Thank You, Donors!

By • November 8, 2009

Kingcom and I want to extend our thanks to those of you who have donated to the Tales of Innocence project.

This last week, Kingcom started having some issues with the GPU on his computer, but thanks to the donations that we’ve received, we were able to get him a new one right away. Your donations have helped the project avoid hitting what could have been a serious snag. So really, thank you from both of us.

In other news, I am very pleased to announce that as of yesterday, November 7th, 2009, the base translation for Tales of Innocence is complete. As those of you following me on the forum know, I had been working toward daily goals. I was originally hoping to complete the skit translation by the end of November, so we’re several weeks ahead of schedule in that regard. I decided a week ago to triple my daily goal and attempt to finish the bulk of the translation before I started my full time job. While this pace wouldn’t have been sustainable over a longer period of time, it allowed me to complete the translation well ahead of my original plan. That means that only editing and beta testing stand between us and a release date. While Yuli and I will be doing our best to get through the editing as quickly as we can, we don’t want to compromise the quality of it.

As for a release date, that’s something we can talk about once the beta begins. And speaking of the beta, we are NOT looking for more people to test at this time. If we do need more people, we will contact people who we think would make good testers. I appreciate the enthusiasm, but posting comments that you want to be a beta tester isn’t going to help anyone’s case at this point. It will be a closed beta of people that we know and trust.

Well, that’s about all I’ve got for now. Until next time. ^_^

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

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  1. @Lord
    I’m not taking either side of this argument, but if the man can hack, he can hack… If he can’t, he can’t… But he certainly doesn’t need someone who doesn’t know tellin’ him he can’t… Also, so what if someone has multiple personalities? Everyone’s crazy in their own ways… What exactly is “normal” anyway?

    I love the Tales titles and I love the Studio Ghibli films, but I see no resemblance between them… Would you care to explain and give some examples of what you mean if you can?

  2. retards pop up out of nowhere, lol.


    Do yourself a favor and shove your finger up on your daddy’s ***. That’ll make us all happy.

  3. @tali-ho

    you know the game is actually pretty fun if you have friends…. just saying

  4. I was just joking about the crying bit so relax guys. I appreciate the effort you guys are putting into this game and I’ll definitely wait until it comes out. I’ll just be sad that it’s not coming out this year, that’s all.

  5. Well I’m with you there. Believe me, nobody wanted it to come out this year more than I did. I really did try, work just takes up too much time.

  6. whew keep up the good work!!

  7. Thank you for your effort, the quality of the translation is impressive! Keep up the good work.

  8. I’ve been following the progress of the project for long now (I think I already posted a comm), and the first thing I want to say is CONGRATULATIONS to you, who are offering this patch for us. The work is really amazing for only 3 people. I, too, am looking forward the release, and I, too, will thank you when it’ll be done. The project has taken time, but trust me, I can understand it. I’m creating a Warcraft III campaign and it takes A LOT of time, and I often stop mapping for weeks. So I can perfectly understand that you get bored sometimes, and I congratulate you for your perseverance.

    But I have noticed that a whole cult is born around you, throughhim413. There three types of people posting here.

    The first type is all the frustrated dumbass who can’t wait more than one week. They just keep trolling here, insulting you, and complain about the time and all that stuff… Seriously, just ignore them.

    The second type of people are, I think, the worst. They are really fond of you and ass-licking. I remember being shocked when one guy told you “Aw yes sorry I’m a noob” before you replied “You’re not a noob because noob means…”, and someone replied “HAHAHA OWNED YOU ROCKED MAN !!!” or so. Crap, it was only a normal post and a normal reply, no need to say “Owned” and “You rocked”. I don’t know why, but some people just treat you as the best man in this world. This is getting stupid >_>. You sure deserve many thanks for what you do, but complimenting you on every of your posts is just ass-licking, as I say.

    Finally, the third type is the normal people who post normally, without flood or excess. Finally some people who have their foot on earth.

    Well, that’s about it… I certainly will be treated as a troll, but I just posted what I noticed on this site. Again, thank you for your work. 🙂

    (PS: sorry for my poor English, ’cause my mother language is French.)

  9. Okay, thank you for the essay on ‘people who comment on game translation websites’. Quite good.

  10. Hi throughhim you should consider fansubs, a lot less work for a lot more epenis bro.

  11. i think it will be so i interesting
    and thx for ur hard work

  12. Hey there been watchin this for a couple yrs now, congrats on makin it to the beta test phase and all that, but I’ve been curious for a long time now without realizing it and must finally ask,… what on Earth is a “socks life” and a “BURAAAA!!”, lol, thank you for any and all assistance. Cheers!

  13. @waffo: If I were out to become LOLINTERNETFAMOUS, certainly both my choice of medium and methods would be considered failures.

    @23rdByrd: One is a quote that was on a store in Japan. The other is from Tales of Destiny 2.

  14. is it possible to do Tales of graces?

  15. @Bob

    He can’t hack, which is why I said that. Not a lot of people can, but a lot of people claim to. (especially when they’re trying to seem cool over the internet)
    Multiple personalities is a PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDER. It is in no way at all normal. Though, I was exaggerating…in case you didn’t catch that.


    Tales of Graces is pretty much destined for an english release. They haven’t neglected a console Tales game for a long time now. Plus fan translating it would take an immense amount of work. It is several times larger then Innocence.
    Plus it just wouldn’t be the same with english text and japanese voices IMO.

  16. So cool! im excited to play this,thanks for the hard work and good luck also lets hope a very happy christmas xD if u know what i mean

  17. lol, I’ve just seen an article on that japanese sock shop, but I’m really here writing again cuz I’m a lil overexcited and wanting to share w any tales community that I just found out there’s a tales of the abyss anime series on and I might be the last one to know it but just wanted to share that. I just might cry tears of joy cuz that was my fav one. Srry, and party on. -That damn bird-

  18. Do you know him personally? How can you say that unless you know for sure… I’m not saying he can, but I’m not saying he can’t either… I just don’t make presumptions on people… Sure it’s statistically possible he’s the kind of person you described, but if you haven’t met him then isn’t it a bit presumptuous to assume he can’t?

  19. 23rdByrd, where have you been these years? ;x

    There’s also anime for:
    – Tales of Phantasia
    – Tales of Eternia
    – Tales of Symphonia

    and Tales of Vesperia + Tales of Symphonia: Tethe`alla Hen are almost there …

    And translated manga for almost all Tales titles, too.

  20. hmm…
    this may be off topic…
    actually, it is but i was wondering…
    does anyone else feel that games nowadays are failing to live up to retro predecessors?
    i just started playing lufia: the legend returns on gbc, and i find it so much better than nostalgia and other new rpgs

  21. @grantz
    yeah I know,most new games now is not as good as they used to be,

    I just tried the ToI,
    n now I understand why the patch is taking so long,especialy the skit,
    almost every minute there’s a skit appeared,

    even so that doesnt put you guys down..,
    great work guys,
    good luck!

  22. Wow!! Thx Zommie, I honestly had no clue I’m going to look those up now. Especially Symphonia. Lookidat damn byrd fly.

  23. Just to clear it up. I inferred from posts and videos that your gonna sell it. Hopefully not because none of us want to you to end up in fail for copyright infringement

  24. I have no idea how you could get the impression from any video or post that we’re going to sell anything. Never once have we even suggested that charging people for the patch might be a possibility.

  25. Besides, wouldn’t charging for a translation be illegal?

    Anyway, dang, I hoped I could play this by christmas. Oh well, maybe this’ll be out same time as BlazBlue Portable

  26. I’m hoping I get an easyflash 3-in-1 for Christmas… It’s a DS flashcard that plugs into the Gaeboy Advance slot and works with other flashcards…

  27. Throughhim413:
    “Well I’m with you there. Believe me, nobody wanted it to come out this year more than I did. I really did try, work just takes up too much time.”

    That’s not really a problem, people have waited this long for what you’ve done so far, which sounds absolutely great so far, so what’s wrong with waiting a little bit more.

    I don’t know about anyone else here, but I think I would prefer it if you didn’t rush the final bits of it just to fit it into 2009. I mean it may make the quality a little bit less… And To be honest, I think Quality is a major factor.

    Take Care.

  28. @Seacats

    I don’t think it’s illegal. They put much effort and time to translate it. It’s their work and their decision what they want to do with it.

  29. I think strictly speaking, the whole process of translation is at least in a grey area, if not illegal. But Bamco probably aren’t bothered. But if you charged money for it, it would be illegal, and Bamco would definetly sue.

  30. Ooo~ X3 I cant wait!!!
    I download the Jappanese and I couldent get super far XDDD

  31. Most hentai games out there are translated in exchange for donations… xP

    It’s pretty much the same as charging for the game… I mean… 500$ to translate a game… =S

    And none of them had problems with the law… xP

  32. But they weren’t made by a big company like Bamco. It’s just not worth the risk of charging money.

  33. Accepting donations for translating is perfectly legal, and a good idea.
    Doing a translation like this definitely deserves donations. Which is why I always find people talking about the donation money hilarious. The money was of course, used for the sake of the translation, but had it not been needed…the money was well deserved for all the work put into this translation.
    I know i’ll definitely be making a donation to show my appreciation in the new year when my bank account isn’t crying for money.

  34. Do you think this could be done for christmas? that would be 😀 😀 😀 to everyone.

  35. No, it won’t be done for Christmas. Sorry.

  36. May i Ask if this is going to be a .NDS file or a patch? if it is patch. Someone really need to tell me step by step how to do it. I’m not good with complex machinery.

  37. don’t worry everything will be explained once it’s released i believe
    it’ll be really easy so no need to worry :p

  38. ThroughHim will include a Readme file to explain it… I know this because I’ve asked him this question before… Right?

  39. I wish good luck to the translation team. innocence will be the next on my list to play. I hope to leave before the end of the year because I’ll make a trip and want to be playing.

  40. Hi,

    Just dropping buy to tell you guys that
    I appreciate the effort u are putting in
    to this.

    Thanks and good luck.

  41. will there be an update soon?

  42. @karol:

    Most likely it will be served as a patch. Throughhim413 won’t put himself into risk of committing piracy through ROM sharing.

  43. Thanks for the continued hardwork throughhim dont worry about the translation its nearly christmas take a break:)

  44. Hopefully the translation will be ready before the new year! without losing hope! Continua firme aê!=D ( I’m Brazilian )=D

  45. How does the editing? Not looking for percentages or anything, just wondering if it’s going smoothly, or making you pull your hair out.

  46. very brazilians belive in your work, comming soon please
    tank’s for all!!!
    sou mais um brasileiro esperando a tradução.

  47. Olha! Nunca pensava ver um brasileiro por estes lares.
    Viva a saga Tales!!
    I’m here to contact with the main responsible of the project. I would be very pleased if you could let me expand this project to other horizons. After you’ve finished the translation (or meanwhile) you could give me the texts to translate them to Spanish. You see, Spanish people are very reluctant to play games that aren’t translated. Tales of Symphonia was translated, and everyone loved it. The same with Dawn of the New World. Bringing Tales of Innoncence on the DS translated into their language would ease the series to be known. And we could bring that to Latinamerica too. After that, or at the same time, I would be able to translate it to Portuguese as well.
    Well, I’ve said what I had to: Count on me.
    Here’s my e-mail:
    Anyone interested like me, give me a shot!

  48. fico feliz de não estar sózinhoO aki, mas saiba que nós não somos os nicos, tenho muitos amigos que tbm estão na espera da tradução
    eu espero começar 2010 com chave de ouro joguando INNONCENCE.

    I angri for play innoncence!!!

  49. There is no need to be rude… I wish there was some real hardcore gamers that are not under the age of 14, that can keep there dirty little mouth clean. I am a RPG lover and in no way am I being rude to anyone. PS: The graphics, music, and the fantastically written story/gameplay. Are what I compare to Studio Ghibli.

  50. #200

    It was driving me nuts.