June Release. Probably.

By • May 20, 2010

We expect to release the Tales of Innocence patch in June.

We’re pretty happy with the results of the beta testing. Although testing isn’t finished, we believe that the patch should be ready before the end of June (unless there are any unexpected issues between now and then).  I can’t give you an exact date yet because there’s still some work left to be done. When I can provide a more specific date, I will. That’s all I have to report for now. Thanks for your patience.

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

176 Responses to “June Release. Probably.”

  1. So since you guys have been so dedicated with this project, I just have to ask.

    What do you guys think of Innocence’s story?

  2. Awww shoot was really looking forward to play this game through this summer with a friend, but since the multiplayer got disabled maybe we’d just get Tales of Phantasia on emulator or something instead.

    Thank you really much for all of this work your putting into this.

  3. I can’t wait to taste some of Luca’s mom’s cheese soup for myself after all this time. It’s bound to be good.

    I thank the whole team for all your hard work on this. You know it doesn’t go unappreciated.

    I may be getting ahead of myself here, but once Innocence is done and over with what do you think your next project will consist of? Tales of Destiny 2 perhaps? I may be dreaming there.

  4. Actually now that I think of it you would probably toss yourself all over working on the remake of Tales of Destiny. Are you working on the Director’s Cut with Leon’s side story by any chance?

  5. Tales of Destiny: Directors Cut is the next project, IIRC it was even started before the ToI one. It’s in hiatus and it’s obvious they won’t resume the translation as soon as ToI is done so we problably won’t be getting it before 2013. I hope the mayas are wrong I really wanna play that game in english.

  6. question is for tales of destiny 2 is a ps3 game how most people gonna enjoy it i have a ps3 meaning i gotta buy a ps2 for 50$ here in new york + get the mod chip to enjoy the game…..

    any way i can play this awesome game on a ps3 or something else?

  7. excuse my typo ! TOD2 a ps2 i meant not a ps3

  8. That’s amazing~ I started playing it in japanese but yeah… Wanted to eqip a New Sword and acidentally deleted it instead and stuff like that xD So I’m really happy ’bout the News.. Think I’ll Play ToS 2 until You’re Done ^__^

  9. this better be done by june 12. haha jk but that wud be great cus im leaving to a rural area in Italy without much internet

  10. @amanda

    I really don’t see your point. You also have to spend money on a nds and a flashcart to use this patch, unless you’re gonna use an emulator but there are ps2 emulators too. Either way, you have to spend money to play patched games.

    And what has the english punctuation ever done to you?

  11. June? Oh damn! I’ve still Blue Dragon and Hexyz Force to finish, plus Final Fantasy XIII ( I put this one down … it’s just … it’s just bad when compared with others FFs ).

    And then I’ve to finish ToI before DQ9 is out!

  12. I dont see what is it the prevent a lot of people here drom playing 2 or more RPGs alternately.

  13. The thing I don’t like is that Motoi Sakuraba didn’t compose the music for Innocence. He did for all the other ds tales, but not this one. Can anyone assure me that it has that distinct Tales sound? You know, with the duh-nuh-nuh and the doo-dee-doo and all that awesome stuff.

  14. You guys are so friggin AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ive been waiting for this game forever and I wont stop!
    Take your time I am in no rush I went this to be the best gaming experience ever on my ds! Good Luck to you guys on future projects!
    (rofl im talking like the game patch is aleady out XD)

  15. You’ve probably been asked this already, and I’m almost sure you’ve talked about it in one of the updates, but what do you guys plan on doing once this is finished?

  16. ps2 tales that’s what !

  17. lol, there’s already people @ gbatemp expecting this to be released in the next few days, or at least this week.

  18. stop…asking…for…release…dates…
    and that includes tomorrow as well >.>

  19. Well it’s today where I am (we Aussies are a bit ahead of the rest of the world 🙂 )

    Not that I expected it out today, but I just had to check. Hope the rest of the testing goes well, and like so many before I’ll say thanks for all the work you’ve put into this.

  20. Its their own fault for posting this. You keep saying that the patch will be done when its done, yet you went again and gave a release estimative. Srsly dontcha ever lern? the only “use” for this post is being a copy machine of thanksyouregodiloveyou posts and people asking for specific release dates.

  21. One thing that will suck is that the incantations for spells (if there are any) will obviously be in japanese. They sound so awesome in english. Like in Vesperia, Rita’s chants are so epic, and Abyss as well. Japanese is simply not a cool sounding language hehe

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  23. No release date specific, I like it. I often get anxious near release date and often can’t stay still in the last 4 hours. I’ll keep checking this every 2 days and hopefully it will surprise me, hehe.

    Thanks for the good work, you are almost there.

  24. to post in the forums we have to make an account just for the forums, or can we use this one?

  25. use this 1

  26. You will have to register a forum account.