Yay for Updates!

By • January 16, 2010

A new video update! Hooray!

I forgot to mention that the opening and ending subtitles will now be ON by default. Someone on GBAtemp brought up the point that people who want to see the translation might be missing out on the first line and we felt that was a good point. This is a translation project, so the last thing we want to do is make people miss part of the translation. If you don’t want to see the subtitles, of course, you only need press the Select button. Holding Select before the video starts will prevent the subtitles from appearing at all. So everybody wins.

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

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  1. well saw something interesting in this someone said something like ”can play through a game without understanding it” i totaly disagree with this
    to me playing an RPG is like reading a book u can choose to skim through it or take the time to fully apreciate it but no matter what u still have to understand the story to gain the full concept of the game/book.

  2. well would you read a book that’s written in japanese??

  3. Aigis

    The problem of slowness is not about the emulator, but about the PC.

    Me, for example, I didn’t have any lag in all the games I tested.

  4. I can’t believe how good it all looks, and I’m delighted to read that progress continues smoothly. I apologise that I don’t offer words of encouragement more often, but recently I saw Kingcom mention in his SRW J translation thread that this game has priority, and that made me realise I should drop in and say hello!

    I know it’s better when you hear it from the female blog visitors, but you have an excellent voice for this kind of thing. If the translation business fails to pan out for you, there will surely be work in the field of voice-overs. πŸ˜›

  5. PS2 emulation is going about quite nicely imo. Every game I tried so far has worked to comfortable framerates.

    Heck, using an emulator even let me play Ar Tonelico 2 without the crashes found when playing it on the console.

  6. Awesome! I want to play it ASAP! thanks… πŸ™‚

  7. @Soluzar

    I don’t know about voice acting necessarily, but definitely narration, or recording books!

  8. well i agree with you about the requirements of pc, but sometime is the plugin too.

  9. where can i download the patch??????

  10. Ahah you can’t x)

  11. @neil: No! Bad!

  12. will this be playable on ds with supercard/r4/whatever?

  13. WOOT Sonic the Hedgehog 4!!!

  14. yes it’ll be playable on r4 etc

  15. OW! MORE THAN 100 COMMENTS! New Update needed!

  16. do you guys want the game or infinite updates <_<

  17. Is too early for more details of the translation project?

    Just to know the % of the translation project to know how much longer =)
    thanks =)

  18. Be patient, guys, or else he might get mad and release it on April 1st. Γ–

  19. @Diego

    You can see the % progress of the translation if you click on “Tales of Innocence” on the menu up there, on this page.

  20. mmmm… It has been a while when I came back…
    Well good job AbsoluteZero Team πŸ˜€
    I wish you all good luck and I hope that Tales of Innoncense’s Project is finished over 2 months atleast…
    You know, I wonder something… You want to translate after TOI the Tales of Destiny PS2 Version… but… PS2 Emulators don’t work on the computers of these days right?
    Well… I hope Tales of Hearts will come to your list eventually… If not, I hope that there are other people who want to do it for you… I wonder if there is a Tales of Hearts Translation Project right now…

    BTW: Who said in this discussion that you can play a game without understanding it? I mean, I can play Tales of Narikiri Dungeon 3 on my VisualBoy because it has a basic story with is not large, complex or remarkable… But still I prefer to take a Walkthrough beside me to understand the little details. Sadly I won’t understand the dialogue and interactions πŸ™ But the facial stuff might give me a Clue.

    Same goes with Tales of Hearts but a lot tougher. I am quite dissapointed that I play such a beautiful game with an amazing 2D Fighting Style… But I can’t understand all the interaction and stuff, makes me want to search internet for walkthroughes… With I did!…. Anyway, in with Japanese Writing System is the dialogue of the Tales games anyway? Maybe I can learn it and understand it better…
    Katakana, Hiragana, KANJI!? 0_0

  21. @MegaHeroes16: Here’s a little present for you http://crimson-nocturnal.com/ (it’s not finished yet though).

  22. @Lalakoboldslayer:

    Yes, I know =) I was talking about the next release the % of translation project, when it comes, just to know how much time =)

  23. No worries, MegaHeroes16. Even if your computer isn’t powerful enough to play a PS2 Emulator, you can always apply the patch to the ISO and burn it to play on a real modded PS2.

  24. @MegaHeroes16: I suggest Kaji’s project for Hearts. He’s done some excellent work on it. http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=180951

  25. im in love with the tales series. its sooo great. but i dont know Japanese πŸ™ …. i hope i did….

    so u guys r translating TOI
    Kaji’s translating TOH (anime mov ed)

    but whose translating Tales of The Tempest?

    pls can any one giv me a link coz i want to play every game related to d tales series…. please… pretty please….


    u guys r d BEST!!!!

    hope u release the patch within this month (feb). gud luck guys!!

  26. @MegaHeroes16: … PS2 Emulators don’t work on the computers of these days right? …

    Wh-wha-what ? You might be living under a rock this last year.

    There are a lot of PS2 games that are perfect playable on PS2 emulators. And it’s not news, it has being this way for almost a year now.

  27. @tid: There’s no one who’s translating Tales of the tempest…
    the game is not so great, and a full translation will take a long time for not so much

  28. Well, this is great! Take your time, finish it when it’s finished. You guys will have my support forever.