The Silver Lining

By • April 1, 2010

So yeah, obviously the demo was an April Fool’s joke. Many thanks to those of you who played along, you made it a lot of fun.

Kingcom asked me to mention that he used devkitPro to make the fake demo patch. He says it’s a really well-done devkit, so he wanted to make sure and give them credit for it.

As is my custom, I like to give a real update following the traditional April Fool’s gag. You can consider it my apology if you didn’t care for the joke, but I regret nothing. In any case, part of this update was already available to you. Everything that was included in the README for the fake demo patch was true. We really have been making great progress in the past few days. The battle subtitles have been timed and the last of the known bugs have been squashed. In short, we are ready to start beta testing. And so, as of today, we have officially entered the beta testing phase. Perhaps I don’t seem like the most reliable source of information today, but this is the truth.

So what does that mean for you? It means we’re one step closer to the end. No, we do not need any beta testers. No, I do not have a release date for you yet. I estimated that the beta would take a month, but in reality, it will continue until we are satisfied that the game is ready for release. The remaining skits will be edited during the testing phase in order to allow more time for testing. I don’t want to hold off the testing for the skits since they won’t introduce any bugs. I will be removing the percentages from the Tales of Innocence page and replacing them with the date that the beta testing started. In the best of circumstances, the patch could be in your hands in a month, but I would suggest that you expect it to take longer. With any luck, we won’t have any major bugs showing up, but sometimes the worst ones are the least obvious. We will do the best we can to get you the patch as soon as possible, but we don’t want to rush it and sacrifice quality after coming this far.

Also, don’t miss the demo that Kajitani-Eizan released for Tales of Hearts! Unlike ours, his demo is real and it’s good stuff. Check it out here!

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

72 Responses to “The Silver Lining”

  1. So has the beta turned up any bugs?

  2. @zander6669

    Hehe, I would think that if there were no bugs at all, testing would have ended between now and a few days ago!

  3. You’re both wrong. If there’s no bugs, then it will be the minimum time expected (that is, a month). If there is a fair amount of bugs, then it will take more.

    Remember people, one month is the MINIMUM.

  4. @Sahgo

    Wait how does that make me wrong too? I figured that if there were any bugs then it would be an extension on the planned beta phase. My question was more or less a not so subtle hint at trying to find out if their were any delays in the release.

  5. …No updates on how its goin?…. oh poof :/

  6. I wonder if I will get this patch as Christmas present, that would be wonderful if this can be released just the day before it.

  7. @Sahgo

    Yeah, it is a minimum. A minimum planned with the expectation of finding and fixing bugs. If there were no bugs, the date could be the same, or it could be less, or even more for that matter.

  8. @monkat/zander6669: …Yeah, you’re right, I guess I talked some nonsense. Sorry for that (I blame lack of sleep)

    Still, I honestly don’t think it will come out in less than a month. Our good ol’ Absolute Zero team seem to like their work polished, so I would probably bet on 45 days ~ 2 months.

    But ey, what do I know?

  9. I’m patient, I can wait. At least we have a timeline of probably only a few months MAX.
    I’m used to waiting forever for stuff, just look at Black Mesa HL2 / HL mod. Been in development for over 5 years, completion date set at ‘when its done’.

    Keep up the good work!

  10. @Sahgo

    You may be forgiven if you give me a cookie.

    It must have sprinkles
    and chocolate

  11. I am looking forward to Black Mesa as well. It will probably inspire me to replay the whole series. Not sure if that’s good or bad.

  12. chocolate AND sprinkles? My god man! Have you no shame?

    Also I tried the Tales of Hearts demo and its good.

  13. @zander6669: I would, but… I ate it 🙁

  14. @Sahgo

    Then you shall never be forgiven for all eternity!!!

    Till I get a cookie.

  15. Do you mind continuing your cookie orgy somewhere else please? This isn’t MSN.

  16. do….do you not like cookies?

  17. I agree. It’s important to spread joy throughout the world, and the easiest way to access the world is through a network of (often) readily accesible machines, or as we know it, the internet. In fact, the word cookie in reference to HTTP cookies is derived from the term Magic Cookie which, in turn, comes from the concept (and comparison) to an unopened fortune cookie. Although it is not what one thinks of when talking about cookies, fortune cookies also provide joy and sweetness when eaten.

    But, I digress, as far as a ‘cookie orgy’ going on, I do not see anything like that. I would think that, by that term, you are referring to multiple cookies (the delicious kind) partaking in sexual intercourse at the same time, but there exist a few problems with that. First off, there are no cookies commenting on this blog post, or blog at all. In fact, they lack the ability to move, or even think, or feel, which leads into the next point; cookies can not move. Therein, they are unable to participate in sexual relations.

    Next, although you are correct, this is not MSN, it is part of the internet. The internet, in the view of many, is a medium through which anyone can express beliefs and nonsense.

    All of that being said, I completely agree with you. There is no reason, really, to post small (sms sized) messages to eachother in a public blog post, when they not only are entirely unrelated to the post, but also about nonsense, or in this case: cookies. Sigh, sometimes I feel like I have too much free time.

  18. Omfg, monkat. Major LOL!!! xDDD

  19. In other words I think monkat needs a cookie?

  20. Will be waiting for the release! 😀

  21. Nothing wrong with the occasional cookie orgy granada.

  22. You are free to express beliefs and nonsense but not anywhere you wish.

    And a cookie orgy, impossible? Blasphemy! This site would like to have a word with you.