By • April 2, 2009

So this is what it’s like to have an April Fools joke go over well… I never knew. *Laughs*

Well, I’m glad that everyone enjoyed yesterday’s April Fools joke. Seeing the fun reactions to the post made me laugh, so today we’ll do an actual update. As usual, it’s just information on the translation, but it’s been a while, so why not?

Since the last update, a lot of editing and a little translating has happened. The main events are somewhere around 30% edited. All current skits have also been edited, so we’re looking at something like 15% there. It’s worth noting that at least one more round of editing is going to be needed in the end. Spada and Hermana are still fighting me on their accents now and then, so until those are completely settled, I really can’t call the edited files complete. Well, it’ll all be sorted out in the end.

On the translation front, things are moving, but slowly. I’m still kind of putting off skits. I’m working on them, but they don’t go as quickly as the events. Likewise, it’s hard to get really into translating summary files since they’re somewhat dry. Well, they’ll be done when they’re done. Pushing myself to work on them when I don’t feel like it really doesn’t help. Believe me, I’ve tried.

We’re still on track for our summer release. These days its looking more like late summer than early summer, but that all depends on how inspired I get. Much though I would love to dedicate all of my time to this project, school still takes priority. Plus if I don’t take a break now and then, I’ll lose my mind.

So there you have it.

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

22 Responses to “JK LOL”

  1. Yesterday was a nice little joke, and as others said, glad to see you’ve not turned in to a translating zombie. =P

    Glad to hear it’s still a summer release, even if it may be late summer.

    Also, if you need to have a break, tell us, and we can all chill out together. (Online of course lolol)

  2. Awesome joke! *laughs a bit* And awesome on the games progress.

  3. Well, school should always be a priority =) Good luck with that, pal. And don’t worry about speed, take your time. It’s not like we’re going anywhere, anyway.

  4. Chottomatte… sore was an April Fool’s joudan?! Fuzaketeyagattetamaruka!?!? Ore, for hitotsu, was looking forward to sono option so ore could play as kawaii bishounen Milda Ruca without any of kono shameless gaijin ruinations of the original developer-sama-tachi’s work. Omae’s decision to kiru this option makes teme seem bakamitai. Won’t omae reconsider kudasai?

    Omae’s nakama,


    P.S. If omae won’t reconsider, keep in mind that ore wakaru jujutsu in real inochi and will hit you with seiken and then tsuzuku to omotenage to taosu omae fully. Sore will miseru omae ore’s honorable Nippon banzai tamashii.

  5. More like, it’s not like Bandai Namco US is going to translate and release this game in the summer, anyway. *lol*

    Heck, if you’ve finished this one, any chance you’d do the same for Tales of Hearts? That one also seems impossible to be translated by the Bandai Namco US.

    Why can’t Bamco US learn of Atlus success?

  6. Well, Bandai Namco DID release a lot of their Tales series outside Japan (Destiny, Eternia, Abyss, Legendia, etc etc…). It just perhaps that Japanese are so nationalist that they like to spoil their people more than they do to others… NDS sells like crazy in Japan, so I guess it’s not a problem for them not releasing the games outside…
    Well, it’s a problem for us, though LOL
    Keep up the good work, guys! Especially on the “FULLY ROMANIZED” option LOLROFL

  7. Hey we all know what it is like to have school on your hands.
    <.< Its a pain for me right now too lol.

    Well all that aside, everyone here will be stay through until the end.
    At least i know i will. So Good Luck!


  8. @Kaji: Gomen that YUU-san’s sugoi SUUPAA comment didn’t show up at first. WordPress thought that your excellent comment was spam. I think you scared it with your geocities site.

  9. So, what’s up, Tales fans? : P

  10. I actually thought it was real for a sec lol.

  11. That’s a hilarious April’s Fool you’ve pulled, alright.

    Nothing much to say, beside ‘keep up the good work, take a break, school’s important, don’t go crazy’.

  12. not to suggest that you should release an unfinished product, but you could always pull a Soma Bringer and leave the summary pages alone.

  13. That’s not really our style. We would rather present the final product all at once.

  14. I see there are now fewer comments than what we used to have. Have the tales fans given up on this? 🙁

  15. I don’t know. Could just be that many of the commenters were being directed to the blog through WordPress and didn’t bother to make the transition to new site. Doesn’t really make a difference, in any case.

  16. I think it’s because all the people who care have said what they have to say, because you cna only encourage people so much. I haven’t posted much recently but I’m still following this religiously.

  17. @throughhim413
    Thats the case with me, I got lazy, but I just logged in, April fouls was neat =3

  18. Meh, my bookmark is still the wordpress one. When that stops redirecting me here, I’ll think about updating it. xD
    Happy Easter, everyone.

  19. i bet that this whole “working on the game ohh give me some time” thing is bullshyt your so damn slow why, hurry up already. i dont care if you have to stay in a room 24/7 till its done, hurry teh fark up !

  20. you bastards!

  21. HAHA! Oh man, that was funny.

    Dearest random person on the internet, you are so much less important to me than everything else in my life. I work on this in my free time and I answer to no one. Please bear that in mind.

  22. @Theone23555: I hope you’re just kidding, mate. Otherwise, don’t post unless it’s something constructive.