First ToPX Screenshots

By • November 9, 2013

Man, do we have a lot of great stuff planned for this game! I’m really excited and you should be too! Also, screenshots!

While we refrained from mentioning it in the announcement post, I don’t think it will come as a great surprise to anyone that Kingcom, who was lead programmer on both Tempest and Innocence, will be heading up the ToPX and NDX projects on the programming side. Kingcom has invested a lot of time improving the PPSSPP debugger to the point that these projects are even possible. I’m eternally grateful to him for making my dream project possible (and I have a feeling he’ll be getting a return on that investment out of me)!

We have a lot of really amazing features planned for ToPX. We’re going to make sure that this patch is by far the best way to play ToP! You all know what to expect from Kingcom at this point, so of course the opening movie and battle voices will be soft-subtitled. We’ll make it so any of the subtitles can be disabled if you don’t want them cluttering up the screen. Since ToP’s skits didn’t have any text originally, we’ll have subtitles there as well.

Kingcom suggested that it’s difficult to know when new skits are available, so he set about fixing that. Whenever there’s a skit you haven’t seen, a skit indicator will pop up in the bottom left corner of the world map! We’re also going to assign names to all of the skits in the game, so it’s going to be just like playing a more modern Tales game! Perhaps most impressively, this feature is already up and running! You can see a preview in the first of today’s screenshots.

One of the things I always found frustrating in ToP’s PSP versions is that there’s no way to check how much GRADE you have. With that in mind, we’re going to add a GRADE indicator to the main menu so that you always know how much you have. We’re going to add a sixth main menu item so that it’s still nice and symmetrical, but we haven’t decided on what else we want on there yet. We have a few ideas we’re exploring, but we’re open to suggestions too.

Kingcom also spent some time improving the look and feel of a lot of the menus. Many of these tweaks are subtle, but they definitely improve the overall aesthetic of the game. There are a few more planned features in the works, but I don’t want to promise anything preemptively, so we’ll hold those in reserve for a future post.

On the translation side, having my previous translation to work from has been a huge help as it saves me the trouble of having to research references from scratch. Of course, I had to update some stuff to make sure that my translation is in-line with Tales series localization standards this time around, but those have more or less become second nature to me at this point. Eventually I plan to cross reference this new menu text with Phantasian Productions’ files to ensure that we arrive at an end result we’re all happy with. For the dialogue, while I have been glancing at my original translation more than I expected to, I haven’t copied many lines verbatim. It’s always hard to look back at an old translation. There were places where I missed the mark a bit and things I definitely could have done better, so I’m glad to have the opportunity to improve it.

So with no further ado, have some screenshots! Click them for the full size view and don’t forget that nothing is final!

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

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  1. Thanks for the info and all the hard work you put into the projects. I can’t wait to play these 2 games.

  2. Looks great! I’ve enjoyed the Phantasia PS1 version and I look forward to this one. Phantasia X has the best gameplay.

  3. Esta´muito bom a tradução pelo que você postou joguei e zerei a versão traduzida feita aqui pelo site a versão de ps1 curti muito viu espero muito poder jogar essa versão de psp vou ficar na espera desse grande projeto.

  4. Amazing work. You’re not only translating the game, but also improving some minor (and annoying) aspects of it. I’m glad this franchise has such an awesome fanbase! Looking forward to more updates.
    Thanks and keep going!

  5. Great work! Im from Indonesia and I can’t wait to play ToP, NDX, and ToD translation from you guys 😀
    Thx Absolute Zero

  6. I want your children th413. <3

    kingcom's too. :<

    Max combo, grade, gald, encounters, total playtime, current playtime. 😀

  7. Things are looking amazing btw.

  8. I hope that this project is as fast as your original Phantasian project, but I don’t think I should be so greedy.

  9. Just wanted to say thanks for working on this.
    I had lost hope I would ever play the PSP remake.

  10. This is looking ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Everything looks to be going smoothly and I’m very excited and ready to play when it’s done.

  11. Thank you so much for doing this! ToP was my very first (and THE very first) Tales game I ever played and I love it till this day. The music, story and overall setting was really perfect for me.
    The last few years I was pretty sad about the fact ToPX ofcourse only came out in Japan despite the Tales-series growing succes in the west. The improved battle system changes much of the way you fight in the game, it also made it more challenging and satifying for me.
    Even worse…the only version of ToP being released outside of Japan was this GBA-abomination! No surprise most Tales games-players find ToP to be mediocre if they only know about that version..
    With this project the very best version is going to be playable for a lot more fans and maybe some new ones as well! I’m really grateful for the great work you’re doing..and to be honest: I hope you’ll be quick with this project like you were with the ToP PS1 project.
    Many thanks from a fan in Holland!

  12. Sounds awesome, you guys are doing great work as usual. Keep it up, we appreciate the updates as well. And good luck, of course!

    Your fan/fellow game translator,


  13. Great job as always, keep up the good work <3

  14. Awesome! So what’s the difference between TOPX and TOP remake for PSP that came out before this?

  15. There’s a new character and some additional story, but they also removed the spell freeze from the battle system, so it’s rather different.

  16. Is this the PSP version of Phantasia that they are translating?

  17. Thank You So Much! I am a fan of TOP since SNES version!

  18. Dudes, Thanks for it so much!!!!!
    Cant wait 4 it

  19. finally the best version of this game will be available to play for all!!! in english!! ^___^

  20. Can’t wait!! Finally this is coming to light hell yeahhhh!! Thanks for all the great effort and hard works! *thumbs up* 😀

    Btw, when is the estimated release date? Not a promise, just wanna have something to look forward to! 😉

  21. I’m so excited for this! I can’t believe someone is patching this wonderful post. Really looking forward to more news about this. <3

  22. I’m really excited to see this. I love ToP but I had been disappointed that no one was interested in doing ToPX or the sequel.

  23. Finally… because otherwise namco will never notice those who originally supported the saga!

  24. Awesome work 😀
    But could you add accentuated European characters as well to those naming screens, like, say, the naming screen in Phantom Hourglass?
    I mean ÀÁÂÄÇÈÉÊËÌÍÎÏÑÒÓÔÖÙÚÛÜß and their lower-case variants.

    That would make future translations easier, besides allowing for a wider array of name choices. Since the menu has originally three pages for hiragana and katakana and latin letters, You could allocate a second page for it, if it’s not too late in the hack’s development. Many thanks and good luck for the project 🙂

  25. The name entry always had one page, it just put everything on screen at once. That provided a challenge to present the much smaller character set in a decently looking way. There are no plans to add umlauts or accented characters. I can’t see how this would affect future translations, as we never approved of derived translations in the first place.

  26. keep up the good work guys. thanks a lot. and please keep the blog updates coming.

  27. Guys,many fans from far Ukraine are also expecting for finishing of translation NDX.the project is great and your work too!

  28. I wanted to say the same thing as Omedru. I’ve been a fan of ToP (and the series) ever since I first played it. Nostalgia is everywhere helppp

    But, really, I just wanted to say thank you very much for all the translations (personally prefer absolutezero’s) hundred times even though gratefulness won’t be enough for the time and effort you guys put on every projects! I’ll be looking forward to the release! Until then, good luck and keep up the awesomeawesomeawesomeee work! 😀

    [Lastly — SKITS! I LOVE THEM. OH MY GOSH I’M SO HYPED THAT YOU GUYS WILL ALSO TRANSLATE SKITS. They’re, like, one of the best things in Tales of Series besides the music and everything else.]

  29. sugoi!!!!
    subarashi!!!! 😀

  30. Why TOPX, there’s already 3 versions of the game translated. Why not translate NDX before TOPX? :s

  31. Question… you know Dejap’s infamous ultra-vulgar yet hilarious boat scene? Would you be translating to scene’s original meaning or use Dejap’s translation? Personally I would love to see Dejap’s translation again, but what are the translation team really gonna use?

  32. I’m retranslating everything from scratch and then referencing the previous Absolute Zero patch and the Phantasian Productions patch during editing to improve the flow of the dialogue and the flavor of the text. While the Dejap boat scene is very funny and I respect them for going all-out with it, the dialogue doesn’t need to be quite that explicit. It’s not my intent to use or reference the Dejap translation in any way at this point.

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