Beta Testing Blues

By • April 27, 2010

Beta testing is really depressing.

When you put as much time into a project as Kingcom and I have, you start to feel like you’ve produced something pretty great. Thankfully, our beta testers have been there to keep us from drifting into the clouds. We’ve been brought crashing back to the ground, but this is all to your benefit. I don’t mean to say that the game has been a complete mess, certainly the work we put into it up until now has paid off. As a result, our beta testers have been able to isolate bugs and help us to improve the text. Above all else, this process has reminded me just how important it is to test the game properly. Despite my efforts to test the game, there were some crashes that I had missed and some textual mistakes I had read right over. But we’re finding them and we’re fixing them thanks to the beta testers.

Unfortunately, we have some bad news to announce. No, the project isn’t canceled. No, the release isn’t being pushed back 30 years. However, it is looking like we may have to disable the wireless multiplayer in the patched version of the game. Please understand that after all the effort we put into making this game as perfect as possible, nothing frustrates us more than the possibility of having to do something like this. Although I said disable, know that it will still be included in the game. If you really want to try it in spite of knowing the consequences, it will be possible. Here’s the deal… According to the testing we’ve done, playing the patched game with both the original Japanese game or the patch results in unpredictable crashes during dialogue. Battle seems to work just fine, but it’s almost impossible to make any progress in the game while using wireless mode. There are some other minor issues regarding item boxes and search points, but those aren’t crashes. You might be wondering why we can’t fix these problems like we’re fixing others. Unfortunately, no DS emulator supports wireless play, so we have no way of debugging the issues. Without debugging, we would have no idea where to start fixing them. Unless we get access to a DS devkit (and that will never happen), we can’t do anything about these issues.

We realize that for most of you, this will make absolutely no difference whatsoever. 99% of you probably never intended to play the game using wireless multiplayer (if you even knew the game had it). As perfectionistic as Kingcom and I are, we aren’t going to put the entire project on hold for years while we wait for emulator that would allow us to fix this. That is why we feel that disabling the wireless is the best course of action. It will allow us to present the full game as we intended but will still allow access to that broken extra for those who really want it. Oh, and for those of you who know more about the game, the Versus style WILL be available in-game without using the wireless mode. This isn’t the perfect solution. There is no perfect solution. We’re doing the best we can with the hand we’ve been dealt. If and when it becomes possible to emulate DS wireless, we intend to release an updated patch that gets it working as intended, but understand that could be years from now. I apologize that it had to come to this, but I hope you understand.

What do you think the best solution is? Some of the options we considered:

  1. Disable the wireless (allowing access with a code)
  2. Leave the wireless as-is and add extra warnings in-game
  3. Disable wireless completely

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  1. You’ll be missing out on the boss battles even if we leave the wireless in. Since dialogue causes crashes and dialogue almost always comes before and after boss battles, your chances of getting through the battle to a save point is almost zero.

  2. This is pointless. If the crashes are that frequent just take WM out. Your last post make it clear playing in it is nothing but frustrating. Besides you posted no videos so we can’t have an accurate idea of how the crashes are or how often they happen. All we have is your experience in text format so I take it’s obvious you are the only one who can make a good verdict.

    I don’t see how opinions of people that never tried the patch can be even slightly relevant on this matter.

  3. That’s why I said it isn’t a vote. I am going to make the decision, but I wanted to hear from people before I did. Just having people pick options would have been pointless, but that wasn’t what I was interested in. I wanted to hear how people planned to use the patch and if how much interest there was in the wireless mode. Before I made this post and listened to what people had to say, I couldn’t come to a conclusion on what the right course of action was. Now I can. If you think that was pointless, well, you’re wrong, I guess. I do need to make an update though.

  4. I say that you can disable the wireless,and then update the patch when possible.

  5. how people planed to use the patch?

    of course everyone with pals and flashcards wouldve used the WM at one point or another.
    now you say the WM mode cant be used

    so of course almost everyone is like who cares or option 2, add a warning, i dont care anyway

    in fact, it doesnt matter what option you choose, as long as you fix it once you get the necessary tools.

    of course, that would mean you’d have release two patches…

    and knowing you guys, you’d rather put of the patch another 4 years instead of doing that :3

  6. I don’t see what the big deal is. 98% of the people waiting for this project didn’t even know about the wireless and now it’s a big problem? I doubt most people were ever going to use it anyways, I sure won’t.

    Thank you guys as always for your great work and hope this doesn’t become a major pain for you.

  7. Disable WM completely. If it leads to crashes, it has no sense to be there…

  8. I’ve been accompanying this project since 2008 and I have seen how serious and determined you guys are to finish it.
    I know you guys heard a lot about this but, thank you in name of all us gamers to make this come true!

    About the multiplayer I would choose number 1, because if someone wanted to use it at their own risk they could do it.
    I’m just saying this in consideration for the other gamers out there, because I will not even use the wireless play anyways, if there really no other way, u guys should disable it once and for all.
    Many thanks again for this great translation project!

  9. Yeah number 1 seems best, I was probably never going to use it anyway, but if somebody does and wants to try to make it work then more power to them.

    I’m sure most people were like me and didn’t even know it exist though.

  10. So dialogue cause a crash, and there is dialogue after a boss battle, so are you saying with the patch release we won’t be able to fight the bosses? Or is that just with the WFC enabled? I mean if you can’t beat bosses with the WFC in there, then why even have it in, who would want to play if you can’t fight the bosses? I hope that is what you meant. I have been following your work since ’08 and am really thankful that you have been doing this translation, though it would suck if I could not play the game in it’s entirety, including fight the bosses.

  11. is better to disable the wireless if it makes crash the game in my opinion… the important thing is to play the game entirely alone .

  12. Kill the Wireless.Now. We’re there for the story.And gameplay.Kill the Wireless.

  13. Cutting out the wireless will outrage the entire community of people who were looking forward to playing the multiplayer… All 1 of them.

    Yeah, cut the multiplayer, believe me when I say this is a no-brainer. No one ever looks forward to multiplayer in tales games, it’s just sorta there if you ever feel like screwing around with a friend, and is always a disappointment.

    I’m pretty sure I speak for 99.99% of the Tales community that have been waiting for an english patch when I say that the single player mode is the only thing that matters. Really, don’t wait too long for the votes, I’d be shocked if anyone wanted to delay this even further just for the multiplayer.

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