The Future of Tales of Hearts

By • March 31, 2014

So apparently I’ve been fired from the Tales of Hearts project… I guess some people think I’m “too slow” and I “constantly take breaks without doing any work to justify them” and I “have way more skill at making excuses than translating.” Well that’s just fine by me! We’ll see who has the last laugh!

Now that my time is no longer occupied by Tales of Kaji’s ReImagination, as inspired by Tales of Hearts, Kingcom and I would like to announce a new translation project – Tales of Hearts for the Nintendo DS! That’s right! Absolute Zero is returning to its roots as a usurper of more established projects and creating a new translation! Of course, we won’t be starting from scratch. Kaji stole borrowed most of the code used for Tales of Hearts from Kingcom in the first place, so we’ll be able to reuse much of the current work we’ve done. Kaji was using a horribly outdated method of romhacking when he started out – inserting all of the text manually. Of course, when Kingcom and I started ToPX and NDX, Kaji was constantly drooling over the superior editing interface that Kingcom had developed. Kingcom felt sorry for Kaji, of course, so he developed a version of the editor that would support Tales of Hearts. Here’s what the two editors for the projects looked like before Kaji relieved me of my duties:

The editor for Phantasia is on top and Hearts is on the bottom. Notice any similarities? Thankfully now we can put Kingcom’s hard work to much better use than Kaji ever could have.

Kaji called himself the “project leader,” which meant he was like a nagging mother-in-law who didn’t really do any work. All of the current translation progress is completely thanks to me (although any mistakes are Kaji’s fault), so all of that progress will be carried over to Absolute Zero’s new project. That means literally dozens of files with hundreds of lines of dialogue are already done. This project is already well on its way. We’ve even got a screenshot of our current progress to show off:

Yes, as you can see we’re reverting Shing’s name to its original form. Kaji came up with all kinds of harebrained theories about his name, but the game’s creators themselves said that his name was meant to be 心具 (Shing), or “Heart Tool.” Why Kaji would want to change such an obvious reference is still a mystery to me. How could the creators of a game be mistaken about their own game? If someone was part of the development, that means they know everything about the game. Sorry, I’m getting off-topic. We’ll save that for another post.

In the end, it’s up to you fans which project you choose to follow. Of course, Absolute Zero already has a proven track record with more than 10 complete patches between our various members. I can’t imagine how embarrassing it must be to have a bunch of projects sitting around making no progress. Absolute Zero would never let that happen with our projects. You know you can count on Absolute Zero to come through eventually!

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13 Responses to “The Future of Tales of Hearts”

  1. cough

  2. I’ll support you. You’ve shown over and over that you actually finish your projects. (Within reasonable time too) So I’ll be supporting you on this one. I don’t know Kaji, so I can’t say what type a person he is, but you’ve given us ToP (Within a year) Tales of Tempest, Persona 2 Innocent Sin, and I’m seeing DEFINATE work on Tales of Phantasia X (Which renews me with life every time I see an update.) I know that your translations are reasonably quick but still really well done in quality too.

  3. Not sure if April Fool’s or not but at this moment, I love any piece of news about the Tales of Hearts translation, with “IT’S FINISHED” being the one I’m looking forward to the most of course. 😛

  4. I can’t believe Kaji fired you. He’s the one that’s taking like 6 years on this translation. I’m following this version, at least it will be out before the 4DS comes out.

  5. So, i didn’t know that the other dude was the responsible for the slow down of the project…Well, the winner will be the first one that fully release the patch in short time.

  6. Nobody wants some crap translation made via Google Translate. Throughhim, you have my support and I’ll play your translation over Kaji’s.

  7. Hmm… I don’t know whether or not to believe all of this. I’m taking this with a grain of salt…

  8. Oh my sides
    I enjoyed every single moment of this “drama”, especially the screenshot (X’D) Thanks a lot for everyone for both articles.

    …So almost nobody paid attention to the date after all

  9. Firing you in particular… that must have been some nerve, considering I know quite a bit of story of you in all yout tales releases…

  10. Yup definitely april fools joke on both side. I’ll just take these posts as “Tales of Hearts is almost finished, so throughhim could start focusing on other projects again”..

  11. Well…I’m confused. Is this an april fools joke? It WAS posted March 21, 2014…so it could or couldn’t be…
    Blah, you guys should make an actual confirmation post about this because this is going to get fans very confused.
    I believe it isnt a joke honestly though. If it isn’t good. Kaji is just messing about, and you actually DO stuff so…I don’t know. I’d go with you

  12. Aaaaapril fools…

    Although if those editing tools are real that’s pretty impressive.

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