Breaking Hearts

By • July 14, 2009

Some sad news for those hoping for a Tales of Hearts translation.


My mic sucks. I’m sorry about that. I’ll get a better one for next time.

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112 Responses to “Breaking Hearts”

  1. Good god, look at that playtime.

  2. Hahaha, I wondered if anyone would comment on that.

  3. hey, nice translation so far, i dont care how many time it takes, it will not come here aniway, so i wish you the best.

  4. any chance you will puplish what you have so far. by the way youre voice isnt that sexy

  5. No chance. Also, I’m not really concerned with how sexy or not sexy my voice is.

  6. I disagree. Your voice is incredibly sexy.

  7. im just messing with you. thanks for all the work you done on these translations.

  8. I Dont get it, tales of hearts its a better game than innocence, the history and the battle mode, tales of hearts its very far superior from this game, you says you will not have the same experience, but i think you said that because the people has push you too much.

  9. are you transaling the voice too? wow you have a lot of pacience if you do that, but what are you gonna win wiht all this ?

  10. Do not translate the voices! Keep it purely Japan! You’re wasting time for translating by translating the voices! You know most translators especially NIS America has bad english voice actings! Don’t give us that nightmare!

  11. We’re subtitling the voices. Never once have we said anything about dubbing anything. So don’t worry, your “pure Japan” voices will remain.

  12. Oh its ok =) I have already total-beat Tales of Hearts on a Chinese Full Translation, And i noticed, the linguistic relations between Japanese and Chinese made it really easy for Chinese Translator Projects to work on it fast and accurate without distorting the tinge of native humor ‘Tales’ series possess.

    I guess there’s always this high wall for english translation projects, afterall Jap will always be Jap in its own way and so is English, so its understandable why its been hard for you to go through with those translations =))

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