Less Talk, More Video

By • August 16, 2009

This is a new video. That is all.

150 skits are done.

300 skits remain.

So there!

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

150 Responses to “Less Talk, More Video”

  1. Yes, I’m aware. It’s on my to do list. I’ve been translating instead of making a video. You guys can forgive me for that, right? I’ll get a video up some time this week when I have some free time.

  2. I really don’t think updates are all that important… ThroughHim has a life and as far as the project goes, the actual work on it is far more important…

    BTW if you wanna’ flame me, don’t do it here… The host has already stated how he feels about that crap on his message boards…

  3. IMO, you should update when you made a milestone, aka when your 50% done, 75% done, etc. But that’s just me.

  4. Guys, don’t rush him for an update. He’ll do it when he fills like it.

  5. I forgot to ask, but how is the event editing going throughhim??? Last time i checked, it was 40% done.

  6. No change.

  7. Hahaha well I figure you as an American based on your accent, so… Enjoy a day off, it’s Labor Day!

  8. To whom it may concern:

    I am writing to let you know that I am extremely disappointed in your pace of progress. I am a reasonable man; if for some reason a few days go by without a video update, that’s completely understandable. But a whole week without one, let alone three??? That I will never forgive! You had better wash your neck and try your best, because even if you worked for 100 years in an arbeit you wouldn’t be able to make enough kane to make a wairo that would appease the great ore-sama. I will tenchinage you followed by an ura omoterenge with five of the mystic chakra gates open that will make you wish the heavens never forgave you so that my ikari might have been tempered. Perhaps that will teach you to ignore your sacred duties that you owe us.

    Become a good condition, yo!!



  9. …What is with these pathetic trolls lately? They’re losing their touch, wouldn’t you say?

  10. i completely agree i mean gosh how dare he not have a weekly video update for a week wow omg such a major problem for me simply because all i do all day is sit in front of my computer and check this website for any coments or updates that might be posted other than that i simply crawl into a corner and waste away as time pass’s me by and realizing how sad i truely am i deside to post a half baked coment on a site thats doing a free translation so that i might be able to have the slightest glimpse of meaning in my life I R TRULY SAD >_>

    i really hope ur just trolling kaji i reeeeaaally do

  11. you can just release the patch w/o the full skits’ translated, its ok for us to know the main storyline… but its more gonna be great when the whole project is done..dont you think guys?

    i really hope this project would become a success.

  12. Come on guys. He doesn’t do this because he owes you anything. He’s doing this because of his love of the game.

    And stop asking for parcial patches. I’d rather wait and play a complete patch than play now, something incomplete.

    It’s not like there isn’t any good RPGs on DS, for you to play now, dammit.

  13. @ paupau

    Dude… stop begging and be patient…

    Most people here have been waiting for the entire time and are showing nothing but support. Be grateful throughhim is going out of his way in trying to make this translation as complete and perfect as it can be. He has a life and is doing this in his own spare time so anybody talking smack or bitching about partial patches… back off and show some respect.

  14. @kaji
    I saw some your his comment a year ago so I think your getting upset,
    your waiting for over a year…
    But for me I can wait even if it will be release in 2010 as long as it will be release.

  15. Ahahahaha, Kaji, you get bonus points this time for getting so many people to believe you on top of cracking me up as usual.

  16. So Kaji always does that? -.-
    Ah well, trolls will be trolls, and will probably never get anywhere in life except under a bridge. Don’t worry, throughhim, even if I sound like a douche…actually I probably am, I’ll patiently wait. Update whenever you want.

  17. I didn’t figure kaji for a troll…

    I just assumed he left out the ‘/sarcasm’ since it was obvious… but maybe thats just me

  18. I think you should add some kind of option where it specifies whether or not the comment being submitted is a troll comment, or a constructive/supportive comment, it’ll make sifting through all of these “hope you’re doing well” vs “can you release an unfinished copy? gosh”

  19. Hey i just discovered Fossil Fighters, take your time… I love my R4, though I do wish i could get a few new games for PS2 and Xbox360… Man, BlazBlue is a seriously tempting game, and Mana Khemia 2 is out already?! That one snuck up on me…

    Oops, there I go again, off-topic… Anyway, i’m still itchy to play it, but i’ll just get the itchy medicine cream and play my other games while I wait…

  20. sorry for the double-post, but i have no idea what that troll up there is talking about… i don’t know enough Japanese yet to understand… It’s all Greek to me, as the saying goes…

  21. Yo anyone know of a SRW W and K translation i been lookin for months now

  22. WHOOSH

    … So would you say it went over their heads, or under their feet, in this situation? 😛

  23. I actually believed you. For the first four lines of text, I mean. But nice try, Mr. Troll =O

  24. For people who still don’t get it: Kaji’s not a troll or disgruntled lurker, he’s actually a friend of throughhim’s. If you lurked the blog for any decent amount of time (like me!) you’d know this.

    …I just killed the magic, didn’t I? ;_;

    Awkward introductions aside, I’ve been following this for a while and I have to congratulate you, throughhim, for your work on the translation thus far, and I eagerly await your next update! *insert more generic praise here*

  25. how is it going?
    when wiLL you reLease it?
    i have been waiting for this

  26. @ nano99

    can you read… the previous update clearly said he won’t be telling us any deadlines…

  27. @kaji mmm if i were to guess id say out the window


  29. I am happy for them. I am happy for you. Have a nice day.

  30. …You do know that Disgaea 2 came out in English right? so there isn’t a need for a translation…

  31. excuse the double post, some people are just morons, and i forgot to mention that. This is a from scratch translation obviously it’ll take longer, plus he’s under no time constraints but his own, he’s doing it for free, so what’s your rush, regardless of when it’s finished you’ll be reaping the free rewards anyway, so quit your bitching

  32. I WONT.

  33. I don’t always keep up with what goes on around here… But it still seems pretty off for a friend to say things like that… Anyway, my point is that I can’t understand anything coming out of him…

  34. @bob – the point is Kaji was joking. In other words he posted a ludicrous and idiotic troll-style post (complaining about updates, etc before decending into random gibberish) in order to make fun of those sort of idiots (like Oni-Hsoy up there).

    Kaji was kidding. Throughhim knew Kaji was kidding. It’s all good 🙂

  35. To continue with DrW@dsy’s post,

    Oni-Hsoy, doesn’t realize that PSPISO is the website/forum for things about PSP stuff. They themselves to my understanding doesn’t do anything with translations.

    I wish some people were smarter, and would think before posting malicious crap – btw Kaji’s troll post was interesting.

  36. I was totally ignored……i guess no one really likes super robot wars after all.

    Kenichi later frowned all night long

  37. Not to mention the big difference in the amount of texts in the game. You cant even compare disgaea 2 and ToI even if you are doing Disgaea 2 from scratch.

  38. @Kenichi: More like this isn’t the place for it. Go join the forum if you want to talk about other games.

  39. HE WONT!

  40. So i’ve been thinking about importing 1 of 2 PSP Tales games. Destiny 2 & Rebirth. Question is: Which one is worth importing???

  41. Depends.

    I prefer TOD2, since its a remake from TOD ( which I loved, and the Lion’s Side on the PS2 was a must ) and the characters are more likable.

    BUT I heard wonders about TOR x3

  42. oh, nice.

    my image looks like a huge pile of puke … lovely.

    I see this project is getting along well, too bad about the lack of updates, tho 😡

  43. So throughhim, are some of the skits funny? 😀

  44. @throughhim413: uh sorry lol i guess i should have done that in the first place so u gonna have any more translations after this maybe you should tackle the tempest since you said you wouldnt do hearts and tempest is super short

  45. 😮 u know disgaea 2 came out on the ps2 b4 psp rite? in otherwords if anything had to be translated it was just what was added (which probly wasnt all that much) in fact i have the ps2 game right here :S. anyway just checking up on it

  46. @Happy Face: Yeah, there are some amusing ones. The difficulty is making sure that they remain funny when translated into English. Since the Japanese often like making puns and playing on words, that can be somewhat difficult at times.

  47. I’d perfer to Emulate Tales of Rebirth… That can be patched and I don’t have to pay those cheapskates anything for it…

    (Is still mad at B-N)

  48. Thank god scribblenauts came out!! now i’ll be busy playing that while i wait for this! thank u roms!!

  49. Everyone, one very simple sentence.
    Simple and clear.

  50. yay u got a better microphone! nice arts and thanks for the video! kaji ur a nerd…