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By • February 9, 2009

I’ve been translating story events. Translating them quite quickly, in fact.There’s no denying it, the story translation is well over 50% complete. 17/31 events, 171/262 files, estimate it however you want, but the fact is that we’re making great progress.

Additionally, I got the edited NPC files back from our editor, Yuli. I went over the changes with her and so the first round of edits is done for the NPC stuff. She’s now working on the item descriptions and some of the explanatory skits.

That’s really all I’ve got to say. The translation is progressing much more quickly than I had anticipated and that’s always a good thing. The goal is still to complete the story events by the end of the month, but I don’t expect that will be difficult. After that, only the skits are left, but there are almost 500! Once those are done, it’s on to final editing and then testing. We’re still talking about several months of work, but we’re getting closer every day. It’s really great to see this project taking form.

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

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  1. Glad to see the project is coming along smoothly. I’m just here to let you know that you are doing a damn fine job. I hope the end product will be mint, though I think it will be. Good luck!

  2. Will there be any need for beta testers ? I mean testing actual in-game changes , specific events or anything like that ?

  3. in addition to last post … what i actually mean will there be any way of applying to the project as beta tester ? [ something like getting a part of the patched game , run it , test it through … i hope you know what i mean ]

  4. We haven’t really sorted out the details on beta testing yet, but most likely it will be a closed beta with people who we knew before starting this project. If we are looking for more beta testers, I’ll be sure to mention it. However, the vast majority of people should not expect to see the game until the full release.

  5. You guys rock!!!!

    Always nice to see someone else is making progress in a goal they have. Like how because of snow I am now weeks behind in work I need to sort!!! The light at the end of the tunnel for me is this Translation 😛

  6. Keep up the goodwork throughim and staff : ). Screesn look amazing and i hope you have motivation to keep on working! haha cant wait to play more japjap-eng translated games : ). Thanks in advance!!

  7. Hello, this is my first time posting but I’ve been following your site for a while. I just wanted to encourage you guys and thank you for your work! I’m excited for the release!

  8. i just jizzed in my pants, I love what your doing man

  9. It’s impressive how fast this is going. Keep it up!

  10. Throughhim rulez ;_;

  11. You’re so cool! XD I have a question; (I’m learning Japanese) how did you translate the names/how do you translate the names? Pretend it is Sakura, would you put the meaning, like Cherry Blossom, or just leave it as is? For the names in the translation, are there really English sounding names in Japanese?

    Thanks! XD Nice Translation!

  12. Most names in games are written in katakana and are made to sound cool rather than having meaning. Even most names that do have a “meaning” aren’t usually chosen for that meaning. However, there are times (like in Tales of Hearts) when the meaning of the name is important, in which case I think it can make sense to translate them. However, the majority of the time, you don’t want to translate a name literally and romanizing is preferred.

  13. As usual you guys are making great progress, props

  14. Beta for people you know? Like me?

  15. good luck is a big job for a great game

  16. all right!! keep up the good work, really looking forward for it 🙂 I’ve been wondering, now that you’re working on the dialogue, how good is the story in your opinion?

  17. Well, it’s not an opinion that I just formed. Ever since I first played the game I had an opinion on the story. And my opinion is that it’s a little cliche, but it has enough twists to keep it fun.

  18. what about selecting some random readers to beta test? like a contest or something?

  19. I’m done talking about beta testing for the time being.

  20. Okay, sorry ._. didn’t know it was such a sensitive spot.

  21. Awesome.

    P.S: Innocence has the most skits in any Tales game? I thought it was Rebirth.

    P.P.S: How can I play the game w/ english patch on a real DS?

  22. @DuskShark: They probably won’t give you details on emulating on a real DS, since that would probably be illegal (based on what i know about piracy laws), but basically you get a flashcard and just put the patched rom into it =p

  23. This is really great news. Thanks for the update. Good job guys.

  24. Always good to hear good news on the project, its awesome to see so much progress so quickly.

  25. Great news – great Game – great project 🙂


  26. awesome!!! keep up the good work i can’t wait for this game to be fully translated

  27. OK, that was all the info I needed(using a DS emulator is just wrong to me).

  28. Hi, just wondering, if I have the original cartridge, is there any way I can patch it using the translation patch?

  29. No, that’s impossible. You can’t write to an official DS cart like that.

  30. Hi guys,well its a great work that you are doing translating this game and i just can say ”thanks” the way you doing it is great,very constant and professional ^^ thanks for it.

    P.D: Mmmm some of the playable characters have a name that sounds really bad,i know that its how it should be…But Hermana??? That means Sister in Spanish,and trust me that name sucks,because its so…”generic”? Dont know,i know you are doing a faithfull translation but, it sounds bad.

    Thanks again for your hard work ^^

  31. Hey guys! I love looking at this project, because it goes on so fast^^ Can´t wait to play it, since I really like the Tales of series(tough I played only ToS and ToP)

    Also a big thanks from me. I hope you can keep this speed up^^

  32. That’s wonderful!

    … just be sure not to neglect your studies, work, family and friends.

  33. Also take the trash out every night, clean the toilets, wash the dishes and feed the dog and take him for a walk.. Just kidding :p It’s your life, I’m sure you’re trying your best to balance things between personal life and developing this project. Keep up the great work, I actually went well on my exams last month because of you delaying this! But I guess staying up all night long playing ToI in the summer will be inevitable!

  34. @Alexiels

    So, basically, just becouse her name is spanish u dont like? Ricardo is a common name in Brasil, acctualy, my father’s name is Ricardo. Spada, from portuguese/spanish? Espada, means Sword, and Lucas is also a common name here (have like 10 friends named Lucas). Iria looks alike Iris (my aunt name). just Ange is like angel and dont look alike any portuguese words. i think is just great they use words (names?) from places that most people even know we existe.

    sry if i was rude, didnt mean it. trully.

    p.s. awsome work u r doing o/

  35. Luca and Spada both come from Italian (spada means sword in Italian as well). Ange is French for angel.

  36. I don’t think the name selection was random, sort of “meh, let’s go with this one”, so it wouldn’t make any sense to change names while translating them. Just because hermana means sister en español, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad name or anything.

    @throughhim: Probably said it a few times before, but hey, thanks for the effort and all that stuff 🙂

  37. @ Bruno

    Come on,i dont have nothing againts spanish names,Ricardo is a proper and good name i think,in spanish aswell not only portuguese,im from spain so i cant complain againts spanish names,but hermana is a word,a word that means a relationship that you have with someone who borns from the same mother that you!! In other words…Hermana= Sister…Thats Generic,but since someone else name is Spada,well…I think the japanesse guys here sucked with the name creation,instead of use generic foreign names could had use foreign propper names.

  38. hello my all friends ilove youuuuuuu

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