April Fools: Bringing You Options

By • April 1, 2009


In our ongoing quest for popularity, we’ve added yet another naming option to Tales of Innocence. Do you love Japanese but can’t read a word of it? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! We’re here for you! This newest option, Nihongo, will set you up with a fully romanized game to enjoy.

Forget about localized terms and terrible changes to character names, this option will bring you a presentation so true to the original that it would bring the developers to tears. This is the option for the player who wants to feel like they’re sitting under the sakura on Mount Fuji drinking sake and eating sushi.

Some of the major things to notice are that this option brings back the official names for the characters. Ruca and Asras return, of course, but that isn’t where it ends. Thitose will be back as well her former incarnation Konohanasakuyahime (that is Sakuya’s official name as found in the guidebook).

You might also notice that there are some English words remaining in the menu. These, of course, were present in the original game. Even if heaven would forgive someone for changing them, we will not! We’re 100 years too early to consider doing something like that. Who the hell do you think we are!? Only once we have obtained IT could we possibly think about making changes of that magnitude. But we’ll do our best!

Here at Absolute Zero, we’re proud to bring you the only fan translation smiled upon by the sun goddess Amaterasu herself.

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25 Responses to “April Fools: Bringing You Options”


  2. Nice, although I won’t use it, it’s still nice to see that option in there.

    It’s awesome how you’re not only translating it, but adding more to it than the original developers did. (Battle annotations, this post, etc.)

  3. Forgot to add, Nintendo have taken over the Tales of… Franchise, and have said that they are making it in to a game where you now have to throw clouds at the fluffy bunny monsters to get them to love you again.

    I think this will be a great turn for the Tales of… Series!

    April Fools! LOLOL.

    Anyways… >_>

  4. Happy April Fools 🙂

  5. LOL, one of the best jokes this year. Ironically though, I could make use of this feature.

  6. Hahahaha, totally awesome xD
    Happy April fools.

  7. Wut?That’s April Fools?!
    I will definitely use that option.Zannen desu.
    sono option ga areba iina~


  9. Seriously, if this were to turn real, it would be like a counter april fools xD

  10. Hey, I heard that Namco will translate this game,so your works will not have value….

    Just kidding XD
    April Fools!

  11. Happy April Fool’s to you too throughhim =3.

  12. lol, nice one, even though I thought that the whole idea was just stupid… Well, maybe some weird “japanase-only die hard fan kawaii-desu!” believed it… Despite the date of the post, that is.

  13. Happy April Fools. And good luck with that romanization option….*laughs hystarically*

  14. Hahahah, this made me laugh far too much. A bit more than I thought.

  15. BEST




  16. “OFU” LMAO! Glad to see that all this translation work hasn’t killed your sense of humour. Hopefully this will make some people realize how ridiculous their requests are for indiscriminantly using romanized Japanese names for particular things in this translation because they “sound better”.

    Then again, I’m sure there are some people who will be disappointed when they realize that this was a joke.

  17. Sweeet! I totally fell for it LOLz To tell the truth it’s cool if it were real =)

  18. Jesus Christ, I was already thinking of some pretty bad stuff to say when I realized it was april 1st.

  19. I completely fell for this. ^_-; Although I’m a bit disappointed that it won’t be in the game, cuz I am a die-hard fan of japanese stuff, it was a good joke.

  20. Hey guys at absolutezero, I was wondering (sorry if this has been asked before)… Is it out of the question for you guys to attempt a translation of some of the Tales of games that have been released on the PSP? Or is it very complicated? If you do answer these, thanks in advance.

  21. @Clockwork

    I read on another site that translating them would be very difficult, the main reason being because of not having a PC emulator to test it, and nothing to do debugging on the ISO.

  22. Thank you all for being good sports. I’m glad you enjoyed this year’s joke!

  23. @Omega-Weapon

    Oh I see… Thanks for clearing that up for me.

  24. where is the link this game?

    im sorry im new here..

  25. Although I’m reading it a month late, it is still funny!