Graces, ect.

By • February 4, 2011

I have to be honest. I’ve been around the Tales scene for a while, but this week was the first time I really felt ashamed to be a part of it.

But first, the news: A Tales of Graces f English localization has been announced! Just when it seemed like the series was down for the count, it bounced back! Thanks to Namdai for making this happen and to all the fans who passionately petitioned them for it. As a result, the Tales of Graces Fan Translation has made the difficult decision of halting work on both the Wii and PS3 Graces translations. It’s not easy for a team that worked so hard on a game to give it up, but the staff agreed that we wanted to support the official localization as best we could. I was proud to see everyone come together in making that decision as I was to be a part of the project while it lasted. So why was I talking about being ashamed to be a Tales fan?

Following the almost miraculous announcement of Tales of Graces for localization, people immediately started asking about Vesperia PS3. Some of it was just innocent curiosity after the tease on ataleoftworichards, but others were clearly upset that Graces had been announced and not their game of choice. Guys, honestly? There’s nothing wrong with wanting Vesperia PS3 or any other Tales game. We all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to what we’d like to see localized. Personally, I’d love to see all of them localized. But can’t we at least appreciate and celebrate what we’ve been given? To do otherwise just seems to horribly ungrateful. We’re better than that. Let’s prove that by getting out and supporting Tales of Graces f with our purchases when it’s released. This decision came about because of passionate fans, but we can’t be content with that. This is our chance to help fuel a revival of the Tales series in the West.

Second source of disappointment… On the forum, there were all of these comments begging the Graces team to continue the fan translation of Graces (mainly the Wii version). Let me be very clear on my opinion on this if I haven’t been previously: Fan translations are not here to replace official localizations. Likewise, I don’t believe it’s our place to compete with them. I have always worked on every project with the stance that if an official localization is announced or if a company asks me to halt a project, I would do the right thing and stop the project. That is how the traditional fan translation community has always operated. As an unofficial translator, I am fully aware that all of my work could be for naught at any moment. However, I would nonetheless see an official localization as a blessing and welcome it. I am surprised that fans seemed to have different expectations. A number of people expressed what I can only describe as a sense of entitlement to a Graces fan translation because they had purchased a Japanese copy of the game. While I can sympathize with those now faced with the decision of buying a second copy of the same game, no one ever forced you to buy it. When you made that purchase, you had to weigh the benefits with the risk that the patch would never be completed for one reason or another. Considering the number of projects that are never completed due to lack of interest or dedication, I think that one that ends because we’re getting something even better is still worth celebrating. The fact that there are two versions of Graces doesn’t change the math. The Graces team made the right decision in deciding to halt both projects at this time. Our first responsibility is to support the series that we love. If all we do is clamor loudly and then fail to show up at the crucial moment, we’ll just prove to Namdai that they were right about not localizing all along.

When Namdai steps up and localizes a game, we all win. And when that doesn’t happen, we have a strong (although young) fan translation community to fall back on. From where I’m standing, the future of the Tales series in the West looks bright. As for Graces, I’ll be picking up a copy on day one. (Namdai, if you include all of the DLC costumes and such as extras, I’ll buy three!)

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  1. ‘Sup everybody, i have a little oppinion in this amazingly good news

    Frist of all i agree with the Tempus team to halt the project, it’s the best to do in both moraly ang logicaly ways.. kudos!

    What im not ok with, is about the namco’s people statements, they say that Graces F is coming to america, so they’ll left the wii version behind and kind of dissapoint the wii owners who want the game. Not all the wii owners have a PS3 neither can afford one, or are stupid enough to buy an incredibly expensive console for just one game, there is also the mistake that if they do that, they miss a huge amount of sales for wii owners, and there is also the fact that most of PS3 owners are Hardcore gamers, so they wouldn’ have much interest in a game like Graces… there is also the fact that Making and translating PS3 games is a higher investiment, since they are more complicated, and also blu-ray material is expensive, and Graces is a game that doesn’t require much of grapics processing, so what im telling is this…

    They can either translate Both versions, or bring Graces F for both consoles.

    But you see what my problem is? they only said that they are localizing Graces F, wich means that they can also easily make a wii tales of graces F, and left a side the PS3 wich would also dissapoint a lot of people, the same happens if they only bring for ps3, they could bring both, but c’mon, life its not that good and they wouldn’t invest a little more of money in anything else that Pacman.

    I have the theory that namco would easily drop the project, so i recomend Tempus’s team (if someone reads this insanely large comment) to save al the translation’s progress data, so if that happens, they can continue with the project and recover all those hours of work.

    Sorry about the large comment, i had a lot to say XD

    Who seconds this?

  2. Well, I’ll be frank:

    Wii owners CAN play ONE “Tales of” game in english. PS3 owners CAN’T.


    That said, all I want is to play at least ONE “Tales of” game in my PS3 until the end of this year. I’m sick of trying to feel the same as I felt playing “Tales of” games throughout the years while playing Eternal Sonata. lol

  3. Metakev, I think you have a fundamental misunderstanding of the costs associated with localizing games. In this case, the question is “Do the potential sales of the Wii version offset the additional costs associated with porting assets to a localized Wii version?” While some of the things that you mentioned might play into that, they are tiny factors in a much larger process. Honestly, we don’t know what exactly is going into the Namdai thought process in terms of localization. We don’t even know for sure that a Wii version isn’t coming. (Though it certainly looks that way.)

    In any case, there’s almost no chance of an official localization being dropped after it begins. Companies analyze the costs and benefits up front. Dropping it partway through would be an even bigger waste of resources than doing nothing.

  4. well think i got carried away, you’re right, they wouldn’t drop the translation after beggining it or it would be a bigger waste…

    It would be really amazing that the game comes in both consoles… but there is also the rumor that there is going to be a Graces F version for the wii… Wich would be a safer bet to localize the game for Namco… That’s what i heard… remember sympphonia 2 and Vesperia? Well symphonia had a bigger sucess than vesperia even with some bad reviews that it got… so for this experience, namdai safer bet comes on the wii… but what do i know? Let’s just wait and cross our fingers for the game to appear in both consoles and support it with our purchases so we can get more tales games to america, and give a rest to fan translators…

    Thanks for replying 😀

  5. to RaMestre, yeah, wii has a tales game in english, but most of the people didn’t like it, if Graces F comes in both consoles it’ll be a huge BOOM!!! could you imagine the awesomeness of the sucess of Graces in america could make Namdai localize more tales games? if that happens then our ttranslator friends can catch a break…

    P.D: I hope Tales of the abyss 3D comes to america too 😀

  6. Fans of games like Tales always complain. Most of the people who complained about no Vesperia PS3 because they couldn’t have a loli pirate and some newer costumes, seriously. Some people complain because they can and others do it for very trivial reasons; such as the one I have already brought up, or the infamous “we want a Japanese voice work choice!” complaint.

    I for one is really looking forward to Graces F, hopefully it will sell well enough to persuade Namdai to bring more Tales/games over. 🙂

  7. *pulls hair out* >.>

    Mekatev, No. Just no. Let me see here…

    “and there is also the fact that most of PS3 owners are Hardcore gamers, so they wouldn’ have much interest in a game like Graces… ”

    I believe you flipped PS3 owners with the Xbox 360 owners. The PS3 has a hardcore community sure… but you must take into account that said community is full of RPG fanboys. Derp.

    Not to mention that with the release of Kinect and the playstation move, and the poor decisions made by nintendo on what games they are letting come into development on their wii, it has become incredibly obsolete. Now there is no next gen console that DOESN’T offer what the Wii does, and they all have superior specs to it too. Face fact! The Wii is just a console full of garbage family fun titles that are incredible half-assed. I’m not saying theres nothing good on it, but theres nothing saving it.

    Short Version: Wiis fun, but it’s been reduced to crap by the better capabilities of both microsoft and sony.

    Next on the agenda…

    Symphonia doing better than Vesperia…

    *groan* I can’t believe no-one knows this.

    Wanna know why symphonia trumped abyss and vesperia? It was because nintendo did their advertising for them. more people got to know the damn game existed in the first place, and thus it became popular. Namco is absolute shit at advertising their tales games in america. It’s the leading factor to why the series doesn’t get enough sales. In other words, the game got advertised and it did better because of it. Shocker.

    Final point…

    Do you know what a MASSIVE waste of money it would be to localize the game on a console NO-ONE plays for RPGS? I don’t know if you noticed, but there are BARELY any good RPG exclusives on the wii, and most of them suck! It’s whole audience is geared towards energetic gaming and moving your body to truly interact with the game itself.

    The way I see it, there are two main reasons the tales series is having trouble.

    1. Cant stress it enough. FRIGGEN ADVERTISE!

    2. It’s console jumping. AKA: Going from PS1, to Gamecube, to ps2, to xbox 360, to wii, to PS3 is absolutely STUPID. I know the games have 0 storyline references to eachother except for destiny and destiny 2, but jumping around like that makes it so less people can experience their games. Plus, depending on which console they started the series on, they might not even realize these games ore even a series, since they are spread out so much.

    When you combine that with how EVERY MOTHERSHIP TALES GAME THAT HASN’T BEEN RELEASED ON A SONY CONSOLE EXCEPT FOR INNOCENCE AND HEARTS HAS BEEN PORTED TO ONE AT SOME POINT IN TIME, it’s a massive drawback. They obviously like sony more, so stick with sony.