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By • August 1, 2010

Normally I don’t believe this kind of stuff works, but at this point, any chance to make our voices heard is a good one! So if any of you have PSN accounts, please head over to the Playstation Blog and let them know we want more Tales games localized!

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  1. I’m on my way… Hopefully we get more of a response from Sony/Namco-Bandai as this is Sony’s official blog site.

  2. I will support this but after Graces I lost almost all hope in the localization of other Tales titles. I think the only way to call their attention is doing something huge like cosplaying the Statue of Liberty as Rita or having Obama ask for localizations dressed as Barbatos.

    Anyway, voted +.

  3. Please i would like to play tales of graces in english i have imported graces it for the wii but the thing about tales games isn’t just the battle system its the lovable characters and morals that are forever instilled in me and that can only be done by learning Japanese or by your gracious attempts of negotiations to bring the ps3 version to us

  4. is useful to write an article on my site talking about the translations that u have done and about so many player want the Tales of localized?

  5. major lol @ Kokia XD

    As for your question Sampras, I would say yes. I think any contribution to the cause will help. It might even turn the people that acess your site interested in Tales games and willing to protest against the lack of localizations. πŸ™‚

  6. No.1 Sony has no say in a localization so I don’t see why posting on there blog will make any difference.

    No.2 The Tales Studio has recently stated they are near bankruptcy.

    No.3 You are far more likely to get a localization on a nintendo console than a sony one. Graces was a “mothership” and still never got translated that should tell you something.

    No.4 Namco Bandai has been pretty consistant on not releasing almost zero games outside of japan for quite a while.

    No.5 They don’t make enough profit outside of japan, the only thing that speaks english to a business is money, and Namco Bandai is no exception.

    But don’t let my words get you down, maybe the unlikely will happen, stranger things have happened.

  7. Darkness speaks the truth, sadly D:
    The future of possible english tales games will prolly be more dependent on unofficial translations now. I’m still hoping for the official ones tho. Can’t stop hope πŸ˜€

  8. Sony can throw money at it to make it happen. If Tales Studio is really in financial trouble, having a publisher offer to take on some of the risk should be an attractive offer. I don’t really see Nintendo consoles as more likely since we have to consider the core gamer fanbase, not just the install base. Like you said, left to their own devices, Namdai has made it pretty clear that they’re not going to push with a lot of localizations. With Phantasia GBA, it was Nintendo helping to fund the localization. With Vesperia, it was Microsoft. I don’t see any reason why Sony couldn’t do the same. It’s a long shot, I’ll admit, but it’s better than no shot. We can’t really end up any worse than where we’re at now, I figure.

  9. Darn, I have no PS3 nor PSP.

    Ironically, if the next tales game were to come out on only ps3, I would probably buy one (I bought the x360 for vesperia :))

  10. 1. Sony had no say in localization YET. But Nintendo and Microsoft already did, so Vesperia PS3 can be the beginning of change.

    2. Yes, but that may be an call to change the way they’re working. “Ignore our western fanbase” has been their motto, therefore, ignoring a massive potential market. Things like releasing Vesperia for 360 in Japan at that time but not releasing the PS3 version in the west on the summer drought were just burning money.

    3. Yes, ToG wasn’t localized, but it wasn’t the only mothership title that never left Japan. Others like ToR and ToI were never translated either, but everyone says it’s because some were for handhelds; ohers in 2D; etc. but Namdai never stated those were the reasons. People just figured it out on their own, so the non localization of Graces doesn’t need to be considered the Apocalypse for localizations.

    4. Read topic #2.

    5. I still believe the west market could be highly profitable, and localizing ToV for PS3 by themselves or letting another publisher do so could give them the boost they need.

  11. Agreed in everthing but I wanna add sumthing to #2 namdai is also known 4 localizin some crap games but ignoring other great ones and im not talking only about tales of games. But yea thats one thing that I never understood. I even made a topic in GS about the localization of ToG and everybody said that it was likely 2 be localized cuz it was in 3d and was for a home console. I searched but never really found anything so i figured it was fan made logic. And I will support dis to, like thoughhim said it cant get any worse than this and going all pessimistic and staying idle wont help at all I myself will buy a wii if ToG gets localized or if the patch really comes to be.

  12. Voted, and had my girlfriend vote as well. I can only hope that Sony sees this and considers it a profitable project. First day buys for any Tales that gets released.

  13. I have not PS3 nor PSP. I am waiting for Tales of Graces translation and Tales of Hearts translation.

  14. It’s an even battle in my brain between Darkness and RsilensR posts but I agree with toughhim, doing nothin won’t help so I’m voting up.

  15. I’m hoping more for Tales of Graces F than Vesperia.

  16. Voted.

    I’m still hoping for ToD2, but I would be satisfied with the localization of Vesperia for PS3. For everything thoughhim and RsilensR said and I say we can’t lose hope. SO VOTE! πŸ˜€

  17. Yeah we need more tales game in engslih IMO

  18. Lol, I just did. I stabbed in their brains that PS3 ToV & ToGF needs english treatment.

  19. Just heard about Tales of Graces F, now I can’t even look at my ToG copy for Wii without getting furious and disgusted. Now I’m REALLY happy Tales Studio is near bankrupcity, I hope this ToGF becomes a major disaster and deal the final blow to Tales of Sony. The only thing that makes me happy is that ToG never made it to the US so this time the ones who got mugged were the japanese Tales fans that don’t own a PS3.

  20. Well, i know these posts have explained what we, the west want, but it saddens me that the western localizations of tales games may still never see British shores, and while i will fight for this cause, i hope that these games are localized to a broader area.

  21. Luckily ps3 is region free for games. As long as an english version is released you’d be able to import it and play it.

  22. I am british, from Wales, and when I want to buy a game that I cannot find in my country I simply import it, I do not think it gets all that more expensive. As long as these games get released in english I will be satisfied.

    I am on vacation in Brazil right now and a lot of my mates here often import too, but dear, the games and consoles sold in stores here are REALLY expensive.

  23. I was under the impression that companies had shown interest in localizing the Tales of games already, but they got turned down by Namco. I just can’t see this working, there is no risk in Namco outsourcing the games for localization so it’s kind of weird that there is so few of them getting translated.

  24. @Screw these Namdai bastards

    I agree, I’m sick of them releasing a bug filled version and then releasing a superior version on a sony console.

    Call it whatever you want, but they completely spit in the faces of all fans everytime they do this, Oh except for sony fans. They can always expect a better version later on.

    Using paying customers as beta testers without them knowing it and then releasing a fixed version with additional content is a disgusting practice.

  25. @Himeka

    This can screw over Sony fans as well. Alot of people have more than one system and it sucks to pay for one just to have a better version come out on a system you also own

  26. ^ But those are a minority, besides Tales of Graces F looks highly superior and have a longer history so it’s even more worthy a second purchase than Vesperia for PS3. I ‘m a Tales fan and only have a PS3, but I can imagine how you feel. I won’t deny I’m really happy to have ToG in my console, though.

  27. i hope the older games are tranlated that werent realesed like tales of destiny 2.

  28. You hope for the impossible.

  29. In my opinion, the absolute zero translations group could join Kajitani-Eizan in his Tales of Hearts fan translation. It could be great!!!

    I Watched the demo patch in youtube and I think that it is an interesting project.

  30. I’m an avid fan of tales series, i enjoy playing the series whether they are in raw japanese or english. The moment I saw that the Absolute Zero Translation has a patch the day you posted it, I immediately downloaded it and applied it.

    I would like to express that I’m really happy, happy that you allowed many fans to be able to understand the game, and happy for you guys for your accomplishment.

    I’m currently playing the game. not rushing through it, just playing it one bit at a time in order to fully appreciate it. πŸ™‚

    More power to you guys! Good luck and I’ll be looking forward for your next project. Honto ni domo arigato gozaimasu!!!

  31. Be prepared for long years of studying japanese, because, as far as I can see it, it’ll probably be the only way anyone can properly play Tales games.

  32. I think it’s terrible that the localisation of Tales games is so bad, considering they’re superior in terms of gameplay to the Final Fantasy series. Why, Tales of the Abyss was never released in the UK!

    What makes the game so hard to keep up with is the way it just keeps jumping from console to console. First it was on the SNES, then Playstation, then Gamecube, then Playstation 2, then DS, then Wii and then Xbox 360. You can’t stay loyal to the brand if it keeps leaping around like that; so it comes as no surprise to me that the Tales Studio is in fincancial difficulties.

    No amount of pleading will fix this. Their business model is unsound.

  33. Hello thoughhim, I got a question. I was wandering around the forum and found a topic about a ToP translation script you made. It seems you’re not providing it anymore because “it’s not a good representation of your work”, heh? Well, I must say I totally disagree with you because that was great and really useful, but I accidentally deleted it and can’t find it anywhere anymore =(. But I also read maybe you would do somenthing about it after ToI was done, so… you planning on putting a smile on my face cause I really want to use it to play ToPX in PSP.

    Ah, not that I don’t like your patch, mind you, it’s just that, you know, I can’t use it on FVE and ToPX =P. So…uh please consider it mmmkay? And sorry, I know this post ended up really long. =P

  34. The issue is that at this point, I would end up wanting to retranslate a good portion of the guide, especially considering the additional scenes in ToPX. Putting my pride aside, I just don’t feel like the guide can provide the player a good experience with the game. The translation is weak in many places and just wrong in others. While I know many disagree with me, I would rather not provide a translation than provide one that I know is wrong. Distributing a bad translation is a disservice to a great game. As much as I love ToP, I have too many other projects that need my attention to spend the time it would take to update the guide. So I’m sorry, but I don’t have any plans to repost it at this time.

  35. You’re sorry? :3 Haha I love how humble your posts are even though you do this all for free. Your decision is a bit disappointing but totally comprehensible, so I hope you succeed in all your projects and, you know, don’t overdo it. So, uh…peace! ;D