Life After Innocence

By • July 9, 2010

Tales of Innocence is complete. An era has ended… at least in my mind.

And yet both Kingcom and I have still found ourselves compelled to work on Tales of Innocence to some degree… After you work on something for almost two years, it’s hard to quit cold turkey. So we’ve been poking at it, correcting little things that we’ve found, and documenting the typos and small glitches that some people have found as they played. I know this is shocking, but our v1.0 wasn’t perfect. Honestly, I don’t think anyone reasonably expected it to be perfect. It’s never going to be perfect. But people are still having fun with it and that’s good enough for us. I like reading comments from people. I enjoy seeing people playing the game in their own ways. I liked seeing the game skyrocket in the GameFAQs ranks and I liked all of the threads wondering what the heck was going on. They made me laugh. We really had fun watching people try to figure out how to obtain the Versus style. Honestly, I think both Kingcom and I were blown away by the positive reaction to this release. It really made all of the hard work worth it.

There will be an updated patch eventually, but it’s not our highest priority. It’s probably not going to happen right away. We want to take our time and make sure that we give people time to report the errors they find (if they are so inclined). If you want to help us improve the game, please submit bug reports and typos. And, of course, if you have questions about the game, the community here has been very willing to help.

In other news, Shawn over at Tales Union gathered up some of your questions from various forums around the net for an interview. It comes in three parts, so if you’re interested in seeing my answers to some of the answers to your questions, check it out here: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

So… getting back to the matter at hand, Tales of Innocence is, for now, complete. So what’s in store for our heroes next week? Well, Kingcom and I have been enjoying some Team Fortress 2 for the first time in recent memory. Neither of us had a chance to play much during the beta testing, so we’re glad to be back in action. The Engineer Update just came out! What isn’t there to love about that!? Oh, you want to hear about more translations? Well, Kingcom has a few other projects to finish up, Super Robot Wars J and Oriental Blue are the first ones up on the list. I’m sure many of you are looking forward to seeing more of Kingcom’s excellent hacking, so those are certainly projects to look out for (if you weren’t already). As for me, my first priority is the Tales of Destiny: Director’s Cut translation that I’m working on with Phantasian Productions. I’m definitely looking forward to working on one of my favorite entries in the series again. Of course, Kingcom and I have been throwing around ideas for our next project for ages now, so that’s not to say that there aren’t other possibilities floating around out there. But those will be a story for another day.

Today is officially our project’s second birthday. I don’t know if that still counts since we’re done, but there’s never a bad time to celebrate. After a long race that we ran with everything we had, it’s awesome to look back at the finish line. It’s the best. I really do  that the game was everything that you hoped it would be.

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

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  1. Tempest is kinda hard to translate dou to letter and space limitations

  2. how about tales of heart? I’ve heard that there’s a group translating this game..but i think absolute zero can do it more better.. no offense but throughhim413 and Kingcom did a really great job in TOI..the project is almost like a US release of the real game…so yes.. that’s it..hope the two masters i mentioned before will make some translation in TOH same in TOI..nice work guys!!!!

    infinite thanks!
    PAULO ^_^

  3. 2 paulo
    Kajitani Eizan is doing translation of Tales of Hearts. And as I know he took part in this translation of Tales of Innocence also =)

  4. what about the psp tales of rebirth?

    you made a april fools about it before

  5. Greetings from Russia! I am, my wife and all of my friends around here – we are EXTREMELY happy that you’ve translated one more Tales game! Your first project – PSX version of Tales of Phantasia was great, but this one is more than just great! The majority of official localizations looks really poor in compare of yours! Hah, some of my friends just can’t believe that it’s not an official Tales of Innocence localization. I’ve played Tales of Innocence in 5 days already, and extremely enjoying it!

    So, many people here said about next translation. Well… there is only one thing that I want for long time, and seems, it never will be. For me – the best game in Tales of series – Tales of Rebirth. An unique battle system like a hardcore 2D fighting for 4 players, charismatic characters (Veigue reminds me a strange mix of cold and unsociable type like Squall with Sephiroth/Lenneth appearance), great plot and nice dialogues (I played ToR with printed script). I dreamed about Tales of Rebirth English localization, I wanted to buy it even in high price – but Namco never released it outside Japan. Yeah, I have Japanese PS2 version – I spent about $90 for it (include packages from Japan to Russia). But if someone will release an English patch for PS2 version – I ready to thank this man with x5 donation – as if I’ll buy this game again 5 times in row! That is my wish. I don’t know if it will be granted one day or not, but your Tales of Innocence release give me some hope. It’s so great to play the game which was oriented for Japanese people only – to play in international language – English. And that’s all thanks to Absolute Zero Translations.

    Thank you, guys. You’re really great. And please forgive my poor English 🙂

  6. The fact that these folks are translating Tales games at all is enough for me. I haven’t played a Tales game (US localized or J Import) that I didn’t like. I got hooked on the Tales of Destiny characters the moment I saw the interaction between Stahn and Dymlos. The style of story telling and plot twists left me in stiches. Just playing through my import of director’s cut with my little (half-)script in hand and I can just barely keep along.

    ToD was well worthy of being remade and polished. The fact that Namco couldn’t present this gem to us, even after completely re-tooling, is a tiny slap in the face. That’s why we have the coding/hacking community out here that says, “Well if they won’t do it, damn it I will.” Often without asking for a penny, shilling, pence, whatever you carry around…with nothing else but the satisfaction of an epic job well done.

    Of course praise from us helps some, but does little to help the stress they work with.

    Bottom line, be happy he, or ANY of these folks do this work. If the title you were hoping for isn’t the one they are doing today, perhaps someone else will be inspired by what these folks are doing and attempt their own. Same way any of them get inspired to do work on a great title that never was given justice for localization.

    Innocence is one more check off the list, and a major one.

    Thank you to all the folks who contributed to this and all past and future translation projects. The first time I finished the translated Seiken Densetsu 3, I was ready to play it again for a different ending. When I finished the Super Famicom Tales of Phantasia, I felt a strong urge to stand and applause.

    Epic storytelling takes talent, and I’m pleased to see it again.

    And on a personal note…about your Tipos (lol). If you’ve ever played an MMO in your life, you learn to not care about typos as long as the meaning isn’t lost, so don’t sweat it. ^_^

  7. As I’ve said before on the Gamefaqs failure boards where they’re deleting posts left and right, your patch is amazing.

    You and Kingcom and everyone else threw an amazing amount of work into this, and it shows. Beautiful font choice, excellent editing, amazing script, perfect localization.

    Bamco should buy the patch off you and sell it in America, that’s how good it is.


  9. Great job, it’s not so far from being perfect.
    Take a deserved rest now

  10. haha, iv enjoyed watching it rise in gamefaqs power too. Huge thanks to you guys!!!

  11. so???? how about translating tales of the tempest???/1!!!!

  12. there’s always thing to do after the end of the world they said.^_^d

  13. I would just like to say thank you for all your hard work, many gamers are very grateful

  14. Thank you guys for your amazing work !
    I was hoping Namco Bandai to release some of their best Tales of in vain, and i just found your patch !

    I’ll be watching yout next work carefully, and again what a wonderful job !!!

  15. This is the most amazing fan translation (and one of the best translations of a J game in general) that I have played. I am so glad you guys followed through and finished it. I have enjoyed TOI for the past week more than I have any other DS game. As for your next project I would suggest Tales of the Tempest (since ToV PS3 is pretty much impossible).

  16. Thanks again guys. I am loving ToI.
    About a new project, I am not aware of the difficulties, but, as a fan, it would be awesome to play Tales of Rebirth.

  17. Anyone else having problems saving after patching?

  18. troughhim413 and KingCom, I want to thank both of you guys for your hard work, I’ve been following this project for 1 and a half year now, and I’m glad you guys took your time making such an incredible project!!
    I’m looking for to any new co-op between the 2 of you, again, you both did a great job!

    God bless


  19. I know everybody’s already said this, but you folks have my sincerest thanks for the great translation work you’ve done. I basically ignored all links to my social life and responsibilities for the past three days while I hacked my way to the ending of ToI. Doesn’t help that I’ve been helping my school out with field preparations and I’ve caught a nasty cold, but twas worth the manic hours of fun nonetheless.

  20. Infinite Thanks!! *__*
    You owe your place in heaven for that xD

  21. Much love to you guys for the awesome hard work on this translation patch.

    Having fun grinding around ToI and stealing from every monster 😛

    Looking forward to ToD:DC translation in the future as well, as that game is one of my top Tales of games also 😀

  22. @sargo:

    Hey, I actually like Tales of the Tempest, so don’t start bashing it!
    In fact, I love it more than the original non- translated Tales of Innocence, and maybe after Tales of Destin- OW! Who threw that!? Anyway, Tales of the Tempest is great by my standards, but having to constantly go on my computer to read the translation guide takes away a bit of the experience, so maybe Tempest could be the fourth project? Of course, Absolute Zero doesn’t have to do anything if they don’t want to. They are using their free time, after all.

  23. Thank you so much!
    When I play it, i even forget it’s an japanese game!
    This is the best translation ever!

  24. congrats :3 hope things are fun and that you are taking a well earned break!

  25. thanks for the patch XD. hope you trnslate tales of the tempest!!!:):):):):):):):):):)XDXDXDXDXDXDXDX

  26. thank you very much bro! this a very awesome game ^^V
    just one more Tales Of Heart i hope it is finished to ^^V

    thx u vry much

  27. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the end result of Tales of Destiny Director’s Cut, especially Leon’s side.

    I’ve played through it using Kirby’s Wiki Script & chibimazoka’s LiveJournal Script, but that certainly wouldn’t halt me from playing it again with what you and PhantasianProductions have to offer up.

  28. would you guys ever consider doing a tales of graces translation??

  29. @ Yuri Lowell: Go to the forums and you’ll see something nice.

  30. I see very little attention was payed to my last post.

    Throwing out requests for translation projects here…is a bit arrogant. I may be taking some liberty here, but I do not believe that inane requests for, “hope you translate this Tales of…[this one]” are going to be heard.

    Let these fine folks finish what they themselves have committed to before making requests. And (again assuming liberties) assuming there even IS another translation project after ToD:DC is completed, there will most likely either be:

    1. A forum poll to decide popularity of said next Tales based on “feasibility”.

    2. A preconceived notion of what THEY want to do next. (It is their work after-all)

    3. Indefinite time off.

    Save requests for another time. Stick to congratulations or other forms of celebration. They just got another one done!

    Or better yet, I’ll leave a motto behind that is wonderful to commit to memory. A colleague of mine in the X-Wing Alliance Modding Community once coined, “If you don’t like it, make your own.” (Thank you Darksaber, you know who you are.)

  31. Game of the Year? 😀

  32. im willing to help translating tales of the tempest!!

  33. lazerbeam666, you seem very confused. We have never and are not now taking translation requests. We choose projects based on what we want to work on, so you can stop spamming posts about Tales of the Tempest.

  34. Yo this is awesome congrats on your completion I’m glad to see the progress.

  35. Have you played Blood Of Bahamut? is it good?

  36. thank you for english patch. i really want to play this games but tales’ series are all japanese…

    your patch is a nobel work!!

  37. You patch is great, It’s a shame that a fan had to do it instead of Namco though,they really should take more care of their fanbase.

    A question, what level of japanese is necessary to understand the story in Tales games? (with my current knowledge the only thing I can do is use the menu and items). I’m seriously thinking of learning japanese, most, if not all of my pastimes come from there and the more languages I know the better (actually english is not my rpimary language either).

  38. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR THE PATCH! I’ll admit i had doubts when i downloaded this, but the patch is increadible; you have all the slang perfectly knit, all the jokes are great, i’m level 20 and i havent seen a typo yet and no grammar mistakes to my knowledge. the Quality is amazing, i feel like i’m playing a real import, except possibly even better cause all the colloquial stuff is so nicely implemented.

    Thank a bunch, I wish you luck in whatever else you wanna do and i will be awaiting you’re next translation project with great anticipation.

  39. Hey there, big fan of Tales games and I just found the translation was finished today. I never got the notice email that was signed up for on the site, but oh well that doesn’t matter. Anyway, just wanted to say the translation is excellent, and I cannot wait for the possibility of the future ToD PS2 release. ToD is by far my favorite Tales and actually one of the best games ever made, and I’ve always held a grudge against the Japanese game industry for no longer translating tons of great games. Thank god for fan translators who do what should’ve been done years ago, heh. Good luck on the other Phantasia translation, and hope one day the massive population for fan translations on games like these and Mother 3 will show the Japanese there really is a market for these games. I mean honestly, they’ll translate all those girl games for the DS, but won’t translate their own best games? It’s a sad day for the English speaking gamers of the world, heh.


  40. The patch was excellent especially in the name translation of Artes and skits. Hope someone do the patching in Radiant Mythology 2 for the PSP.

  41. I read the interview, and I really agree with ‘Don’t lean on Japanese’ line that you spoke of. The term that you used in this game (Like Devaloka and Naraka, if you really do changed them) is really intresting. It was as if I’m playing a real tales games that was translated officially.

    …Thank you for translating this game. I really do appreciate it.

  42. I just want to thank throughhim413 amd Kingcom and anyone who helped with this project! Tales is my favourite RPG and I am ENJOYING Innocence! and knowing that my favourite game of all time is being translated… TOD director’s cut! thanks you so much for taking the time to bring us these wonderful titles… ;_; you guys ROCK!!

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