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By • April 15, 2009

At long last, a new video has arrived!

Kingcom and I are both getting back into full gear on Tales of Innocence and to celebrate the event, we decided to post up a new video. This video shows off most of the menu content and layout. You’ve seen it before in screenshots, but we hope that this video will really give you a sense of what you can expect when you play our patch. As always, please keep in mind that the translations seen here are not yet final. I’m fully aware that there are still some awkward descriptions and names in there. I’m totally open to suggestions and corrections, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts.

Big thanks to everyone who has continued to support us and cheer us on! This project is bigger (and longer!) than I ever expected it to be, but thanks to everyone out there, it has never stopped being fun. We’re working our hardest to make sure that we can provide you with the absolute best experience possible as soon as we can. Until next time!

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

113 Responses to “Menu Preview”

  1. btw, anyone wondering about psp tales trans, i found this great team

    they’re doing ToR PSP right now!! hope it’s happening ^^

  2. mawr update plz

  3. There really hasn’t been anything significant enough to merit a new update.

  4. Awesome! Every update gets me excited that it’s getting closer to release. I can’t wait! You guys are still and always will be awesome! 😀

  5. Nice, looking good so far! Too bad the DS is so small that makes everything ugly though lol

    Great job!

  6. Venga, que podéis!!!

  7. Impatience is a bad thing XD

    But I can wait

  8. Just another suggestion from my crazy head, but why not call the AKATastyTasty an Ice Cream Sundae?

  9. good job! keep up the great work

  10. Man! that looks sweet!
    lol @ tastytasty 😀
    i don’t realy think there are awkward names.
    Anyway thanks for the effort, hope you still enjoy the project!


  11. really i dont know what to say your awesome .. really how many i sat thanks it well not be enough !! do u know guys your doing something that i never dram of !! now i see the WORD
    Demon fang and enjoy everything .. the video is perfct !! keep it up and everything is really wow .. and plz when it is finish do tales of destiny DC ..
    thank u very mcuh for the hard work ..
    i am really crazy about anything about my best series tales of .. i play every one .. but not this and now your do the best thing ^_^
    sorry for this long talk but this is what i must say ..
    ja na

  12. Is this compatible with No$gba 2.6a..???

  13. that is the sexiest thing i have ever seen. lmao great job. this must be the 10th time i watched this. Hope to beta test. =)

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