By • July 29, 2009

I don’t want anyone saying I wasn’t up front about things.

Pushing this patch out by the end of summer would be rushing it too much. Don’t bother asking about it. I have learned my lesson – giving people a date only gives them an excuse to whine about it. It was stupid of me to provide a date, and that’s why I won’t be providing one any more. So the new release date is going to be everyone’s favorite “it’ll be done when it’s done”. If you are willing to wait and want to continue to follow the project, awesome. If you have lost all faith in me, feel free to leave. I will not ask you to stay. We’ve been working on this project for one year and still people complain about how long it has taken. Many projects have taken much longer. It’s ridiculous that people are unable to wait even that long for something that costs them nothing. All you have to do is sit there. That is all I’m asking anyone to do.

Just because I’m not telling anyone my intended release date doesn’t mean that the pace of the project will change, it just means that it’s no longer public information. My eyes remain focused on the quality of the project. The goal is in sight, but I’m not going to sacrifice my standards for speed. When the day comes to release the patch, I will be able to proudly present it to everyone. Until then, I thank you for your patience.

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

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  1. o7
    I’m sure it’ll be very much worth the wait! Here’s hoping for the best.

  2. *notices a screenshot in the gallery with a time of 0206:36:40*

    yeah…i definitely dont think i could do a trans of a tales of game xD damn u skits! then again i probly couldnt do a trans of anything considering i only know english

  3. WHAT no it changed my weirdly deformed rabit into a box!!! dam…oh well sorry for the double post >_>

  4. For me I expect it to be released next year or so. In that way, when it is released earlier from my expectations then I would feel A LOT BETTER. But if it’s not released on my timeline then I would say that this is a BOGUS. ^_^

  5. Will waiting patiently. *sit calmly, and smilling*

  6. Just a heads-up, but I’m hoping to get another video update posted this week. I meant to do it last week, honestly, but I ended up being too busy. Then, just when I finally did have time, one of my hard drives decided to start failing. I haven’t lost anything at this point and I’m using a backup computer to continue working, but I can’t make the video until I’m back on my main machine.

  7. Are you gonna’ celebrate when you finish? You should… Once it’s out forget your other projects for a while and spoil yourself…

  8. You tell’em guys!No matter how long it takes ill be waiting without complaining,and I hope other people do the same!

  9. Dude, my grandma can translate faster then u can and she can’t speak english…and you’ve taken over one year? If you can’t translate it fast enough and don’t have the time cause you “have a life” blah blah..let someone else who actually has the time to translate to do it and will certainly be much quicker then u are, instead of hogging the project. And NO I am not just sitting there waiting for you! I have to waste my time sitting in front of my computer to check your page every day for your once in a month lame updates about how u have life etc and how your gonna delay the project again. So hurry the fuck up mate! Before the next century will be nice.

    Oh and your voice is not sexy, sounds like a prick. The people posting comments on your page don’t give a shit about your life, just want u to fucking finish the translation so they try to make u happy and they might be able to play tales one day.

  10. Cool. Maybe your grandma could give me some tips on translating. Also, “hogging the project”? I never stopped anyone else from working on Tales of Innocence. Feel free to start your own project if you think you can do better. Maybe you and your grandma could do it together. I’m looking forward to it.

    P.S. Is that the best you can do? Learn to troll. Your comments didn’t even faze me and it’s really easy to get to me.

  11. LOL @ tony
    A troll and a poor attention whore, ’nuff said. Oh, if you think that the people here don’t care much about throughhim’s life and only about the game, that might be true or they might be not true. We’re all waiting for this translation patch to finish, yes. But personally, I don’t really mind if he even decides to abandon this entirely. This is throughhim and kingcom’s project, they can do whatever they want with it. They are doing us all a favor, and I think the people who post here all want to give the men respect for what they do and for the devotion they put into it, despite whether they care or not for throuhghim or kingcom’s life. So, if you can’t at least show a bit of respect for yourself by embarassing yourself with that post, then steer away.

  12. please continue with the project regardless of what the selfish people say. technically you guys don’t even have to do this. your doing it out of the goodness of your heart and god bless you for that. if the date was nt met then it wasn’t met at least your not like other companies who will rush to get the product out and have a million bugs. well w.e. all the people who are crying go seclude yourself and everybody who will wait can just wait. keep doing what you guys are doing

  13. good job throughhim :p, and to all the ppl who keep saying crap like “oh this is taking forever and what not” yea go try to do it yourself.

  14. Gotta love the people who think they could do it faster…. but for some reason haven’t even bothered to start 🙂 Reminds me of a guy I knew who did a semester of psychologyg at Uni, failed all 4 subjects and then quit “because it was just too easy, and he wasn’t learning anything”.

    If this never comes out I’ll be dissapointed, but it’s not like anyone on this project owes me anything in any way. Maybe it’s time to repost the link to Neil Gaiman’s blog entry on Entitlement? Seems to be a major problem in the gamer (and esp. fan translation) world…

  15. aparently most of u dont get it 😮 hes a failed troll bascically he posts what he thinks will get to the higher position of a thread, board etc and make them get mad and post back.

    DO NOT feed the troll.

  16. Eh, I agree, don’t post data for people, for something that’s free of charge, people should at least have the patience to wait for it and continuing their support for the project.
    For a lot of people who don’t understand programming, or translating, it’s hard to imagine what it’s like doing a project like this, so keep at it, there are people who are very patient and support you 110% =D

  17. Heh, there’s always at least one… Just ignore the trolls, don’t let them get to you. I’ve been watching you for quite a while now and am really excited that you’re near the project’s end. Take your time, keep up the good work. 🙂

  18. I think that this is my second post in the project but.. oh, well, what’s the matter? xD

    Good luck with the translation, you’re doing a great work. I would prefer that the release was in summer, of course, but if it can’t be done, then I just wait ’till its done.

    And that could be the least annoying and trolling troll I have ever seen.

  19. Haha, stupid trolls. If you’d like, tony, throughhim could ban your IP address from this website that way you don’t “have” to check this website everyday.

    Too bad there isn’t any way to make a patch that detects trolls and stops the patch from working for them. :p

  20. Repent of troll ways and learn some patience… I was once a troll, but I gave it up because it didn’t get me anywhere…

  21. i found another website that carassed my eyes gently and said 95% / 80% i was like O_o moar than i thought. good work keep it up 😛

  22. the only think I disagree with is localization
    its a JRPG w/ its Jpn culture
    theres always no reason to make them talk like americans (Stop being “the im greatest nation in the world” n use pounds n ur non metric system)
    let them talk japanese in english text only but not setting.
    dubbing dont do any justice,changing items in game also dont do any justice
    HOWEVER, tats my opinion for all localization teams not just throughhim n kingcom
    I respect the efforts n thoughts of promoting the tales series
    Hope u guys finish what u start watever ppl may say.
    It’s ur work n the one tat will be benefitted the most by this will b u guys

  23. I apologize, but I honestly have no idea what you just said.

  24. Ha ha! I think I like you already, thoroughhim. I just found this page today, and I’m very excited for whenever this release is!! I love the Tales games, I’m so upset they didn’t release this in English, but thanks to you, I can play it and actually understand it!! :3 Thanks so much for your hard work!! 🙂

  25. anon
    That’s an assnine view of things… Localization is not some egotistical plot by American dubbing or some shit like that… Localization is done so that us Americans, Canadians, and Brits can understand what the hell is said instead of having to guess at something that over here seems like bad grammar… In America, localized game characters talk like Americans so that there is NO CONFUSION ABOUT WHAT IS SAID!!! It sickens me to know that people are ignorant of those kind of facts… I would rather not stress out about how something is worded when I’m trying to understand the story behind the game…


    eh … on a side note, how’s the progress? ( been a while since your last progress report, just wanted to ask ).

  27. I’ll make an update within a week. I promise (maybe).

  28. look, (all the trolls out there look), why don’t you just leave him alone. It’s not your project so leave him alone.

    And also how’s the progress? nearly finished?lol

  29. I completely understand how hard it is to translate. I just took a project to translate a movie (shaun of the dead) subtitle to Indonesia, and it’s about 100 minutes long. From Word’s word count, it’s about 7000 words or so, and it took me 2 days (not full 2 days, because i have other works to do besides translating. i think the total time alloted is about 5-6 hours) to reach 50%.

    Do the math, it’s about 10 hours or so to translate the whole 7000 words. Not to mention I have to check the typo and incorrect word choices again which i think will take 2-3 hours. So there you have it, a 100-minute movie took roughly 12 hours to translate. and that’s from english to my native language which is LOTS easier than japanese to any kind of language. I might be able to do it in ONE day, but i’m not PAID for it, so why should I do it hurriedly? I’ll do it when i feel like it, but as long as I’m committed to it (more like the quality of end product), people will wait.

    i’m curious, how many words does this game have, throughhim? i once read kingdom hearts 2 500+ kb scripts. oh yeah, my sub file is only 65 kb…

  30. @hendra yeah, i did some translating too from some movies. .
    and my last project was translating Hot Shots 2 movie from English to indonesia and it never completed (most bcuz im too lazy to do it lol) even though the sub only 70kb max. .

    so i will respect all of your effort throughima, i will be patient 🙂

    good luck!!
    hope it will be completed soon 😀

  31. Just do it whenever you want, I’ll just wait till its completely done.

  32. I think anon wanted a translation which everything is in romaji.

  33. Yeh, I think thats what he was trying to say.

    Personally I prefer localisation, it feels like an RPG in a fantasy land that way. The only time I don’t mind ‘keeping it Japanese’ is when it’s a heavily Japanese setting (like in TWEWY or Okami). From what I can see ToI has heavy Hindu elements. Does that mean we should make everyone talk like Indians? (As in from the country India, not Native American Indians). It’s a silly idea, and I’m glad throughim is taking a more localised approach.

  34. Well, I think I’ll start a fight here, but I couldn’t just read it and not say anything.

    First of all, sorry for my bad english, it’s not my primary language.

    It’s very nescessary that companys that make translations alter the script, to make it more “end-user-friendly”, and that’s what means by localization.
    Sure, there are people out there that prefer it equal to the original, but they’re not the majority of the “possible buyers population”
    And these companys survive with money. If they’re not gaining money, they’ll stop localizing games. And you’ll not get the games you love to play, in english.

    I remember how people badmouthed Working Designs translations, back in the day. But I really liked them, because they were one of the few companys dedicated on translating japanese games from other companys.

    See people ? Localization is not translation, it’s much more than just translating.

    I hope I made myself clear.

  35. Just take your time. From what you have shown in your vids and in the gallery, if the standard is going to be as good as that (or better) then there shouldn’t be any complaints (unless you actually never finish it…)

  36. i think his grandma is a pretty cool guy, seh translates entire games in six months and doesn’t etc.

  37. ^ ahah

  38. First of all, thanks for your efforts on this proyect. It’s so kind by your side translating it in exchange for nothing.
    Following… take your time, dude. More important is doing it well! Being able to play it in a language I can almost understand for free is much enough to wait patiently.

    Carry on! And thanks a lot!

  39. wow….I was dissapointed when my brother told me last year that the patch was going to be released around february, (since it’s now august) but I think you should’ve said that it was going to be released in 2011, then EVERYONE that way when you finish before that time people will be suprised and even MORE HAPPY + shocked

  40. waht the hell??!!! ssry i screwed up in that earlier post….either way great job dude, I really LOVE that your doing this for everyone/anyone

  41. When people scream “why don’t you release it sooner!!!” it means one of 3 things: either
    1. They freaking love the fact that you’re doing the patch and only wish that you don’t give up on it like so many others have done.
    2. They’re impatient n00bz that have been spoiled in the shroud of instant gratification.
    3. They think that this entire project is a fabrication to stir up buzz and attention.

    Personally, I’m 1 and a bit of 2, minus being a n00b.


  43. I’ve only played through part of Symphonia, so I don’t have much experience with the Tales series, but this project seems very interesting. I thank you guys immensely for your hard work, and I’ll be cheering you on. ^^

  44. Keep going!
    You did a fantastic job.

  45. keep going~ i will be waiting . wish i could help in. just that i did not learn japanese . *THUMBS UP*

  46. Take your time. I can wait as long it takes to finish your project translation patch for this game. I have plenty of DS games to enjoy: Suikoden Tierkreis, Mega Man Star Force 3: Red Joker, Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story.

    Future releases: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky, The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks and Golden Sun DS. By the time I finish all these games, the project will be finished by that time.

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