Tales of Graces f (PS3) – $39.99 In-Store @Gamestop

By • August 22, 2012

If anyone’s been waiting for a price drop, you can get $20 off Tales of Graces f in-store at Gamestop for $39.99. Not bad. Doesn’t look like it’s available online. [Gamestop]

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7 Responses to “Tales of Graces f (PS3) – $39.99 In-Store @Gamestop”

  1. Got mine for about $50

    Considering the prices here in Australia that was pretty good. (You can look at upwards of $80-$90 for a single game…)

  2. Are you planning to ever do anything for ToI:R? Like a script translation or story guide?

  3. C’mon thoughhim, answer me =( No fun in approving my comment and letting it hanging.

    By the way, ToH:R was announced, did you hear?


  4. Heh, sorry about that. I approved it and then got distracted. I don’t have any plans to put together a story guide or script translation at this point. The main reason is that I don’t have any way of playing ToIR and so I couldn’t compare what I’ve done to what would still need to be translated.

    I’m cautiously excited about ToHR. I love Hearts to death, so I’m a bit nervous to see it in the same hands that created ToIR.

    At this point I still can’t justify buying a Vita given the games library and the price, but I am getting closer.

  5. Ah… well I was looking around the forums and read you were excited about ToI:R and was about to buy a Vita. i thought you had one already.

    I gotta admit the only Vita game I have is Little Big Planet, because IMO it’s the only one worth buying now. BUT that’s about to change, Ragnarok Odyssey, Assassins Creed, PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale and Persona 4 are coming. Already got the 4 pre-ordered and I can’t wait for Soul Sacrifice.

    Thanks for the answer, I hope you get a Vita soon. I will definitely import ToI:R if you decide to work on it.

    Cheers. =)

  6. I was planning on buying a Vita when it first came out, but I ended up bailing at the last second. Figured I would play some of the games I already own while I waited to see how its library shapes up. At the moment my only real interests are the two Tales games and Uncharted. I’ve already got both Little Big Planet games on the PS3, so I wouldn’t plan on buying another version.

  7. I see… but if you do get a Vita I suggest you at least try the demo for LBP. I too have both PS3 versions and was reluctant to get a new one, but the touchscreens (both rear and front are used) and accelerometer really add a lot to the game. IMO it’s the best LBP yet.

    And btw, have you ever created a level? I’d love to try it.