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By • January 6, 2013

Cless put up a post on what the post-Phantasia plan is over at Phantasian Productions. Since our joint project with them is Tales of Destiny, I’ll summarize and expand on the relevant news here. Cless’ update can be found at his site and includes info on Narikiri Dungeon and Tales of Destiny 2.

Here’s the the jist with my added commentary:

  • ToD and ToD2 share a lot of similarities, so much of the technical work will occur simultaneously on both projects. The tricky part on the translation and editing front, of course, is ensuring that we maintain the necessary consistency between the two.
  • Cless is going to work on completing the back-end restructuring for ToD first. The main script and skits are basically done, so the menu and interface will be the focus. It’s easy for a mistake here to cause big problems, so it’s going to take some time and patience to get it right.
  • Once the restructuring is complete, we’ll be close to getting the menu patch out. On the translation side of the house, the bulk of the work is done on the menu, but there will likely be some hidden strings and such that have slipped through. That, and I left some of the most painful stuff for last – monster descriptions and story summaries. Once completed, the whole menu will go through some kind of editing process. It will probably have to be edited again for the final patch too. That’s just how it goes.
  • People here are probably used to it, but we’re going to do blog post type updates rather than small incremental ones. You guys know how it goes. When there’s something worth sharing, we’ll share it. If I have translation-specific commentary to add, I’ll do my own updates and if Cless wants to share some of what’s going on with the programming, he’ll do that. Like any project, there will be some lengthy periods of silence at some point. Don’t panic.
  • We’re not going to guess at release dates ahead of time. When we can set a firm deadline, we will, but otherwise we ask for your patience as we balance the project with life.

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35 Responses to “Tales of Destiny Update”

  1. Wow, I didn’t know the translation was this far along. You work fast!

    I just played ToS and ToS:DotNW so I’m all Tales-ed out for the moment, so take your time!

  2. Ai sim viu vou ficar no aguardo desse grande jogo pois sou um grande fã da série.

  3. Honestly for us US Tales fans you and Cless working together is kind of the dream team, I can’t wait to see how awesome your joint work turns out 😀

  4. Take your time, and do it with love. I guess that’s all that really matters in the end (…I just woke up, some of my ramblings are incoherent).

    In the meantime, I’ll stay focused for news on Tales of Xillia~ now *that* is something I wish they’d put a release date for.

  5. it must be tough work for cless though isnt it? you and him may be working on this together, but his group have to work on destiny 2 on their own. its hard work for such mastery isnt it throughhim?

  6. by the way through, i has a question! have you played innocence R yet? if so, is it any good?

  7. I haven’t played it. I don’t own a Vita. I’m not very impressed what what I’ve seen and heard about it, though.

  8. I’m so looking forward to this translation. I wish you two the best of luck.

  9. We are with you Throughhim! godspeed!

  10. hmm well thats a shame. whats turned turned you off about it? the obviously dated graphics? the lack of voice acting for half the skits? qq and kowangi? please tell me!

    also what hearts R? looking forward to that?

  11. Largely the battle system. I really dislike the Radiant Mythology games, so to see mainline games using that visual style and backend is very disappointing to me. While Innocence battle visuals were improved by the remake (even if it did appear more sluggish), Hearts is a huge step backwards. The fast paced action of the original Hearts system is nowhere to be found. I had really high hopes for the DS remakes, but so far I have been completely let down.

  12. well who knows through, maybe we might see a tempest R! that is what we really need!

    though I agree about the battle system. i like radiant mythology but it seems silly that they have to go as far as change the battle system for a remake.

    as for hearts, i agree about the graphical change, but remember that sony hates 2d. by rebirth they really wanted it to be gone, so its best that they do that to please their hate.

    though like i said at the topr, its obvious that they will be remaking tempest what with its constant refrences. its like their trying to make the ds games a trilogy of sorts. and hey if tempest r does well it might be accepted asa mothership again! wont that be awesome!

  13. Hearts R uses TP and I’m pretty sure it’s Satan.

  14. yeah saloma that is a good point. hearts was so unique for tales at the time an yet now 5 years late it seems like its trying to simplify it. thats kinda sucky. but hey you could always just play hearts r for the updated story then the gameplay.

    anyway through, another “have you played?” question! have you played tales of phantasia X? I just got it and its pretty damn fun.

  15. Phantasia X is unquestionably the definitive version of the game. And Narikiri Dungeon X was excellent as well.

  16. You don’t own a Vita but can tell the fast-paced combat is gone? I hope you are not judging that by simply watching videos.

    Both Innocence R and Hearts R have demos, which I have played, and IMO ToI is decent and ToH is good. At the very least it’s no more a cakewalk to finish the game by simply having Shing spamming certain ougis. IMO ToH is by far the easiest game in the series, specially if you use that healing stone.

    Disliking the battle system just because it uses TP is like putting all Tales battle systems in the same basket. They are similar but have very noticeable differences.

    Air combo is still there, you have some cool finishers, and the combat is much, MUCH faster paced then RM3.

    I really hope you get an opportunity to at least try the demo.

  17. whats rondoline like? I’m looking forward to getting her simply so I can use 4 melee fighters.

  18. YARRR, at last! Cant wait to play Destiny and Destiny 2 translated by you guys. 😀

  19. Zad, I am indeed judging largely based on the videos. The original Radiant Mythology’s battle system left such a bad taste in my mouth that I didn’t even consider playing its successors. My greatest fear was that more games would use its cheap interpretation of Team Symphonia’s 3D LBMS and that fear has come to fruition in Innocence R and Hearts R. I will not pretend that this is not ignorance on my part, but I can’t give that battle system or its altered forms a second chance. As such, I would urge everyone to disregard my deeply biased opinion on the matter.

    If I ever get a Vita, I will probably get Innocence R and Hearts R, but I will not be buying the system for them. It’s a purchase I can’t yet justify.

  20. hey through, I have a translation question. \i mentioned up top I was looking forward to playing as rondoline in phantasia. but for some reason a lot of people call he londrine as well. you’re a translator/localizer, can you tell me the real name and why people mix it up so much?

  21. Both Rondoline and Londrine are viable localizations. The fact is that there really isn’t a wrong or right just based on the kana. The R/L sound is the same in Japanese, so it’s really up to the translator to determine what is correct. Sometimes it’s an easy decision because the name will be a reference to other game elements or external mythology. I haven’t really researched her name in-depth, so I can’t really say for sure in this case. Unlike most Tales games, NDX/ToPX doesn’t include Engrish “official” names in the instruction manual. My impression is that Rondoline is more popular English rendering and I suspect that it appeared that way somewhere else (perhaps a Japanese website). That being said, the Japanese renderings of the names have been (rightfully) changed upon localization in the past and the same could very easily happen here.

    So the short answer is that until Narikiri Dungeon X/Tales of Phantasia X gets an official localization, she doesn’t have a “real name” in English. Personally, I call her Rondoline, but that’s simply because it seems more natural to me. I don’t really have a strong opinion on the matter and there’s definitely room for debate.

  22. THANKS THROUGH! you’re really smart about localization.

    have a nice day!

  23. I just realized something. when hearts R come out, every mothership title is gonna be on a sony platform. the only ones in franchise left are tempest, summoners lineage, naridun 2 and 3 and the mobile games.

    just thought i’d tell you all. any thoughts? anyone care at all?

  24. We’ve gotten past the point where TP should be in these games. The original Hearts didn’t use it, Graces (which is pretty much Hearts in 3D) didn’t either and was all the better for it. Xilia brought it back and honestly looks like a step backwards in terms of gameplay, and Hearts R looks closer to a handheld version of that then the original game.

  25. Alfa System hasn’t created a new engine since the original Radiant Mythology, they’ve just continually refined it. So I don’t think it’s necessarily that they love TP, just that they love not having to recreate the engine. I don’t think that’s a perspective that will help move the series forward, but then, that’s not what they’re being paid to do. Xillia’s use of TP is a much larger concern, I would say.

  26. TP doesn’t seem to be stopping RPGfan from loving xillia though. then again the reviewer IS a complete dumbass, so who knows?

  27. so through, another random tales question. out of Every character in this entire franchise, which one do you like the most? I like Chat the most so far if you are wondering.

  28. YES YES!, this it’s my favorite game and I’m been waiting to being translated all over this years, excellent effort guys! we are with you!

  29. Haven’t checked on this site in a month and wow the news I get to read. Very pleased work on these awesome games in the Tales series is recommencing. Tales of Destiny was the first game I ever played in the series and hooked me. The Director’s Cut remake is a goldmine to me.

  30. Question, will this patch be for the PS2 version or the PS1 version?

  31. PS2. It’s for the Director’s Cut version of the PS2 game.

  32. Keep up the good job guys, I can’t wait for playing one of my favourites games all translated to english!!!

  33. I visit this site every day to see if there is an update. Thank you so much for translating Tales of Destiny DC!

  34. Can’t believe work is still going, this is like my birthday! Keep up the awesome work and let us mere mortals know if you ever need anything!

  35. This may seem a bit off-topic but I’m at my wits end already. I used to play ToD2 on my PSP running at 5.03 firmware. But upon updating to 6.20 all I get is a white screen after the Namco Tales Studio screen. Any help or pro tips would be very much appreciated thanks!

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