After Much Debate…

By • April 1, 2010

We have decided to release a demo patch.

I know what you’re thinking… All along this guy has been decrying the concept of the open beta and now this… Well good news, I still am! That’s why it’s a demo and not an open beta! What’s the difference? We’re intentionally limiting your access to the game. The game will be set on a timer. We’ve decided to give you a three hour demo. Appetizers are meant to whet your appetite for the game, not spoil it, after all.

Patching instructions can be found in the included README file.

Tales of Innocence Demo Patch

And while I understand that people might want to comment and share their impressions of the demo, please don’t ruin the experience for your fellow gamers.

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

68 Responses to “After Much Debate…”

  1. Hahaha…nice one

  2. When is the scheduled release date for the actual patch? Good job guys!

  3. Owned. 😮

  4. Also, I also want to know if you can save the game and continue on it when the actual patch comes out.

  5. Hey guys, Just a question. For some reason this file is causing my windows explorer to restart over and over again. So I had to end my explorer through task manager and delete the file by using CMD cause my explorer won’t let me operate. I don’t know why, but this is the only file that I cannot extract, or else it will cause my explorer to restart. Does anybody have this problem?

  6. *Cough is this a april fools joke*

    I’ll try it now

  7. Ok, So the .Dat file inside the zip is giving me alot of trouble. Whenver I extract it outside, it is causing my explorer to crash and restart. So it wasn’t the whole file, but it was the .dat file. Is that just my problem or are anyone else experiencing too? darn…

  8. That sounds like a problem on your end. What program are you using to extract it?

  9. Also, new post:

    Thanks for making this year fun, guys.

  10. Just a regular winzip. Funny thing is, all the other .dat files that I have are totally fine. But for some reason this is not working. Like I tried everything. I tried changing the .dat file inside the zip into a .avi file and then extract it (which worked). And when I turned it back into a .dat file, it crashed my explorer again…

    —- And THEN I kept thinking if this was an April fools joke??

  11. It is an April Fools joke, but there shouldn’t have been any problem with the extraction.

  12. Yeh, I just laughed at how stupid i was… Meh, nice april’s fools. Weird enough, I was able to catch all the April fools stuff today before being fooled except for this one. I guess I was just that excited about it. Thanks ~

  13. @troughhim413
    can i ask you?
    I get trouble when i make the patch
    when i extract it i get the toidemo.dat
    then how i can use the xdeltaUI to make the patch?

  14. A rick’roll after the logos would’ve been better. But still, not half bad.

  15. @Naridar: I wanted to, but it’s not so simple to convert video to the DS format.

  16. I fucking love you guys right now… That was so worth it. Good thing I didn’t come on here yesterday. 😛

  17. I have to admit, that was funny but AGTP had an even better joke, Ghideon Zhi translated Ogre Battle Let Us Cling together into… Al Bhed and passed it off as an english translation

  18. Actually, this is a rickroll on the ds. It was a joke for Pokemon Platinum. It is the full rickroll! It doesn’t lag either. It was awesome, but i think you would’nt be able to get the rickroll off the site anymore…. should i torrent it?