Not Dead

By • March 7, 2009

We haven’t made any updates in forever, I realize, but we’re not dead. I really don’t have anything new to say. The events are still being edited, which is going great. Spada’s dialogue in particular has already greatly improved. I’m still poking at the skits slowly, but there hasn’t been any progress worth reporting. I’m also working on the character titles for Tales of Destiny.

I kind of burned myself out on translating with the mad rush in February, so I’ve been taking a break. I’ve been playing games (Tales of Hearts and World of Goo among others). Everybody needs a break now and then, so when I get back to translating, I hope to hit the ground running.

In other Tales related news, the OCremix project Summoning of Spirits has been released! I’ve been following the project since their “not dead” post in 2008 and I’m really glad to see that it’s finally been released. The 4 disc album remixes music from Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Symphonia (as well as a few tracks from Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk). I’m still downloading it, so it may seem strange that I’m linking it without hearing it first, but given the preview tracks I’ve heard and the typical OCremix quality, I’m confident that it’s going to be great.

Until next time! ^_^

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

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  1. Don’t worry about it. Everyone needs a break sometimes. Keep up the good work!!

  2. Awesome work. I cant wait to play the game and realize whats happening.

    Its maybe too soon to ask but is there eny plans on tranlating ToH ?

  3. We’re not really worrying about any other games until Innocence is done. Once we finish then we’ll start thinking about new projects.

  4. “From disco to symphonic rock”. This kinda put me off downloading the music to be honest. Glad to hear it’s not dead, although I doubt anyone was worried. You’re probably getting a bit tired of people saying keep up the good work, so I won’t. But you get the message.

  5. Thanks for the update! Don’t worry about that, take the break you need, it’s better work liking that work forced. Anyway, continue with the good job!

  6. Hey mate,

    Glad to see you are still alive. I think taking a break is an important part of doing anything. I had a project to ammend in a week. I made my ammendments the day before I would hand it in, as thats the first time I was in the mood for it. I spent an entire evening on it!

    The burn is bad…..

    Keep up the good work mate, just don’t forget to live while you are doing this project!

  7. I was worried y’know. I thought it was dead, but it’s good to know that I’m wrong. I hope to that you finished the translation soon and I/we hope that it won’t get extended.


  8. Hey there, glad to see you posting here, I wasn’t worried, but still is a relief.
    Of course you all needed a rest, totally deserved it. BTW, I am downloading a lot of tracks from Summoning of Spirits as I write this, I hope it’s awesome.

  9. Like Natat said, its nice to keep us updated but I was not worried. Most of the translation projects I’ve been following don’t update in months at a time.

  10. Dude, nobody thought you were dead, specially when you post on the forums :p

    Take your time.

  11. I’m looking forward to this translation. It looks like its going to be a pretty high quality modification.

    I downloaded those Summoning of Spirits tracks on Saturday, and I have to say the first song “The Unholy Wars (Fighting of the Spirit)” is pretty awesome.

  12. Everyone needs a break now and then. Take your time or you’ll be under KO status for exhaustion! …Excuse the bad pun.

  13. at least you’re doing it. doesn’t seem like anyone else is willing to take the time to do it. you’re a good person.

  14. keep up the good work guys!!!!

  15. Hey, is there any way you can change the artes to their english translations? (just curious- I’m just used to ‘Demon Fang’ not ‘Majinken’. (Or you could release to versions, one to those who don’t care about the arte names, and one who prefers the english arte names) Just my opinion though. + Question? How do you put the translation on the game card?

  16. Everything you have asked has been answered in past posts.

  17. @ LupinAKAFlashTH, this tranlation project already includes an added ingame option to select which names are used for artes and items etc. And to play this translation you’ll need a flash card for the DS and you need to download a copy of the ROM and apply the translation patch to it.

  18. Where can I get a Flash Card? And how do you get the card connected to the computer? (I must really not know as much about computers as I thought if I am asking this, but seriously, I have never used an SD/Flash Card with a computer before…)

  19. @LupinAkaFlashTH
    You can buy a flash card online at The one I have is the r4 and it works great. You should probably buy one that comes with a microsd card reader, that is what you will use to connect the microsd card to the computer via usb port. You’ll also have to buy an sd card that has a micro sd card in it. I’d go for a 2gig sized one so you can have alot of games in it. Then you go to the r4 site, download the os, and then copy and paste it into the root folder of the sd card. Do the same with games. Put the micro sd card in the r4 cartridge, put the cartridge in the game, and play 🙂

  20. (I hope my forums’ database got this right…)

    But happy birthday throughhim ^_^.

  21. Yep, you’ve got it right. Thanks!

  22. Take a break anytime you want. Video games aren’t necessary in life, :).

  23. @LupinAkaFlashTH
    As said above you’ll need an flashcard. The R4 WAS a good one a long time ago. Now it is pretty much outclassed by an huge amount of better flash cards. The top 4 right now are (not necessarally in this order):

    CycloDS Evolution
    Supercard DS One

    As stated above you can get any of them on
    I am myself an happy owner of an Supercard DS One

  24. I am happy to know its not dead, but I was still far from thinking that since for me to think about being dead I need at least 4 month without any update.

    Keep up the good work.

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