Rise from your grave!

By • December 4, 2011

It feels like I haven’t updated the blog in ages. I guess six months is a pretty long time in internet years. I’d be lying if I said that I’ve made much progress on translation projects during this extended silence, but things are finally starting to move again.

The main reason for this post is to announce that Tales of Destiny R is no longer on hiatus! Of course, the resumption of the project doesn’t mean that Destiny’s completion is right around the corner or anything. Tales of Phantasia remains the top priority for Phantasian Productions and I’m still distracting myself with several other translation projects as well. (For more information on ToP and ToD2, Cless has given a detailed update on his site.) Cless is currently working on whipping the Destiny script into a format that will make life easy on all of us from the translation stage through the final editing. For my part, I really need to replay refamiliarize myself with Tales of Destiny before I dive into translating the main script. The menu translation is at a fairly advanced stage, so most of the brute force translation is finished. For me, the script translation typically requires more finesse than the menu and I’m sure Destiny will be no exception. Only time will tell exactly how the project will progress, but for now, I’m thrilled to be able to get it back on its feet.

In other random news:

  • Tales of Innocence R looks… okay. I’m interested to see what they do with it. There’s no doubt that Tales of Innocence left a lot of room for improvement. I’m not loving the ToIR battle videos. Looking much too Radiant Mythology for my tastes. I won’t issue final judgement until I actually get to try it for myself, of course. I’ll almost certainly be picking up a Vita regardless.
  • Tales of Innocence’s v1.1 patch is increasingly looking like it may meet the ToP v1.1 patch’s fate of eternal purgatory. Is anyone still waiting for an updated ToI patch?
  • Tales of Graces’ English localization is supposedly complete. I’m very interested in seeing the results. Personally, the first thing I’m going to do is buy a strategy guide and see what they did with all of the series character names in Carta. Graces is not my favorite game in the series, but with 8-4 on the job, I have high hopes that the localization will allow me to love it in a new way. And, of course, I’m all about supporting the Tales series in any way I can. Everybody get out there and buy it when it’s released!
  • Tales of Xillia keeps tempting me, but the recent announcement that content was cut almost surely signals that Xillia R isn’t far off. I’ll probably be holding out for that.
  • Skyrim is amazing. I can and did spend pretty much all of my free time playing it since it came out. Looking forward to seeing the modding scene explode when the construction set comes out.
  • One Piece is as great as ever. The Hunter X Hunter remake has been excellent so far.
  • Friendship is magic.

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12 Responses to “Rise from your grave!”

  1. Welcome to your doom!

  2. Ah man I know! Isn’t HxH amazing? The ending theme is almost my favourite thing 😀
    Too bad about Hisoka’s voice, I loved the old one.

    I wasn’t too impressed with the fishman-island One Piece arc. Especially the flashbacks were extremely melodramatic and boring for my taste.

    Thanks for the update throughhim, I think a few of us would like the 1.1 patch. But I’d personally rather see you working on new games (aka ToDR or ToD2 ;D~~~~)

  3. The news are most wonderful, indeed. I share a similar sentiment to the Innocence remake; the battle system looks like it could use some work. On the other hand, voice acted skits just make me drool~ Guess we won’t know until it comes out.

    As for Graces F, definetly will be getting a copy. And then maybe we will finally find out Namdai’s official name for the female lead of Tales of Hearts. The thrill!

    Though I’m just betting with myself to see who’ll be voicing who (voice acting geek here). Hoping Brianne Siddall will be voicing one of the children, her kid voice just rules.

    Anyway, great update. You might say it made the blog…..

    ….20% cooler.

  4. Great, GREAT news ToD:DC is amazing…great news to see it coming out of sleep.

    Not to be mean but I could care less about ToI 1.1, ToP 1.1 would be nice, but not needed.

    Xillia F is undoubtedly just around the corner, so I indeed will as well be holding off for that, unless you’re hinting at a TL project. Which I couldn’t do. xD

  5. as Namokaze says, no need to rush a 1.1 ToI update now with ToIR around the corner, I wont be putting myself through the hell that was ToI:DS dungeons again, atleast any time soon. The characters and story was fantastic, so again, thanks for the great translation. and my feeling on ToP at the moment is, would be nice, indeed, though, ToD2/ToDR would be.. ***drooolllla.

    Skyrim? *cough crap *cough. kept be busy for like a week though.
    I am all about FFXIII-2, Tales of Graces f & Diablo 3, which might just all come out on like the same day :\

    Keep up the good work!

    Now get back to work.

  6. w thank u so much 🙂 im excited as i truly was hoping u guys did not cast tales of destiny remake to the wayside for trans. its my favorite and in my opinion one of the tales games with the most replay value.

    i am so grateful for all of your and cless and all invoved efforts and if you ever need help or donation the community here and I would be happy to help.

    stay well

  7. I agree, One Piece is great.

    Not sure what to think about ToIR, since apparently it’s a complete redo of everything. All I know for sure is that everything about QQ (my god that’s an awful name) is horrific.

  8. Friendship is magic!
    and about Tales of Innocence 1.1, I guess most of the people won’t even care to take a look at it, they’ll rather wait for a patch that will fix the Wireless, rather than just some typos…
    That’s why I don’t like partial patch, and your 1.0 was just awesome, I loved both Kingcom and your job, I’m not a native English speaker so my broken english skills haven’t found any flaws ^^

    anyway, nice to see a post here 🙂

  9. Great news to hear that ToD DC project is active again ‘cuz it’s my first to second favourites game in series. I wish you good luck and hope you finish it sucsessfully. Thanks for your hard work on your projects!

  10. I think a patch that adds the wireless mode is a pretty unlikely thing to happen. Emulators don’t look like they are improving, and it’s not important or even usable by many people anyway.
    There are a few flaws in the 1.0 patch though. There’s a crash that I regret, a false positive pointer is causing a certain type of guild quest to give much more money than it should, one of the subtitle options doesn’t work as advertised, and a few minor mistakes here and there. It’s not a tragedy, but also far from perfect.
    It’s also kind of a shame that the Versus style turned out to be too easy to get, to the point where almost nobody knows that there are dozens of possible ways to get it. But that damage has been done already.

  11. I’ m so happy about the end of the haiatus =)

  12. I pretty much forgot about Tales of Innocence after getting my butt stomped in some part of the game. I’m mostly a PSP/PS3 gamer, but I loved Tales of Innocence’s story and combat. What slightly turns me off is the no multiplayer feature which would’ve made this fun with plenty of my friends. But I’m not expecting that to be fixed at all.

    I’ll be getting back into it soon after my annoying nauseous-ness goes away and I step away from my TV. >_>

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