Phantasian Productions Releases Tales of Phantasia

By • December 31, 2012

We want to extend our congratulations to Cless and the rest of the team at Phantasian Productions on the release of their Tales of Phantasia PSX patch. The release post and download link can be found at the Phantasian Productions site.

Where many would have given up, Cless and the team persisted through both frustrating technical difficulties and even more frustrating delays. It wasn’t an easy road, but I hope that everyone who worked on the project can look at the final result with a much deserved sense of satisfaction. I know that no one will rest easier than Cless will tonight. If it weren’t for Phantasian Productions, I probably never would’ve found my way into Tales translation in the first place. It was only because someone was already out there blazing trails that I felt like maybe I could do it too. If you’re yet to experience Tales of Phantasia (or even if you’ve already played our patch), make sure to check out what Phantasian Productions has created.

2012 was a pretty slow year at Absolute Zero, but hopefully we can start to change that as we ring in 2013. Things haven’t been at a complete standstill behind the scenes, but that doesn’t mean much to the audience. Hopefully in the next few months we’ll have some good news to share as we work to rekindle the fire and get these projects off the backburner. Thanks to everyone who has stuck with us through the radio silence.

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19 Responses to “Phantasian Productions Releases Tales of Phantasia”

  1. All that is great news, would you continue in other Tales project?, but do they really need to bash your work?
    do you really dont put care in what you do nearly 5 years ago?
    read carnivol post please at romhackingnet

  2. Well, I don’t think Carn’s intention is to bash me, he’s just pointing out what he perceives as the differences between the projects. I don’t think anyone at Phantasian Productions was overly impressed by our work on Tales of Phantasia. That doesn’t mean that two patches can’t coexist or that our teams can’t coexist.

    It’s true that Tales of Phantasia was the first full-length RPG patch that I worked on, but it wasn’t my first full-length RPG translation or my first patch. If you want to see my truly unpolished work, you have to look back further than the ToP PSX patch (and I’ve done my best to make those things disappear). ToP was released when I had been living in Japan for several months, so while it’s true that my Japanese was still improving, I can’t really claim to be an amateur at that point. Does that mean I put my best foot forward with ToP? No, there was, as Carn implied, certainly still room for improvement. In particular, I would’ve liked a little more time to edit the text. I’m not ashamed of my translation by any means, but I do acknowledge its flaws. People were able to enjoy the game in spite of that, so in the end, it wasn’t a wasted effort.

    In any case, it was the process of working on Tales of Phantasia that allowed me to hone my skills and to make me worthy of working on projects like Tales of Innocence and Tales of Destiny going forward. It gave me confidence and it taught me a whole lot about how to manage a translation project. And so regardless of how people choose to view the now “old” translation of Tales of Phantasia PSX, it doesn’t change the fact that it was absolutely crucial not just to my translation skills, but to my life as a whole.

    I mentioned in the above post that I probably never would’ve got into game translation were it not for Phantasian Productions. It is my hope that my presence in this community has also had a positive impact in turn. As of late, we are all working together and pushing in the same direction to try and make the series available to English speakers. We all benefit from the expertise that has developed through our various teams and their various projects. A sense of camaraderie has long since replaced any kind of rivalry.

  3. Is it funny if I say I like through’s patch better? It’s the one I played over 5 times already and I found it perfect. I should give this one a try but after playing through the “old” patch before I don’t even see a reason for yet another translation.

  4. My two cents? Your patch is better, it was made in far less time and, let me say it, your attitude is far too humble considering you’ve been the most successful and prolific Tales translator so far.

    [snipped by throughhim413]

  5. Ronald, first, forgive me for snipping the end of your comment. I understand where you’re coming from, but as I’ve said before, I think that it’s unnecessary to look at the two patches as entities that can’t coexist. Many have played our patch and will be content with that experience. Others have waited for Cless’ patch or want to see what the differences are. I can’t control how others will choose to address them, but for me, Tales of Phantasia is now water under the bridge.

    I assure you that we’ll do the best we can to keep the Destiny project on track. The Destiny team has fewer layers because it will have a single translator and (for the most part) a single programmer. This should make both the editing and testing phases much shorter and easier. Realistically, I fear that my recent sluggish translation pace might end up being what holds the project up more than anything.

  6. are their any major differences between you’re translation and phantasian products? just in case there very different.

  7. i think what through meant is they both understand the situation, and cless only states that maybe because there are many people questioning why they made another patch of ToP while there is already one out.. so i think he said that to get the faqs straight from him rather than having others do another side of the story..
    anyway i know that both parties are in very very good terms and would not let something like this ruin anything

  8. I know this is going to sound picky, but I was totally ready to play their patch…. until they mentioned those extra skits that could or couldn’t be added in a later patch.

    Should I wait for that later patch…? (yes, I guess I do hold skits in high regard. Because….. just… because.)

  9. minohoro, I translated ToP without straying too far from the original Japanese while Phantasian Productions put more time into localizing everything. So there will be subtle (or less than subtle) differences in the script throughout. There are certainly many places where my script could’ve used more localization and I suspect there are at least a few places where Phantasian Productions went overboard with it. Neither is going to be inherently superior to the other in every case. It comes down to personal preference, but I think both versions will be enjoyable to the average player.

    Sahgo, I believe they were talking about enabling skits that were dummied in the final version of the game, so you wouldn’t be missing out on the complete experience if you played right now. The extra skits were elements that the producer or director decided not to make part of the final game. I’m not sure which ones are dummied, so I can’t make a judgment on whether it’s worth holding up playing the game, but I suspect the answer is no.

  10. I have played, your version but never gave up to see the Cless version, now he’s done the work and I very proudly of him and very happy. It was her job of a entire life.


  12. Excuse me, i wonder if there is any chance of a translation of Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X (PSP) has a new story plus a remake of Tales of Phantasia (PSX) it is a full voice version and better sprites in events and battle mode. as the translation of the version to (PSX) is complete I wanted to know if there is any chance that at least is integrated into the remake for PSP and the hope that one day also translates the new story. Finally thank you very much for the patch (PSX) from the bottom of my heart

  13. There’s no way to get it done like we would want to do it at this time. The lack of a fully-functional debugger for the PSP is what’s holding us back. I would love to work on Narikiri Dungeon, but I’m not going to do it if I can’t do it right.

  14. … Question, where did they bash you? ’cause as I read it, in the post he reffered to the patch made for the super famicom version… the one whom didn’t get the difference between mana and houjutsu right, among other engrish stuff… It appeared to me he was saying: “I started the project in 2000 because only super famicom’s inferior translation exists.”

    Unless they talked elsewhere about this translation…

  15. kenshiro’s comment reference a post that Carnivol made on the RHDN forum, which is what I was referring to. There’s a perception, for some reason, that fans of one Phantasia translation or the other need to defend the respective groups. I don’t believe that’s the case, personally. I would gladly defend Cless’ translation just as I’d defend my own.

  16. I have played Tales of Phantasia a decade ago or so on the GBA and watched the Anime. Is it worth it for me to play the PS1 version?

    Oh and on a not related note, what is your favorite Tales and what your least favorite Tales (besides Tempest), throughhim?

  17. The PSX version not only plays far better than the GBA version, it also contains more content. So I’d definitely still recommend it.

    If the spinoffs count, I couldn’t stand Tales of VS or Radiant Mythology. If not, I have a hard time playing the older games like Phantasia for the SFC or Destiny for the PSX.

  18. You are right. I played or attempted to play Mythology and it just sucks. Nothing but Fanservice without substance. At least it was good to see Kratos back with his original voice. Sadly too many characters have different voices there. The opening animation was pretty good, though.

    Thanks for recommending Phantasia. Will check the PS1 version out. Do you have a favorite Tales or does no Tales stand especially out for you?

  19. If I had to pick one, it would probably be Tales of Destiny R, but Tales of Hearts is a close runner up. Phantasia and Vesperia aren’t far behind.

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