Kajitani-Eizan Releases New Tales of Hearts Demo

By • January 31, 2013

If you can find it… See his update post here: http://www.blade2187.com/2013/01/31/tales-of-hearts-translators-cut-demo-patch-out/

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9 Responses to “Kajitani-Eizan Releases New Tales of Hearts Demo”

  1. so how far does the patch go this time? Kajitani didnt mention it on the blog.

  2. Its only one area, the demo covers the Hamel Volcano dungeon. Someone should make these guys a Kickstarter.

  3. but paul, what would a kickstarter do for a fan translation group? would it motivate them to work harder?

    If thats the case then we should give as much money as we could. all translators ( like throughim of course) deserve money in the first place for all their hard work. all translators deserve a medal for effort. through, cless, kajitani, everyone.

  4. Money isn’t a motivator for any of the fan translators I know. Money wouldn’t make a project go faster and it’s not the reason that we work on these games. I really don’t like money getting involved in the process at all.

  5. I can understand that. I was just saying you do such good work that you deserve to translate anything for a company. you translators are just so good sometimes, that you would actual translators put their heads in shame.

    Yeah I know I probably just said the same thing twice, but whatever you kajitani and the others put in so much love in your translations that it astounds me. keep up the good work!

  6. say through, quick question. whats your least favorite tales game?

  7. Haven’t the fact that he left you with no answer in the previous post been a obvious enough sign for you? This is a blog to talk about projects, not his personal stuff.

  8. oh okay, sorry through. i’ll shut up now. 🙂

    Though I think I will just say that I wish you the best of luck on this project. Good luck!

  9. Okay through, heres a couple of questions I’m sure you would care more about.

    1st: what batch of names are you going with? the japanese ones or the localized ones (Woodrow vs Garr, Johnny vs Karyl etc)?

    2nd: I heard Chelsea’s name has been changed from Chelsea Torn to Chersea Tone. what name will you go with?

    Thanks in advance!