Readers Page Now Up

By • January 26, 2009

Absolute Zero Translations now has a Readers page! This section allows you to see all of the readers of this blog, as well as some other neat features.

Be sure to register an account so you can be listed!

You can see their name, join date, and even the latest comments they posted. You may notice the look isn’t as “spiffy” as the rest of the site. That’s because we just installed it a few minutes ago — it’ll be looking spik and span in a couple hours. ^ . ^

Just as a note: You’ll likely only be seeing me post when there’s a warranted new plugin added, like this one, if if there’s a update that’s going to take the site down temporarily. If the latter happens, I’ll give everyone the heads-up well in advance.

UPDATE: The pages are now properly styled.

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I'm the "Site Admin" for Absolute Zero Translations. If you see something new added, or something being fixed, I'm probably the guy behind it. :P

4 Responses to “Readers Page Now Up”

  1. Aren’t you from gbatemp

  2. Nope, I’m not.

  3. but you are ryukyus 😉 (so am i….)

  4. I cant wait for the patch
    “If at first u don’t succeed, read the instructions”

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