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By • December 18, 2009

I never really posted much on the blog, so most of you probably don’t know me. I’m Kingcom, and I’m responsible for all the hacking and programming of this project. Today, we want to announce another new feature. A few people proposed to add subtitles to the opening FMV, but we were unsure whether to actually do so or not. In the end, we decided in favor of it. But while subtitles are nice and all, they do distract from the video, so it is also possible to turn them on and off in realtime by pressing the select button.


The technical aspect of these subtitles is actually pretty interesting. Unlike the battle subtitles, I couldn’t use sprites here. The 2D hardware was completely turned off, so I had to change the actual video frame to insert the subtitles. This is all done at runtime, of course.

Naturally, the ending song will also be subtitled. This means that not a single Japanese word remains untranslated. Every voiced part of the game has a corresponding subtitle.

You may not notice it when you’ll finally play it, but we have also changed many smaller things to enhance the game. Most are just to support English text (a/an detection wherever it is necessary, redesigned menu screens, etc), but we also changed some things beyond the normal text. The game seemed pretty rushed in quite a few aspects, most notably the menus. The battles are awesome and fluid, but the menus were very unrefined. The (very object oriented) menu engine is really well done, no doubt about that, but they didn’t take real advantage of it.

One of these changes is shown in the second screenshot. The stat numbers originally displayed the difference between the old and the new stat, but we thought it wasn’t very intuitive. So now we changed it to display the actual new stat, making it easier to compare weapons and styles with each other. In addition to these and similar changes, we have also fixed a few bugs. The game doesn’t crash if you encounter an invisible enemy in a guild dungeon anymore, and you will also get the displayed amount of money when selling a weapon with bonus parts.

I think some people might be interested in a few stats about this project. Aside from the text, there are 150kb of assembly code, several hundred changes to the original code, and 160kb of C++ code to dump and insert all the necessary data. Everything has been changed to work with the translated text in a very natural way.

And finally, throughhim already posted it in the comments, but some people don’t seem to understand it. There will be no release this year. We planned to and we wanted to, but it ultimately didn’t work out. It will most likely be released early next year, and no, this does not mean the first weeks of January.

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  1. Ñaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Happy New Year. When do you think we could expect another update on the progress? I cannot wait for this translation patch to be released. Tales games have always been a favorite of mine since youth.

  3. when is the release date???!!!! its jan 11 still no announced release date ??!!!

  4. Just relax kiddo I’m pretty sure the release date will be posted soon XD

  5. It’s being done for free for all of us to enjoy alright?

  6. The release date won’t be posted soon. The release date won’t ever be posted. You’ll know when it comes out, because you’ll check the site, and the patch will be there. Simple!

  7. hehe im just too excited :)) TY SO MCH ABSOLUTE ZERO FOR BRINGING us english patches for tales games :))

  8. I don’t really care about a release date, if the quality is good, that’s enough to me, even if it takes one more year to complete this.

    But one thing I have to admit, I miss those “old” throughhim413’s videos 🙁

  9. I can make more videos, but they take away from the time I have to spend editing. I assumed everyone would prefer that I work on the actual project instead of advertising the eventual release. But I can do more videos…

  10. well, that depends.
    if th release is very near, like one or two weeks, i think you must give all your strengt to it.
    if it will take longer than that, a little movie wont hurt us.

  11. …ok ok. i gone too far but a video would suit us XDXD

  12. Yay! I was looking for a translated version and i found this site, very lucky indeed.
    I only wanted to say:
    Thank you for this!!!! You are the best!

  13. Hey, about one of the random quotes:

    “I love cat
    Only imflowing you don\’t flowing imflowing
    I must go to you stay a place”

    Where’s that from? >_>

  14. Desert Claw? Would your screen name happen to be a reference to Rogue Galaxy?

  15. I have been following this project, i dunno may year and a half to 2 years and and i’d like to say that its an awesone thing your doing here and if doing videos detract from the editing process throughhim, just do them at important milestones

  16. Thanks for all the work you guys are putting into this. It’s great to hear about the fixes and optimizations you are working on to make this patch the best version it can be, definitely makes me anxious to try it out.

  17. No fancy movies! Get to work dammit!! *whips throughhim’s back*


    But I really prefer editing over movies… youtube is there for you movie people.

  18. wish i was some kind of programing genious so i could make a thing that auto translates games into any language u desire….that would be nice….BUT since im a moron ill have to rely on u guys thanks and keep it up

  19. @Zaane: As cool as that would be it would be pretty impossible, a different mixture of characters could translate into two different things altogether, not to mention the fact that you would have to filter through it and edit it to make sense of the whole text.

  20. Still that miracle program he described would be cool…

  21. Yeah that’s true, hence why I said I thought it be cool 😛

  22. I don’t think it would be cool at all. It would invalidate the only truly useful part of my education.

  23. I’m looking forward to the patch, throughhim413. Keep up the good work.

    Greetings to KingCom ;D

  24. “I don’t think it would be cool at all. It would invalidate the only truly useful part of my education.”

    Hmm… That is the other side of the coin. I can see your point, we are all filled with gratitude on your quest to fully translate though.

  25. Yeah Bob, it’s from rogue galaxy. But the pic is from Getbackers ^^

  26. Keep up the good work guys! I’m looking forward to it all.

  27. Also, I just donated. Hope that helps!

  28. You’re my “GOD”.

  29. #200

    It was driving me nuts.

  30. Sorry wrong post.

  31. Yeah Bob, it’s from rogue galaxy. But the pic is from Getbackers ^^

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