SRWJ released at The Romhacking Aerie!

By • December 26, 2010

Kingcom, Tales of Innocence’s superstar hacker, and Deets, the graphical wizard and diligent tester, have just released their Super Robot Wars J translation! Congratulations to the whole SRWJ team for a release long in the making! I know that a lot of love and hard work went into this project, so help them to celebrate this release by giving the game a spin! The patch can be found at The Romhacking Aerie.

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3 Responses to “SRWJ released at The Romhacking Aerie!”

  1. The Super Robot Taisen J patch has been a long time coming!!!
    I’m gonna savor this one like a fine wine.

  2. cool, this will be great 😀

    also hows the tales of hearts that other gruop is doing? they like, NEVER update there page, i mean ya there mainly working, but how about just a post like, IM ALIVE! xD

    also IDK why but for a moment you reminded me of tomato for mother 3 0-0 …whatever l8r days 😀

  3. Kaji’s still moving on Tales of Hearts. He updates reasonably often, I think. The most recent update was December 25th.

    His site:

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