Events – Complete!

By • February 17, 2009

I have finished the initial translation of Tales of Innocence’s main story events.

So what does that mean? It means that I still have the summary and skits to translate before this can be called complete. So there’s still a lot left to go. Nonetheless, this is a big milestone for the project, so I thought people would be happy to know.

I will probably spend the next week or so editing the event files (which will hopefully be enough to finish most if not all of them). At that point, I’ll pass the events off to Yuli for editing and they’ll be (mostly) out of my hands. After that, well, I’ll probably take a short break from ToI to work on ToDr. I’ve been neglecting it lately.

In any case, this is a small step in the overall process, but it’s certainly one that I’m celebrating. Until next time. ^_^

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

50 Responses to “Events – Complete!”

  1. Oh, great news!
    You’re very fast through! Keep it up guys, thanks again.
    I hope I can play it soon ^^

  2. Congrats. 🙂

  3. You guys rocks… 4 real.

    Thanks for ur hard work and dedication ^^

  4. Wow nice and congrats on the milestone!

    You and your team are making great progress!

    Keep it up. 🙂

  5. danm you guys are freaking awesome, that’s great progress.

  6. Yaaay! You work at a very impressive pace. Congratulations, and thanks for all your hard work!

  7. Waw, you’re fast! And you are two translators?! Congratulations!

  8. Whoa, that was quick. Really, congratulations. I wish I could work as fast as you. 😛

  9. @Cachwir: No, just one translator. Kingcom does the programming.

  10. throughhim- I think he meant ‘You’re translating two games?’ or something along the lines of that.

    Anyways, great work as usual. I can’t wait to see the final product.

  11. Yes! This is exciting news! A milestone indeed 🙂 Congratulations, you are doing such amazing work ^^

  12. congratulations! wow, this IS a big step. it seems like only yesterday that i read your post saying that you would begin translating this game. do take that rest, you earn it 🙂

  13. Great! It’s always awesome to see progress in a project you’re anticipating. I’ve gotten too used to reload a page every day for years without having much to get excited about.

  14. I hope you’ve been eating a nutritious breakfast.

    The best way to start your day!

  15. Hey man, you da bomb!

  16. You rule 😀

  17. Congrats on another step foward! Now if only Namco-Bandai was commited like you guys.

  18. Funny you say that, looks like they are starting to wake up to us Pal gamers……

  19. That’s awesome! At least now they start caring for their European fans. Now if they just release Rebirth PSP in Europe too….

  20. Great to hear that you’re making good progress on this game. I’m sure It’ll be well received when you guys are done with it.

  21. Keep up the good work! And don’t get burned out, cause it will happen to everyone sooner or later, so take some time off if you need to, or even think that you need to. Not just your physical conditions, your mental condition is also very important to lean away from fatigue.

  22. I’m really impressed. Thanks sooo much! 😀

  23. Yeah! Awesome work, man!

  24. ummm… where can i download the translation??

  25. Mat: “ummm… where can i download the translation??”

    This question is already been asked many, many times at the previous blog post. And the answer is: throughhim413 would never ever release the translation until the overall translation progress is 100% completed. He said there’s a Skits and Summary need to be translated, and is still a lot to go again.

  26. Thats crazy!! Absolutely wonderful. I can read japanese but I can’t understand 1/2 of what I read lol…but this translation patch looks awesome.

    Can you please send it to my e-mail~ i think you just need to click my name : D thanks.

  27. Good job. more people should know about your work, and I appreciate what your doing.

  28. Well, I sorta wish he would release it, even on a temporary basis. I could get by on mostly understanding the skits and summary, my primary concern with a game like Tales is being able to understand the effects of items, equipment, and of course, the story.

  29. That’s not how we want to do things with Innocence. It’s really frustrating that a little patience is too much to ask from most people. We will release the patch when we are ready to.

  30. I’m totally jizzing in my pants right now.
    I really appreciate what you guys are doing, please keep up the good work and I appreciate all the time your putting into it.

  31. thank you so much you r the best. i hope it come out fully translated. i praise you…

  32. I bow to your skills!

    *zettaizero’s morale is skyrocketing*

  33. I love you guys for doing this. Truly I do. Give these people some medals!!

  34. Again Sorry for me bad English^^
    You and you Team are great.
    Thank you for you/your Hard Work^^

  35. Congratulation friend keep it up the work i’ll cheers you my entire life for that. Also i found a complete skits translation in so maybe… i don’t know it’s just… well don’t know how to say it XD

  36. That’s really not usable for our purposes.

  37. oh guys! o re awesome!
    plz keep working on the project and dont stop
    this is an amazing game i wish to play on my DS

  38. keep it up guys!!!! can’t wait for the final patch!!!!

  39. Hurray!

    First off, congrats on hitting that milestone of getting those done!
    Secondly, hats off to you on perservering and doing a great job. =)

  40. Hope the translation’s going well!!!! Btw, it’s been awhile for an update.. Maybe they’re preparing for a surprise release!!!! Haha

  41. It’s been a while? C’mon, the guys have lives, you know. Hate to ruin your expectations, but I wouldn’t be looking forward to that surprise…

  42. I’ve just been too busy to do much work on Innocence or update. Not a whole lot has changed. Events are being edited and I’m slowly poking at skits.

  43. let’s just be patient. It takes time and the translators/hackers have their own personal lives aside from translating or making the patch. I think with the pace they are going, we’re gonna have one amazing patch 🙂

  44. if the game scripts complete try and release a demo. that all most of us care about that and artes menu

  45. No, I don’t want to. ^_^

  46. ummm… how do u download?

  47. You start by waiting until it’s released.

  48. That’s great!!! I can’t wait for ToI :3!!!
    BTW, do you only translate Main Tales of Games or also Escort Titles?
    Because Tales of the Tempest and Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3 are also great games that need some great translation :3

  49. wenn are you raedy

  50. Condrtulations!!!

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