Time to Dust Off My Doorstop

By • March 20, 2013

Tales of Destiny has been on the back burner for months and it has been years since I last played it, so while the project isn’t going to jump back to full speed overnight, it’s definitely about time for me to dig back in and get serious about re-familiarizing myself with the game.

I try to dig deep when I translate. I want to know the source material like the back of my hand if time permits. While that might once have been true of Tales of Destiny, I’ve forgotten a lot of the subtle details over time. What a perfect excuse reason for a replay! I still consider the game one of my favorites and it didn’t take long at all for me to fall back in love with it today. I decided to try emulating it this time. This was my first time trying PS2 emulation, but it was easy to get PCSX2 set up. And wow, I was completely blown away. I had no idea that PS2 emulation had matured to this point. The game looks and feels fantastic, especially compared to going back to using analog video on a digital TV. I think I’m going to have to grab the rest of my save files off the PS2 memory cards pretty soon here…

Speaking of save files, I was looking at my Destiny data… I think maybe I was a little obsessed with this game. 380 hours logged, all of the books at 100%, a whole bunch of Artes with five stars (which requires 5000 uses per Arte), everyone at level 200… Of course, having full access to the menu will be a great help when finalizing the translation, so we’ll just call it as forward-thinking rather than obsessive. But before I can finalize a translation, I have to at least complete the initial one… Slowly but surely!

And yes, I really was using Tales of Destiny as a doorstop. It actually works pretty well:

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11 Responses to “Time to Dust Off My Doorstop”

  1. Ha, last I heard years back it didn’t emulate that great. Good to hear that status change. Best of luck with falling in love with Destiny for a second time.

  2. Sweet deal, keep up the good work man. You know we appreciate it.

  3. geez, you got the special edition!? that thing must be worth a fortune now!

    Looking forward to the finished product! I in the meanwhile will be playing tales of destiny 2 (PS2) in the meanwhile. good luck! ciao!

  4. I actually have two special editions since the disc in my first one stopped playing. When I went to the store to replace it in Japan, I found that the special edition was actually cheaper than the regular edition for whatever reason. So it’s probably not as valuable as you might think.

  5. Huh, didnt know that. I always thought that the bigger the box the pricier the game.

    I wonder if anything will be packaged with the localized version of Xillia. Any ideas?

  6. It wasn’t until a week or two ago that I actually looked at what the game played like.

    My god, I thought Hearts was the best 2D Tales, but I was wrong. Dead wrong.

  7. ” a whole bunch of Artes with five stars (which requires 5000 uses per Arte)”
    That’s the worst part of it I think, 5000 to get the full bonus is just crazy ^^

  8. Agreed, StorMyu. It’s especially crazy that the same 5000 number applies to spells and Mystic Artes. At almost 400 hours, I think I have maybe 300-400 uses on my most used Mystic Arte.

  9. thats still an incredible amount though. I’d be lucky if I got 50 uses on one of my mystic artes.

  10. ahahahahah the game as doorstop is genial! Hope to play the game translated 😀

  11. I bought the directors cut immediately when i heard about this project. Can’t wait to play this with my friends 🙂