Alive and, well…

By • October 31, 2010

I’m alive, anyway. Happy Halloween! I had been meaning to make an update for several weeks now, but couldn’t seem to find the words. Perhaps it’s because I don’t have anything of great importance to announce at this point. I have a few projects in the works, but I didn’t feel it would be productive to start talking about them way out in the future. So what’s going on for now…

An updated Tales of Innocence will be coming at some point. Our intention is to make this the only update to the patch unless it becomes possible to fix the multiplayer somewhere down the line. All of the fixes will be minor grammar issues and bug fixes. There was only one crash discovered and it only occurs in association with a few of the ultimate recipe events. None of the issues were critical, so we didn’t feel it was worth delaying other projects to work on the v1.1 patch immediately. That being said, if you encountered any spelling, grammar, or technical issues that we haven’t been informed of, please do let us know about them so that we can fix them for the updated patch. Eventually we’ll get around to finishing the fixes, though Kingcom wants to get some other projects out the door first and I’m working on several others anyway.

If you follow the Tales of Graces project, you may have seen the announcement that I will be helping on their project. I will be checking the translation and hopefully continuing to assist with the localization process through the editing phases. I had started my work, but after doing a portion of the game’s introduction, decided that my initial belief that I could check the translation without having played the game was misguided. While it’s easy to ensure that a Japanese translation is correct, I can’t ensure that the game is being localized without context. So I bought the game and I’m currently waiting for it to arrive. I am currently taking a break from the translation check for now since anything I do now would need to be rechecked when I had the game anyway. It will take more work and more time, but a real localization is worth the effort it takes to get there. I want to do everything I can to help the project achieve its full potential. Other members of the Tales fan community are also lending a hand to help maintain continuity and quality with the rest of the series and the relevant fan projects.

Tales of Destiny is still on the backburner for now. Well, not completely. I am poking at it from time to time. But as previously announced, work on the project won’t really get back up to speed until both Absolute Zero’s Tales of Innocence and Phantasian Productions’ Tales of Phantasia project are complete. I have plenty of work to do on other projects as-is, so I’m thankful I don’t have two projects in full swing at the same time. Even if Phantasia were done right now, I wouldn’t be able to do any more on Destiny than I already am. When I do get back to this project, I want to give it the attention it deserves.

Things are busy, but fun. Regardless, Absolute Zero isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Hopefully we’ll have your continued support in the future.

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

32 Responses to “Alive and, well…”

  1. Great to hear throughhim. Have fun playing Graces when it arrives!

  2. thanks for all your works Troughhim! i am looking for playing Graces and Destiny for ps2 ( a friend of mine said that is a fantastic game)!
    And thanks another time for the great work in Tales of Innocence!!

  3. Thanks for the great translation of ToI. Does anyone know that happens with Tales of Hearts project translation?

  4. Nice !

    And Tales of Graces translation looks promising, hope the best for this team (and you) !

  5. I started playing ToP using your translation patch last week – and I must say it’s amazingly well made, putting the vast majority of official localizations to shame. I’m very pleased to see you’re still active on the scene, and will eagerly await your further releases. Keep up the good work!

  6. Really glad to hear from you again, can’t wait to hear about the projects you’re working on. I can’t get that excited about Graces yet as I’m sure to play the PS3 version (have no Wii) and even with a patch there’s too many logistic issues to overcome.

    About Tales of Destiny…. I really, really wish it was an Absolute Zero only project for various reasons. I would love to eat my words on this though.

  7. By any chance, do you know about any group that is doing a translation of the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia?

  8. Tales of Graces is indeed a great game, I still quite don’t get why it hasn’t been localized. I’ll really be disappointed by nintendo, if sony’s version of graces gets localized.

  9. Goddammit you crazy mofo, you work too hard.

    Anywho, the translation you did on ToI was amazing and I decided to play your translation of ToP too. Seriously, a good translation really enhances the experience of a game.

    Thanks a bunch! =)

  10. Thanks for your work on Graces Throughhim!

    Those bastards bought the publishing part of Atari to publish games in Europe, they even promised to release Graces this summer, but do we get new Tales games? Noooooooooo…. Son… am dissapoint

  11. Glad ur still there ^^

    Keep on with the hard work.. I’ll be waiting anxiously for ur devoted works to Tales of Graces as well :3

  12. Glad to hear your still going. Ive been watching the tales of graces translation, and i’m really excited! Gonna be a bummer when i need to buy the game though. The thing seems pretty rare and expensive on ebay.

  13. Hey ThroughHim, whatever happened to your Demon’s Blazon translation??

    Will it ever see the light of day??

  14. I’m not really sure. I haven’t talked to the guy who was doing the hacking in a long time. I had actually forgotten about it until you mentioned it just now.

  15. Hi throughhim! I have a question on your collaboration working on the translation project for Tales of Graces PS3. How exactly will the patch work on the console? Does it need some special hacking device? I did read that the Systerm version should not be above 3.41.

    (Sorry. I’m curious about how the patch works on the PS3. I really don’t have a PS3 right now but probably will have one in the near future and it might as well be good to know how to use it first.)

  16. You have to be on 3.41 or below so that you can make use of the exploit that allows one to run homebrew on the system. It will be a version of Riivolution, so it will still require you to have the disc in the drive, but if the Wii version is any indication, it shouldn’t be difficult to use. But to be honest, I’m not really up to speed on how all of that will work either, so I don’t have the full answer to your question. I’m collaborating in the context of translation checker, so anything outside of that is beyond the scope of what I’m doing.

  17. ehi troughhim413, can i ask a little question? i am studying japanese (only since 3 months ago) i am doing hiragana and katakana now, i was thinking one thing: how many kanji do i need to know to understand or playing the tales of? thanks!

  18. The start of this post seems to hint that you have other projects besides the ones mentioned. Tales of Rebirth, I reckon.

  19. I see. Thanks for the reply. By the way, do you know if any other translation project teams that you could think of are working (or thinking of working in the near future) either on Tales of World: RM2 or Tales of VS?

  20. So, you are going to support the Tales of Graces project, but you’re not going to support the Tales of Hearts project?

    I just wonder something. I can quite understand that you have translated ToP and ToI, because the PSX emulators are quite good and usable by many computers, and ToI is a DS game that can be played on an emulator or a flashcart (which is, of course, not quite legal). But you’re going to translate a PS2 game and you’re going to support a Wii game. If someone has Tales of Destiny PS2 or Tales of Graces Wii in possession, how’s he/she going to make that game from Japanese to English IF the patch is done and published? And don’t say emulator, please, because my computer is one of the many ones that can’t play PS2 games, neither can play Wii games on the emulators.

  21. As a Tales fan, I want to see all quality projects out there succeed. Tales of Hearts is certainly no exception.

    There are a number of solutions for the PS2, but the basic answer is that you’ll rip a copy of your PS2 game, apply the patch on the computer, and then burn a DVD with the patched ISO. Using Swap Magic or a similar solution will allow the PS2 to play burned discs. HD Loader will also work, but it’s a bit more complicated.

    As for Graces, the patch is going to use the Riivolution patching solution, which requires Homebrew Channel on the Wii and the Tales of Graces disc in the system. It applies the patch at launch and runs like a normal game from there.

  22. please troughhim translate Rebirth for ps2! i know so many players that have the game playing with boring scripts!!

  23. I love your ToI translation, but I don’t understand why you have to do a ToP, because it is already localized in North America. I have it for my gba. Not being critical or anything, I just think it is unecessary.

  24. it was necessary! the Gna version was really bad! the psx version was fantastic

  25. The GBA version was the worst way to experience the game. The gameplay and visuals in the GBA version were horrid and the localization also left a lot to be desired.

  26. well, here i am commenting, thanks for traducting innocense and phantasia, i liked both, just tell me something… do you help kaji in something other than providing a forum? its just a question ¬¬

  27. Well, if you look at the readme for the Tales of Hearts demo, you’ll see that I provided some support there. Beyond that, there’s good communication between all of the Tales fan projects these days in terms of standardizing terminology and just pushing each other to be the best we can be.

  28. ok, thanks for saying it (i never read the readme’s, I have to learn to look at them >.<), if you someday plan to make an SPANISH (yeah, spanish) translation, you can count me in ^^

  29. I have played your Tales of Innocence, it’s awesome but there is a thing that annoying me, it’s the name of that two worlds, the upper-land is called Devaloka right? and the under-land is called Naraka. I’m OK with Devaloka but Naraka is a bit annoyed. Because I’m a Buddhism and our belief was orinal from Hindu we believe that there are three worlds, the heaven, human world and the hell. We call the heaven “Devaloka” human world is “Loka” and the hell we call “Naraka”. And according I played the game my under standing tell me that there are only two worlds in the game they are the land of God and the land of human that’s mean the “Naraka” should translate into “Loka” will be better (just in my opinion).

    PS. My English is poor please let me know if I have something mistake or use the rude word to you and please forgive me if I misunderstand your translation and thank you for your hard work.

  30. I did take that into consideration when I was doing the translation, but I went with Naraka because I wanted it to convey the concept that it was a world of punishment. I suppose being cast out of heaven would be a punishment regardless, but to the people who were cast down, it really would be a “hell.” They were robbed of their divine powers and their life in the heavenly sphere. Over the ages, as people grew used living in that hell, it would’ve just become the regular world that they knew, but it was initially intended as a prison, a punishment. So that’s why I went with Naraka. Hopefully that makes sense.

  31. Thank you for your answer throughhim413,it really makes sense if it goes this way. Now I know the reason that you use “Naraka” and enjoy with the game, thanks very much.

    PS. Oh! how about your tales of heart translation project, I’m waiting to see the complete version.

  32. thanks for the great work in Tales of Innocence and about the crash that occurs in one of the ultimate recipe events i thought it wasn’t a bug and continued searching for it until i heard of it. i found it in my first walkthrough