mind it’s without the S”.

    I hope you have some help with what i just posted, sorry for some bad spelling but i’m not really english myself XD i can speak it but writing sometimes has it’s issues.
    Well that’s not important… anyway!
    Good Luck, have fun, don’t worry and last but not least.
    Like many others say, if they know it better, let them translate it themselves.. >.>

    Greetz and huggles from me! (A impatient waiter like many others XD)

  16. P.S. sorry i didn’t mention i caught myself pronouncing Lucas also with the S. ^^’ when my mother told me her opinion i noticed that was the same thing with me.

  17. No worries, you have every right to feel pissed off. As long you continue the good work, I wouldn’t mind Luca, Ruca, Lucas, Luka, Ruka, whatever.

    Be patiently waiting.

  18. I’d be pissed off at naming “purists” too. I mean, they piss me off and I’m not even the one tranlating! Who the hell honestly prefers Ruca.

  19. It’s perfectly fine. You are preforming a huge and great fan-service to all of us and we will support you through thick and thin, because all of us, of course, want to see and use your work in its final form. And “purists” make everyone mad, so you don’t have to apologize about that. 😀

  20. nice going jackass!

    but yeah, Lion has to be the biggest and most obvious example of when the “official” japanese name is not the name to go with. it’s one thing to see japanese players referring to him as Lion, but another thing to actually see people wanting for him to be called that in a “professional” translation, whether fan or official.

    another one would be Stahn — Stan would be alright, but Stahn is way cooler and suggests the japanese pronunciation much better. or Luke FONE Fabre, anyone? also, more recently, Shing, which looks kind of stupid like that in english. (though, Xing is pretty foreign to non-chinese-speakers.) to a lesser extent, Rid — it would actually be a cool name, but a Reid is also fine.

  21. Don’t sweat it. It happens to the best of us. It’s your project, you do it with your own pace, with your own standard (of which I think is quite high). People will give you bad times or even scorn at you, but don’t let it go into you. You’re doing a great job. We don’t have the right to criticize whatever you’re doing with this project, because we are not contributing anything aside for giving you support through this blog. 🙂

  22. If you think you were a jackass, my god, you wouldn’t survive christmas at my parents house.

    About the Ruca/Luca/Lucas thing. I’ll go with whatever you go with. Even if you make it Rucas just to stick it to the purists. 😛

  23. Luca reminds me of Luca Toni (Great football player) I support every name, but Luca sounds great!

  24. A Jackass wouldn’t be spending a load of free time to translate a game for others. Trust me I know

  25. Hi, lemme get you a perspective from a i guess quite different visitor. I enjoy reading your blog without even having a clue about the game itself. I like how you describe the process, the problems and the inner turmoil that project causes at times. As far as i see the community can be a bit rough sometimes but in the end you are someone putting much effort in something others can enjoy for free. How the hell can that be flamed in anyway. Ok, for me it wouldnt make a difference if you called him Santa or Obama, but even if i would religiously belief him to be named Ruca or whatever i still would be happy to accept the fact just because a) it is your time and effort b) your freedom of choice and c) 100% not leading anywhere to flame about it. Thanks for the good work.


  26. Really, the fact that you’re putting so much of your time and effort into this game (and doing your damnedest to make sure it’s as accurate as you can make it) really outweighs the fact that you were snippy once on an internet blog.

    Sure, you’re not going to make everyone happy, but no matter what you end up going with in the end, you’ll be making a lot of people happy. 😀


  27. To hell with Luca(s).
    His name is now changed to Ness
    Ha! Take that purists.

  28. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

    keep up the good work mate, nice to see you are human as well!!!!

  29. Nobody cares, just hurry up and work on the game, jesus fucking christ.

  30. Don’t worry dood, everyone has days like these.
    About the name, I don’t get why does some people complain about it, I don’t get it, it’s just a game, changing it won’t make it less enjoyable, and if they don’t like it, then they could translate the game themselves, they are just being selfish.
    Be strong dood, everyone here is supporting you, we who don’t mind a name change or any other change that you consider appropiate.

  31. I support your amazing hard work! And I cannot wait to see it when you’ve finished, I’m absolutely sure that everything will be great 🙂 All of this just shows that the translation could not be in more capable hands than yours~

  32. First, let me say this… I’m sorry, I’ve been rather impaitient in the past and that has been an upsetting factor…

    That aside, I don’t care so much about the names. As long as it’s something easy to say and has a nice ring to it, that’s enough for me… Personally I like Lucas as his name, I also perferred Ilia to Iria but you decided to go with the latter there… No arguement from me… I think Angie is a rather cute name, and it rolls easier than Ange, I think they were going for Angie anyway…

  33. Don’t worry about it. Seriously. =]

    Something that has been bugging me about this whole name translation buisness…

    Could you not just change the name in-game? Almost all of the Tales Of… games I have played, you have the choice to go in to the character status screen and change the character names at any time, even midway through the story.

    If it’s the same in this game, people can change the name to whatever they want.

    I also see no reason as to why people can complain. You could call the main character cheeseface for all I care, and I’d still play the game. You are doing this HUGE project all for free. If people were paying for it, then they could have some input and issues with it, but the way it is, they have no rights to say a single thing about their problems with it. If they don’t like it, they can go and translate it themself.

    Cheer up. Have a happy day. =]

  34. I’m pretty sure it’s been mentioned before, but Tales of Innocence DOES NOT allow you to rename your characters.

  35. Right, well that explains this whole “situation” then.

    I can’t see what the big deal is with it. I’m just going to be happy when I can finally understand what’s going on in the game.

  36. Wait wait wait… People actually think Ruka is viable? Do they have any understanding of how badly Japanese bastardizes other languages through its limited syllabary system? Oh yes, let’s use Ruka! And then when they import an English game over there where the characters drink “Japanese sock-ee” I’m sure there will be a whole contingent of uninformed Japanese fans crying out to keep the original English bastardization.

  37. while our word might have some infuence in the matter in the end its ur decision, just go with the name you like the most and go with it, a name is a name

  38. Your being too hard on yourself. Besides, if purists don’t like Lucas, it can be changed since they have a naming option.

    P.S: Can this be played on a real DS when the patch is out?

  39. There is actually no naming option in Tales of Innocence. It will be fully compatible with no$gba and the real system.

  40. @Abaryn: I didn’t know if there’s anyone that’s actually rooting for Ruka. I just included it in a way like ‘I don’t mind if it’s A, B or C, heck, it could be Z for all we know!’.

    When it comes to this, I trust throughhim to use his best judgement based on his research on either Luca or Lucas.

  41. I guess I could be classified as one of those “naming purists” you mentioned. I stated several times in the TSF topic that I preferred Ruca as a name.

    I apologize for being such a “purist” and I’d like to say that I support your name-changing decisions whole-heartedly.

  42. There’s no need for anyone to apologize. I can understand where people are coming from. It’s just Cless/Cress all over again. I used to fall on the other side of this argument, so believe me, I understand. I just hope that nobody is so hung up on a name that they don’t play the patch. These names are such a small part of this game. All I really want is for people to enjoy the game, so it’s kind of hard to hear reactions that make it sound like I’m ruining the game by naming him Luca. Zace, I’m not saying that you ever said anything like that, but there were some people who came off that way. Purists have as much right to their opinions as anyone else, but given my approach to translation, it can’t be helped that I’m going to butt heads with people who think that way. I don’t hold it against anyone, it’s just that sometimes I get frustrated.

  43. I believe that the name “Lucas ” would be far more effective than either “Luca” or “Ruca”. Lucas comes from the the name “Lucina” I believe. All I do know, is that Lucas came from an Italian word about a race that dominated Italy a little while ago. Definitely go for Lucas.

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