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By • January 23, 2014

Tales of Phantasia has been released in English on iOS. Wow. File this under things I did not see coming…As some of you may know, in the past few years Namdai Japan made the very misguided decision to port a few titles from its precision, fighting game-style action RPG series to smartphones. The two titles to suffer this unfortunate fate were Tales of Phantasia FVE and Tales of Hearts. I was utterly baffled by the decision and I remain so to this day. Now, in what I can only assume is an ongoing crusade to give the West only the lamest versions of ToP, the iOS port has been released in English. Now, to Namdai’s credit, the game is completely free. At least for me, though, a smartphone is not the kind of precision device that I want to play a game like Tales on. Maybe I’m alone in that regard, but I don’t think I am. I’m admittedly very curious what the translation looks like for this version and if the characters are all voiced. If anyone plays it, let me know!

I assume this release is in anticipation of Tales of Symphonia Chronicles next month. Given that Tales of Symphonia is a prequel of sorts for Phantasia, it makes sense to get the western audience more familiar with the events of Phantasia.

So what does this mean for us? For now, nothing. Since they released the game for free, our project on another version of the game on another system shouldn’t impact Namdai’s bottom line. Regarding the translation, even if Namdai retranslated the whole game for this release, I don’t intend to use their work. I don’t want to ruffle any more feathers than I already am and I really don’t know how that would fly. I don’t mind the opportunity to retranslate it myself in any case. So we’ll press on as we were. Unless things change. Things could always change.

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  1. Thank you for pression on. That iOS port is an abomination, a free abomination but still an abomination.

  2. “Iā€™m admittedly very curious what the translation looks like for this version and if the characters are all voiced.”

    Voices are still in Japanese.

  3. Interesting. Thanks for the info!

  4. Why bamco whyyy!
    Shouldve released phantasia x in english instead…

  5. Namco fucking ruined the game on iOS. It’s good they made it free, however they fucked up by doing three things:

    1. Active online connection required
    2. Paywall-induced difficulty after a few battles
    3. Shitty touchscreen controls

    Nice going Namco. Fuck you.

  6. Seems they went with Cress and Claus…
    I wonder if “Kangaroo” is in, but it is too soon to know.

  7. I’m actually curious on how to move, attack, and activate skills during battle with touchscreen controls?

  8. I was willing to give it a chance, until it required me to always be connected to the internet to even play it… HAH, fuck off Namco.

  9. Seriously, namco? SERIOUSLY?

    When you DO release Tales around here, its a fucking iOS port? FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOU! And still no Dual-Audio on Xillia 2… Yep, not buying it, way to piss your FANBASE namco, way to go.

  10. I tried the battle system and it’s just a mess. Tapping on three different spots on the left side of the screen performs a thrust, slash or jump attack. On the top middle of the screen you swipe up, down, left or right to perform whatever designated artes you set. In the end I still wound up using artes when I wanted to to just use normal attacks and sometimes rushed in on an enemy when I wanted to stay back. Don’t even bother with it.

  11. Possibly the worst way to experience Phantasia… Must be online in order to play the game and you tap at which enemy you want to attack. Not sure how you’re supposed to use any artes. Don’t care though, already played Phantasia PS1.

  12. just lmao right now… lmao…

  13. I believe the only appropriate response to this is:
    “What the HECK is THAT? IndigNAYtion! …It can’t BE!”

  14. What the actual fuck? This came out of nowhere! I tried it and it’s absolutely terrible. I sincerely hope you continue your project throughhim.

    I know it’s hard to do, but you should lay low on the progress and updates till it’s completed. A c&d for this project would be a terrible terrible blow to the Tales community.

    That being said, i’ll reiterate this mobile release is an absolute abomination. >__<;

  15. Please finish this for the fans

    Same stuff is happening with SquareEnix sellouts all and an abomination to good games iOS sucks for conventional games

    It saddens me to see good game ruined by the company that made them

  16. I’ve read some info on this, and it’s terrible.

    They even removed skits, or so I’ve heard.
    Shockingly, the translation is different than the GBA version.
    This does mark the second Phantasia in English, and it’s the full-voice edition. But.. why do this to a phone when they could’ve put those assets towards the actual PSP game? Such a shame…
    They could’ve easily slapped it on PSN and made actual money.

  17. And they couldn’t also put it on Android? Even if it’s terrible I’d like to try it so I can laugh at how horrible it is šŸ™‚

    Why couldn’t they just port it to psn? I’d love to play it on my ps3 (but knowing them/psn, even if they did so, it’d be a vita exclusive. And I don’t want a vita/can’t afford it. If I could afford anything, I’d buy a psp 2000 or 3000 so I can play psp games on my tv. I already have the tv connector, I got it at the flea market cheap.

  18. @ithy

    Get a PSP, mod it with 6.60 PRO-C and play Phantasia PS1. Great game.

  19. Or just play Phantasia Cross edition if you don’t care about Japanese/waiting for the fan translation.

  20. Well if they released on iOS they colud have released the PSP version on PSN ot at least on PC, Steam, GoG, Desura and many others.

    Hell, Namco talk about a stupid move, all tales games are made to be enjoyed with a controller, not with an acursed touch screen, and that’s why mobile games are a cancer.

  21. @throughhim413

    BTW I hope you didn’t thought of stopping translating the PSP version of the game, I willing to import the game and pay monstruous taxes for it(I live on Bazil), I really hope you continue translating.

  22. Well, idk about you guys but i think that a mobile device psx emulator with the translated Phantasia its way better than the crappy mobile port… In fact on any good mobile you can have emulators to play any tales of game ever released from the snes to the psp/nds versions (ofc im not talking about the ps2/gamecube versions…)

  23. GODDAMIT, this is why i hate Cellphones and those stupid companies that create game for them,as a matter of fact consoles will go to hell if this keep happening.

  24. It’s really a shame, because even though i’m pretty sure noone here has played it, the IOS port of Tales of Hearts R really is AMAZING. So it’s not like it’s impossible to make a game work on a smartphone.

  25. All I can say is Tales of Xillia 2 looks epic as shit and so happy that NA can get it with English voices like Xillia did. šŸ™‚ And wondering if Rebirth has any translated patches?

  26. The Rebirth project is still in progress, but you can follow it here: http://www.talesofrebirth.altervista.org/

    We also have a section on the forum where you can discuss it: http://a0t.co/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=17

  27. Ugh. It’s not on Android. Not like a majority of people have devices that run Android or anything…

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