Kaji is ruining my life

By • March 19, 2014

I don’t remember why I wanted to title the post this way, but it seemed important at the time. Something was definitely Kaji’s fault. That has nothing to do with this post though. This post is about a new feature for ToPX!In keeping with our goal of making this the best Tales of Phantasia release ever, we’re planning some big stuff! Perhaps the most ambitious of these improvements is our plan to add a full-featured Summary menu to the game. I’ve always had mixed feelings about summaries. I never use them much myself and they’re normally a huge pain to translate, but I was excited by the opportunity to try my hand at writing one from scratch.

Kingcom performed his usual wizardry and got it working to the point we can show it off. From a technical perspective, this feature is a little different than the previous ones. Most of the other features are written in assembly, but this one was actually written in C++, compiled, and then linked into the game using a cool new feature of Kingcom’s ARM/MIPS assembler armips.

You can see the summary for the game’s introductory events below! Click them for the full size images. As always, the text and layout aren’t final until you’re playing the patch.

From the player’s perspective, this summary will work just like you’d expect. We’ll add hidden flags to the game that unlock the relevant entries as your progress through the game. Depending on the order you choose to do some events in and which sub events you choose to take on, the contents of your summary might be completely different from one of your friends. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure it still makes sense. This will be a summary of the journey that you personally took. In keeping with some of the newer Tales games, this summary will be written from the perspective of a character from Tales of Phantasia. I’ll hold off on revealing who that will be for now, though. Discovering the author as you play might be part of the fun of it. Or I’ll spill the beans later. Either way, we hope this feature will be useful and enjoyable to the players who choose to check it out. Of course, it won’t have any gameplay implications, so if you’re like me, feel free to ignore it and just enjoy the game.

Hope everyone is enjoying Tales of Symphonia Chronicles like I am! It’s definitely a little rough around the edges and has some obvious errors, but as long as you’re not Kaji, you can still re-live the nostalgia. Symphonia was the game that first brought me to the Tales series. I didn’t even realize it was part of a series until I got to the end of the Symphonia and wondered what the heck Lloyd named the tree. I soon learned that I had just completed the distant prequel of a little game called Tales of Phantasia. There was a translated version of the SNES version, but the PSX version just looked so much better. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a translation available at the time and I didn’t speak a word of Japanese… Funny how life works out sometimes, isn’t it? Anyway, Symphonia HD is fun. If you’re here for a patch from me, you owe it to Bamco and yourself to pick up a copy! Have my favorite Symphonia comic to celebrate its release:

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  1. Thanks for your work btw. Really enjoyed (ok maybe a funny choice of words?) playing tempest, or at least being able to understand it and experience how average it is for myself. It’s really great being able to play the games without having to check the translation guide on your computer every 10 seconds to understand what is being said, so thanks.
    Good luck on all your projects, and know that some people are actually interested in what you’re doing

  2. Nice, a little synopsis! Always loved reading them.

  3. Will there be an option to play with the romanized names? I don’t like some of the official translated names such as Cress instead of Cless (even though it’s a herb reference like Mint) or Claus instead of Klarth.

  4. ToP allows you to rename your characters, so yes, you can name them whatever you want. As for the defaults, Cress is settled, but I haven’t decided between Klaus and Klarth yet. I am torn.

  5. Ah, new TOPX screens, those are always great, but I’d like to see more.


  7. This is more than I could hope for in this translation. Awesome! Please don’t give up, and keep doing an awesome job!

  8. Klarth.

    Don’t fix what isn’t broken. That’s my suggestion.

  9. Awesome, an amazing technical feat to add in features like this. You guys are the best a0t! <3 Hope things are advancing smoothly!

  10. Amen nks! Each time there’s an update on this project, I get more and more excited!

  11. Absolute Zero is our only hope for Tales translations. Not like they’ll ever finish the Vesperia PS3 or Rebirth english patches.

  12. Do you accept donations?

  13. @Kevan33: We do not. If you want to support us, buy one of the games that’s been officially localized. As fans of the series, we want nothing more than to see it all made available officially and supporting the releases that are available now helps!

  14. If you need a proofreader or anything like that, I would be happy to help. Anything to help.

  15. I know he named the tree Gonzalez in the manga, but isn’t the name of the tree actually Yggdrasil?

  16. @zip: The page I posted is from a gag manga. It’s just a joke. The tree is actually named Yggdrasil, yes.

  17. OMG!!!! i cant wait this is awesome

  18. Wow,I love summaries on Innocence and Abyss, i always spend much time reading it, loved your idea, seems this one really will be The Ultimate Tales of Phantasia Experience.
    Sadly I lost my PSP need to buy a new one.

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