Farewell for now, wireless

By • May 2, 2010

At this time, we believe that removing the wireless from the game is the best course of action.

I realize this may disappoint some of you, but the wireless is simply too broken to be enjoyable. Do understand that this decision is not yet 100% final. I am waiting for a second flashcart to arrive so that I can test the wireless more extensively. If there is anything that we can do to fix it, we will. However, for the time being, we feel that it is best to concentrate our efforts on the main game. While we understand that some of you wanted to make use of the wireless features, we cannot delay the release of the patch for a feature that has only niche interest. We feel that it is in everyone’s best interest to have the patch as soon as possible. If and when it becomes possible to fix the wireless, we will release an updated patch.

When I have completed my testing between two flashcarts, I can talk more about when the game breaks and why we think it breaks when using wireless mode. I apologize that I cannot provide more information at this time, but there are simply too many unknowns. We have ensured that the Versus style will be available in the single player mode, so don’t worry about that. In spite of what you might believe, removing the wireless will take less time and effort than either of the other two options. It is unfortunate that it had to come to this, but circumstances being what they are, we feel this decision is in the best interests of both the players and the team. Thank you for your understanding.

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

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  1. Well the translation project is actually in the grey area.

  2. grey area?

  3. Found a post by Thoughhim in the forum. Why he didn’t try to add PSP sprites to the PSX port translation.

    “Because with translation patches in already in a questionable legal area, we didn’t want to provide a patch with content we didn’t have rights to distribute. We patched the version of the game on a dead system. Namco isn’t getting any more money for Phantasia PSX. However, the PSP version is still new and the new sprites are one of the selling points. It really wouldn’t be wise of us to provide them for the PSX version. We wanted to do a translation. Anyone who really wants the new sprites and the full voice experience is advised to buy the PSP version.”

    As you can see the team itself is aware of the copyright infrigiment. For all RsilensR said and maybe more this grey area thing is BS. But I will make his question my own: you really care about that? I don’t :3

  4. Why don’t you call Nintendo or NB and ask them about the grey area? They might even be kind enough to lead you to other translation project sites, since it is unclearly defined as legal or not lol.

  5. See that link: http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/3891/you_say_tomato_a_pro_on_.php

    Is old? Yeah, but we have a base what the companies care about it.

  6. Emulators and flashcarts are in the grey area as far as you don’t use them to play dl roms. But this, as RsilensR said, is not valid in all countries, in some its even forbidden to sell anything that may encourage piracy and dl emulators. As for Bandai, it’s obvious at least american branches of japanese game companies are aware of patches like this, AZ isn’t the first team of fan translators and it’s not going to be the last. I think this project is harmless to Namdai and might even benefit them by creating new western Tales fans. And people like thoughhim work for no money thinking about us while Scamco never really cared about their western fanbase. Even if this was a major copyright infrigment I’d be on this teams side. Well… maybe not in the court 😛 but fan translations must live on.

  7. We have to remember that, to date, no fan-translation project [yes, the CT remake doesn’t count here] has seen some sort of serious consequences, at least according to my sources (coughcoughwikipediacoughtvtropescough). I think there’s little reason for Namco U.S.A. to bother, in cases like this – if they aren’t releasing Tales of Innocence, why would they be worried about a fan translation? It surely won’t damage their sales. I mean, yes, it’s illegal, but they won’t exactly gain anything by shutting the project down.

    Besides, they have more important things to do, like localizing those dozens of Dragon Ball games. It’s the only thing they’re good for.

    Oh, and Tekkens.

  8. I like Tekken

  9. @master_tonberry

    Don’t we all? (Well, probably not, but anyways). It’s just that, Tekken is probably the only Namco [now Namdai] franchise to get every single title released overseas. So they’re the “popular” crowd, and I shun them. SHUN!

  10. Popular crowd? Where are we, in 5th grade?

    Tekken Card Challenge never made it overseas. I’m pretty sure Soul Calibur is the only Namdai franchise to have all titles localized, including Soul Edge.

  11. Come now, Larissa, I was just kidding. Didn’t know about Tekken Card Challenge though =O Sorry for giving false info.

  12. @ sahgo, is that charlie the unicorn I detect in your message?

    also tekken card challenge? sounds interesting in a car crash kind of way

  13. well i agree at ThroughHim about the 99% percent of the people of downloading the patch will not even much care bcuz of 3 reasons

    1st- Normaly after people are done playing the game they will just ignore it in their SD card or delete it

    2nd- This translations isn’t gonna much need the wireless for bcuz out of 4/10 of players will be using the patch while the 6/10 dosent know how to patch or dosent know that their is a patch

    3rd- The other players dont use Flashcard

    Pls no negative comments this is just my personal opinion..

    Bow :))

  14. then il give you positive comments and say your right on the money, not to talk about

    4 the people who dont know others or wont do multiplayer in the first place

    5 the OTHER person might not want story spoilers or even want to play multiplayer

    also semi ironic i just realised this thing was posted on may 02 and now its may 20 XD

  15. 1 – You can beat the game in WM, so you could play thoroughly it in WM and only ignore it after the ending.

    2 – The patch will come with instructions and it’s problable at least 95% of ToI fans know of this project, it’s present in most forums that talk about ToI.

    3 – For players that don’t use flashcard this patch itself has no relevance at all aside from emulator users, but for these WM can’t be used so other players themselves are meaningless.

    4 – This patch isn’t only for solo players. If most won’t try multiplay it’s fine, but others will and deserve the same consideration. Hence why the team promised to make an update to the patch as soon as a fix is found.

    5 – If you only play in WM for batlles, the main point of Tales games IMO, you won’t get the story spoiled. Besides WM is only local so it’s not like you can’t tell your friend at which part of the story you are.

    The reasons WM was taken out are simple: instability and absence of a solution at the present time.

  16. @Sahgo: “Besides, they have more important things to do, like localizing those dozens of Dragon Ball games. It’s the only thing they’re good for.

    Oh, and Tekkens.”

    Katamari, man. KATAMARI!

  17. Can’t wait for it 🙂 I’ll play it without WM and then with it! gimme tales of the DS! Namdai can suck it e.e they made 3 tales of games for the DS and NONE came to America! I mean..wtf O_O they have graces on wii, vesperia on 360/ps3 why not release the DS ones in ENG too?!! Sorry really needed to say all that 😛

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