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By • November 3, 2013

Now that I’ve actually announced all of my projects, I’m going to try and do a better job keeping people informed about them.

At least once a month, I’ll make some kind of update here on the blog. These will probably be the bigger updates and focus on something technical or translationy that we find interesting. Who knows, you might too! Sometimes there will be screenshots, sometimes there might be videos, sometimes it’ll just be a wall of text. Pretty much business as usual around here (except that the updates will come more than twice a year). For those of you who use an RSS reader like feedly, don’t forget that you can follow the blog via RSS. Personally I think that’s a lot easier than checking the page constantly, but to each their own.

For smaller, day-to-day type stuff, your best bet is following me on Twitter – @throughhim413. Most of my updates on there tend to be little quips about the day’s translating, although sometimes I just share random thoughts. You know, normal Twitter stuff. I don’t go too crazy with it, so I won’t be filling up your feed. In any case, if you want to know that I’m at least doing some work on the projects, it should give you a good idea.

If you have any questions that you actually want a response to, the forum remains the best place to ask. I try to keep up with all the threads on the forum, so it tends to be easier to get my attention. You can always post questions and comments on the blog too, but sometimes the spam filter gets overly diligent or I miss comments, so it’s not quite as reliable.

So, there you go. That’s the plan.

This post seems boring, so have some Tales wallpapers. They were created by gymo and NADIR respectively, so click them for the links to the full-size originals.

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

6 Responses to “Updates and Such”

  1. I’m curious why you chose to do ToPX/NDX. ToPX is basically just a gameplay update (though it does have the new character, it’s not that big of a deal) and NDX already has a menu patch. I think the story was the same as the GBC one? Just not sure how many people are actually interested in it, as the few people that were already used the menu patch to play it.

  2. Because I like them both. ToPX is the best version of ToP, which is a game that I still love. It adds a character and it’s fully voiced, both of which are pretty big deals if you ask me. NDX is a great game in its own right. The story is rather different than the GBC version, and regardless there isn’t a full translation patch available for any version of it. As always, my projects are driven by personal interest in the games. In spite of that, past projects haven’t failed to find interested audiences, and I’m sure these won’t either.

  3. For NDX, the story is the same as the gbc (mostly) but do you have a translation for that one ? And we know you did a “menu” patch of NDX no need to tell it twice ^^
    And like throughhim said, it’s personal interest all along, I don’t see why it should be any other way than that.

  4. I’m actually glad TPX And NDX are translated. The GB game was actually a pretty cool game,, and the scenario was actually quite good for what I’m remembering. And Tales of Phantasia is still a great game.
    Would you have to do the translation from scratch, or are there some parts you can use for your precedent translation ?

  5. I’m thrilled over a translation of ToPX/NDX. A menu patch is one thing, but personally, I would much prefer to enjoy the story as well as have the menus in English. Also ToP for PSP would be great. I have the EBOOT for the translated PSX version, but like throughhim mentioned. Fully Voiced makes this perspective far more enticing. I look forward to enjoying the finished patch, as well as all the other Tales patches currently in the works. Best of Luck AZ, and other supporting Translators.

  6. i still haven´t played ToP just for the reason that anyone sometime will translate ToPX/NDX.. and finally someone is doing it 😀 thank you so much for your effort throughhim413, you people are awesome 🙂

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