Tales of Vesperia (360) – $15.99 @Newegg

By • July 14, 2012

Anyone still need Vesperia for the 360? Can be had for pretty cheap right now at Newegg. [Newegg]

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

12 Responses to “Tales of Vesperia (360) – $15.99 @Newegg”

  1. out of stock 😕

  2. Sold out! pff.

  3. dead site is dead lol

  4. You’re a dead site.

  5. Well you certainly told him!

  6. OH SNAP!!

  7. at least you still have some loyal puppies to back you up

    by the way there are some new Tales games that will probably never be localized. Why dont you do something useful with all the free time you have now and start a new project? Thats all this site is good for, aside from telling random news about tales.

    on second thought, don’t. ToD idleness is probably sucking way too much time anyway

    Peace Absolute Wasteland.

  8. Peace.

  9. what the hell, “deadly”? entitled bastard.

    it’s not like they owe us something, you know? I’ve already played two titles just because throughhim was kind enough to dedicate his time to doing something for the community.

    if someone owes something, it’s us, and we owe some thanks to him.

    thank you throughhim! peace bro.

  10. The ugly side of the internet. Most groups don’t even finish one project, even after years and years.

  11. I second what deadly said. Over two years without new releases isn’t acceptable in today’s world. Your translations mean nothing without us players. You shouldn’t risk alienating us with your useless posts about stuff that nobody cares about.
    Just translate something, for fuck’s sake! Even if it’s the worst game ever. It’s not that difficult – even I could do it. Just stop slacking off playing games all day.

  12. Please please please…………………..DON’T listen to ANYONE who calls you lazy or demands you release more projects. If Kingcom could do it himself, then maybe he should give it a go. I for one have tried to help with hacking before. I could not even change one line of text without breaking the rom. I know how hard you work, and what you do, you do for free. Tales of Phantasia for the PSX was the most amazing translation I’ve ever played, and the greatest achievement that the entire translation community has ever witnessed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to play the game. Sony and Namco should release your translation on PSN. I would gladly pay full retail for the game.